Source Heart Alchemy Sessions

Radiant Quantum Light–Sound–Energy Activations & Integrations




Info From My Guidance Team

“We are disseminating and activating 9 Mastery Codes for New Earth Humans and opening 11 New Pathways of Expansion for the return to the organic human design with its original divine coding and mastery blueprints for the New Human experience. We will be bringing through new key-codes for expansion of the light body templates, designs that allow for new reality possibilities to cohere, be felt as real and possible, and lift up and elevate us into our natural state and design as the “new normal” without the drag effect or consequence of lower density history or memory templates directing, distorting or determining our next possibility for experience. This is freedom!”

Spring Equinox Update About The Mastery Code Activation

Until this update on March 20th, 2024, I had been thinking of these codes as having some vital information that would be part of their dissemination, offering us cosmic wisdom that would help us better understand the process we are undergoing and support a new level of conscious mastery. But in this new message my guides called these Mastery Codes, THE 9 JOYS!  They describe them as 5th- 13th dimensional waves of time, specifically calling them “PARADISE WAVES” which each have a very different configuration as a holographic focal-point of energy and experience!

Since I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and feeling the full-flood of JOY as these codes embodied in a new way and level felt as an integrated innate part of the multidimensional human design. Now I feel even more fully aligned with my 5-D+ unified (multidimensional) human presence with my Stellar, Source and Cosmic consciousness no longer sensed as a future potential but as that which I am here and now.

I now realize these 9 Divine Light Codes can come in energetically as a FEELING-RECOGNITION and JOYFUL REMEMBRANCE that is not so mental, in terms of knowledge or information, but with inherent wisdom and understanding quantumly embedded. These energetic sound-light-energy packets anchor light information and new human design templates as knowingnesses in the human’s greater awareness (consciousness) through RESONANCE! In this way it can be called forth when needed instead of held in memory. I love how it is easy-peasy this way is compared to learning and studying loads of new information to store in memory. I still welcome and enjoy channeling because it’s fun to discover and realize more is here and possible but no longer concern myself with storing it in my memory, trusting instead my ability to drop into the eternal Now to access whatever I need in the moment. That’s creation beyond time, mind, and matrix!

It is indeed a joy to experience the return of these vibrational energies and higher templates which are already ours as our birthright and connection to All That Is, reactivated and restored. They were never really lost, just dormant in our 3rd and 4th dimensional human perceptual range of reality.

I find all this very exciting and can see how this is a perfect continuation into the actualization of seed potentials I’ve been seeing, sensing, gestating, activating, and embodying since 2016, as the truth of humanity’s divine potential and return to our quantum state and True Beingness.



If you feel called to a STAR CORE activation then you are feeling/knowing/sensing a potential for, and thus RESONANT and ready to experience, an expansion into and embodiment of your GOD-SELF STELLAR ESSENCE with an energetic remapping of the Cosmic Universal Body within your human experience. To sense more deeply into this calling, turn your attention inward and FEEL the STAR ENERGY pulsing in your physicality! Humans are STAR and you are designed for this!

Your Star Core is your Individuated God-Self and magnetic core energy for life. It’s your quantum light essence, divine spark, and The Star That You Are. IT IS YOU, ever-present at the core of your multidimensional Source-Light beingness, and ready to activate from its dormant state into your awareness and daily experience of resonance.

Your magnetic Star is God-Source energy expressing itself in a magnetic way. It supports you in expressing your True Self, divine essence, star nature and capacity for sustaining magnetic core resonance (felt as unity/oneness), moving with ease through experiences in time, timelines, dimensional levels and dimensional/time travels. Your STAR CORE is a well of fusion energy from which you create new life, timelines, and realities through the magnetic energy of attraction and resonance/agreement! (Listen to a video testimonial at the end of this page).

“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our galaxy billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the universe. We are not figuratively but literally stardust.”  ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson


These alchemical transformational energy sessions help you quickly move beyond and release old 3rd and 4th dimensional time-mind-matrix duality-based beliefs and conditioning holding you in repetitive patterns, fear-based emotional programming, and limited DNA soul blueprints that no longer serve to reveal and inspire your highest Truth –  that you are Divine Love at every level of your being expressing throughout all Creation! And you are a divine multidimensional Source-Light human with an inherent connection to Source/All That Is, available within to support you now, and always!

Beyond any modality, these are uniquely individual, divinely guided, powerfully transformative, self-empowering one-to-one intuitive quantum alchemy and ignition sessions with Laura. We will enter Source Heart Presence with our cosmic eyes upon the heart of possibility in the Timeless Now/Zero-Point Unity Field, sensing beyond stories, fixed identity and anything yet imagined or intended!

This is a Heart Source open space beyond mind and agenda that allows your divinity to call forth the self-healing, self-realization, self- activation and self-actualization you are ready for and resonating with from the Totality of your sacred individualized God-Self that is ever one with the Love Pulse of The Source/All That Is.

I facilitate you in a space of One-Source-Heart presence and awareness, sense-feeling, visioning, and exploring with you the extraordinary beauty, perfection, and magic of all that you are in truth and totality at your deep core of Being. We will address whatever you wish and bring in fresh new understandings, integration, and new possibilities in unity with your Higher Self that is ever one with Source here, and in The Beyond The Beyond.


My cosmic energy signature holds open a door to multidimensional totality as it pokes holes in limited matrix conditioning and beliefs. That allows new things to be realized as we sit in shared heart unity-field resonance accessing information and your many energy aspects expressing from many levels of The Field, or Akash. I often facilitate with light language which bypasses the mind, allowing Source energy to communicate directly to your cells, soul, and spirit. All of this alchemically assists you to experience the greater peace, alignment, and presence of your True Self’s multidimensional energy, wisdom, and greater possibilities allowing you to embody more of yourself in your physical body. Sessions facilitate recognition and activation of dormant keys, light codes, seeds of potential,  and New Earth creation templates. Sessions can also help update the physical body (hardware) to keep up with the continuous influxes of higher consciousness (software) flooding the planet.

• Access what is pulsing in The Field to be known, realized, or ignited now from deep within your sacred core of being.
• Return to Source/Love/Origin releasing old patterns that no longer serve your highest expression and heart’s fulfillment.
• Invite dormant aspects, new capacities, and unknown aspects of your True Self to embody, guide, inspire and actualize.

• Return wholeness and the Joy of Being (Ar-Ra-Ta) to your human experience.

Some experience healing. Others describe ignition, recognition, and expansion at multiple levels of their being at once. Some express awe and wonder at glimpsing the vastness of their Cosmic Self in the greater Reality. Many say their session gave them a new sense of inner peace, possibility, expansiveness, magic, and miracles. I call all of it Source Heart Alchemy. But words divide and hearts unite so let’s just agree to meet in the space of love’s highest potential and witness something extraordinary together!

It is truly my honor to facilitate and witness experiences of remembrance, unification, and newness with others! I always wonder what will happen as two or more meet in the Source Heart, since anything is possible there. Each session is a unique experience in the zero-point Now that is potentially life-changing and perfectly guided by your Higher Self. This is always a co-creation. I remain in awe and wonder what our experiences together will ignite and birth as a new creation!


A private one-to-one session (in-person or via Zoom) lasting 60 – 90 minutes
~ includes a recording of your session that
will be emailed to you within 24 hours ~

A private one-to-one session (in-person or via Zoom) lasting 60 – 90 minutes
~ includes a recording of your session that
will be emailed to you within 24 hours ~

PRIVATE – MASTERY BLUEPRINT ACTIVATION SERIES of 4 Sessions – $400 ($100/session)
4 private one-to-one sessions (in-person or via Zoom) scheduled a week apart to allow for energy integration.
~ includes a recording of your session that will be emailed to you within 24 hours ~

4 private one-to-one sessions (in-person or via Zoom) scheduled a week apart to allow for energy integration.
This Zoom Group Alternative allows for a collective energy experience and a reduced cost per person.

Please email me your interest and you’ll be notified of a start date once 4 people have registered.


“Dearest Laura, Thank you for this unfathomable experience. I have never felt so loved and supported, so seen and appreciated for me. I could feel your heart inside my heart – your soul entwined with my soul, guiding me gently into a space that I had only glimpsed from above. I didn’t truly believe I could embrace my totality, but here I am. I am more human than ever, but in the spaces where fear used to hide there is only love. Everything feels possible. I am one with the flow of life. It is all perfection. I am perfection. This is the space I’ve been seeking, and now I can finally rest… I can finally enjoy life in all of its madness and all of its beauty.” ~ JCW

The Divine always works wonders when we allow it. I met Laura Pieratt in the most unexpected way and each time we’ve connected she has surprised me with her Divinity, her Wisdom, and her Light language gift. Not only has Laura assisted me in activating the God Eye, right to the Heart Chakra, but she has shared her gifts with a kind heart and her Divine guidance without reservation. Each of my journeys with Laura into the Great Silence to feel the Divine Loving Presence was one of a kind. As a Galactic Astrologer, I just find myself in awe of her wisdom. I am sure there is still much more to discover with her as we explore each new aspect of the Cosmos on the other side of the Veil. It is such a blessing for me to be connected with her and I highly recommend her services to anyone who enters her sphere of influence. ~ Akata Vesta, Galactic Astrologer & Holistic Healer.

“I cannot believe someone can actually have so much knowledge, integrity, clarity, love and ability to express so clearly, tap into my energy system, hold space and transmute energies, all whilst holding space in the vastness of the higher dimensions where it’s clear that no healing is needed. That is what fascinates me–that she is playing in the higher dimensional fields and can meet me exactly where I am, which is constantly fluctuating between dimensions, mindsets, and aspects.

I cannot recommend Laura enough. She is the only person I call on when I need a new perspective. I feel amazed every single time at how gifted she is. Laura is my true support, someone who actually takes interest in my well-being. I am so happy for anyone as lucky as I am to work with Laura and see her magic. It’s breathtaking. Thank you, dear Soul sister.”  ~ Laura Calderon

“You are a magician!!! Its pure magic to see you bring all the energy through light language! Your light language was like a story that opend a portal in my heart and took me “home” in an instant! I was in a place of being, so profound and so beautiful I could have stayed there forever! Thank you! Every time is such magic, and so much love comes through. I have so much clarity and so much love in my heart. I feel like I could fly!”  ~ Cristina Spinner 

“I am eternally grateful for your energy. The moments that I have experienced with you have been just huge. They are benchmark times for me where I can trace back something huge to the domino effect of you just tipping something that was already in my head and helping me shift.” ~ Melody Reece

I felt a release in my heart, an excitement for releasing the old and the urgent feeling that renewal has begun. I believe it is true. I feel Joy!! I know I am. I feel Peace. As you talked, I closed my eyes and saw a heart in your silhouette. As you sang a joyous expression of what you felt, I felt such a beautiful Divine Pure Love within me. Strangely, I feel like I knew all this information deep inside and I said, “Thank you!” It was such a gift to feel the old was released and I am grateful and look forward to renewal. I Love you! Thank you, Laura.” ~ Libby Wadum

“I’m so excited! After we talked yesterday my right leg was almost normal. The pain was gone. I cannot thank you enough for the new lease on life I have received from you. The breath of truth and love. And, not only me but the energy is spreading out. Today I was able to share with 2 of my friends the words they needed. My mind just opened up and healing words poured out. The same kind of words I got from you. Thank you again for sharing yourself with me. You have given me so much. I was so alone in the dark. Your light was the star I followed. Thank you for “scouting” out the future. Showing me that I was not alone just behind some clouds.” ~ Natalie Mckerrell

“Dear Laura, I am truly in awe of your healing work. Your sessions are so deep yet gentle and embracing. You have beautiful empowering wisdom flowing in the sessions. I am so grateful to have connected with you and to have received such powerful loving healing through you. I feel like so much has dropped and shed in the last 3 sessions. I feel much more open and lighter. The healing is still in the process of integrating and deepening and I trust it will in its own time in its beautiful ways. Thank you so much for your beautiful presence and connection that has warmed my heart. I feel touched.” ~ Anjali

That last session with you shifted entire universes and I cannot even pinpoint the woman I used to be prior to it! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did and do, and who you are, and what you give, and how kind and loving you are.” ~ Laura Selina

Video Testimonial by Melony Reece after her Star Core & God’s Eye Activation Session.