Welcome to another transformational audio in my 2023 Series, New Earth Quantum Messages & Light Language Activations. Please listen when you have the time to be still, relax deeply, and receive with an open heart. This message is from Moses and A-Sa, a collective consciousness that assists humanity’s ascension process by using sound frequencies that stimulate remembrances of the True Self. Headphones may help you immerse and experience these energies more deeply.

I’m glad you’re here and invite you to share your experiences in the comment box below, or with me personally via email. If you resonate with what you experience here, please consider sharing this and my other Source energy transmissions with your friends!

Visit my Sound Alchemy Divination Library where this audio is archived with others like it. My sound alchemy divination library’s card deck format is designed to encourage you to trust your intuitive knowing by selecting a flip card that resonates without any other information to guide your choice. Since we are guided in 5D+ multidimensional reality by FEELING-SENSING, I created this fun, safe and playful way to explore and practice divination, learning to trust your inner discernment and knowingness.

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