Hello Friends, While in self-quarentine, I’ve been sending out love and holding a space for the highest good, as well the vision of a collective reality of peace, health, welling, prosperity and safety for all beings on Earth. It’s a big heart-dream but one I feel so strongly is possible and know we are co-creating as so many of us face this singular event as one heart, choosing to do what is in the best interest of all-globally.

In the midst of this space-holding, I felt inspired to create a space in the physical to let more flow from the depths of the Universal Heart, offering us all more LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, CALM IN THE STORM and space to RELEASE FEAR and OLD CONSCIOUSNESS CONDITIONING as we sit together in the AWAKENED HEART CORE and ZERO POINT of our True Divine Soul-Source-Self essence, inviting Heaven on Earth, the collective soul dream for humanity and Gaia, to manifest though us.

We are, after all, the doorway new reality emerges through! Remember, while this coronavirus event is scary for many and deeply personal and challenging to everyone on the planet at this time, as we experience its effects and concerns uniquely and from different points of impact upon our lives, it’s good to remember that, like all challenges before, we will collectively persevere and this too shall pass into the history books as another moment emerges after this one. Life is always changing. And so, every moment is an opportunity to call forth Love’s highest expression from our heart core and to demonstrate peace, love, wisdom and unity in service to the highest good of all.

Let’s sit in this moment together in and feel love’s peace and presence. And then let’s go forth more balanced and peaceful with what is occurring and take good care of ourselves and one another to the best we are able and holding the highest regard for each being and how they are experiencing this situation uniquely. Love, Peace, and Mercy to all beings.

Namaste, Laura

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