Quantum DNA Activation Sessions
Activations, Integrations, Alignments & Attuments



These are general sessions in which I meet you where you are and we discuss your current situation, needs, desires, challenges, and possibilities before and after we tune into what’s arising in the Source Field in shared Source Heart Presence.

We will celebrate you in a safe space for discussing and addressing whatever you wish to explore, allowing the inner alchemy of fresh perspectives and new understandings. We will invite whatever vibrational attunements, DNA activations, integration, and validations you need to align and realize more that’s available in the timeless Now/zero-point unity field of infinite possibility! Your True Self leads the session as you allow self-awareness, self-healing, self-realization, self-activation, and self-actualization of what you are ready for and resonating with in the moment.

I support, share, witness, and encourage you to experience the extraordinary beauty, perfection, and magic of all that you are in truth and totality at your deep core of Being while my energy presence holds opens a space of totality and harmonic resonance allowing you to peer through the veil to access and know more.

I see healing as a return to wholeness, which I call the Divine-Human potential. Beyond any modality Source Heart Alchemy sessions are uniquely individual, divinely guided, powerfully transformative, self-empowering intuitive quantum alchemy and sound-light ignition sessions. We will enter Source Heart Presence with our cosmic eyes upon the heart of possibility and any seed codes ready to activate within from the space beyond time, mind, matrix, and anything yet imagined or intended!

I am a connector, universal key, and alchemical catalyst for spiritual evolution, here to assist The Shift by connecting people to Source within and their expanded multidimensional Soul-Spirit-Star Unified Self that eternally exists in totality, One with All That Is, just beyond the veil. These sessions can help you access, realize, integrate, and embody more of your divinity to live from your true love-light essence wisdom, divine qualities, gifts, and new blueprints for the divine human experience while still in this human lifetime!

I often use light language, the universal language of creation, which bypasses the mind, allowing Source energy to communicate directly with your light structures, cellular sentience, and DNA seed potentials without interference from current consciousness or memory patterns. All of this alchemically assists you to experience the greater peace, alignment, and presence of your True Self’s multidimensional energy, wisdom, and greater possibilities, as you call forth and anchor more of yourself here in your physical body and life (decension/embodiment).

My energy presence is a space of totality in which you can expand to know, sense, feel vision, self-heal, self-realize, and self-actualize more of your divine essence in your own perfect way. During your session, I support, share, witness, and encourage you to sense, vision, and explore the extraordinary beauty, perfection, and magic of all that you are in truth and totality at your deep core of Being, which is ever one with the Source-Love’s essence and energy that sustains and animates all life throughout Creation.

I am a published channel and often get relevant information which I will happily share if it is given. But this is not a reading or a session for channeled information and life guidance. The focus of my work is primarily to transmute the old, and spark more of the new coding for accelerated spiritual evolution sparking new timelines and blueprints for ascension/decension and mastery in the human experience.

What you know through direct experience requires no explanation. That’s empowerment and far more efficient than lengthy communications. It’s only the mind that wants to map out some meaning it can use to feel something significant has occurred. Your experience is your knowing. Understanding may follow – or not. It is irrelevant because, in the true reality, creation occurs and then mind may review what has happened and generate some thoughts, limited to existing beliefs in an attempt to understand what your spirit is doing.

I mention this because my guides often opt not to tell me what is happening or describe specifics about the program and coding we are ushering in for a couple of reasons. Firstly, its more empowering and builds confidence in others to hold a space for their discovery of more while I hold open the door for them to peer in and perhaps slip though. And secondly, they say the mind gets in the way with it’s desire to understand what’s happening based on existing reference points. But we are opening completely new spaces and any attept to reference and label the experience to what you think is possible or feel you deserve limits what is possible, yet beyond such references.


  • RESET, RENEW, ATTUNE & UPDATE the physical body (hardware) and integrate new influxes of higher light (software).
  • INVITE dormant aspects, new capacities, and unknown aspects of your True Self to embody, guide, inspire and actualize.
  • RE-TUNE your reality to be in resonance with your core energy
  • RELEASE back to Source/Love/Origin old repetivive patterns that no longer serve your highest expression and heart’s fulfillment.
  • ACTIVATE dormant keys, light codes, seed code potential, and more.
  • JUST ASK WHAT YOU WISH! Who knows what will come through and bless us?

My cosmic energy signature is a portal to multidimensional totality, opeing space in limited matrix conditioning and beliefs so more can be accessed. That allows new things to be realized as you sit in shared heart unity field quantum resonance accessing information and your many energy aspects expressing from many levels of the field and akash.

Some experience healing. Others describe ignition, recognition, and expansion at multiple levels of their being at once. Some express awe and wonder at glimpsing the vastness of their Cosmic Self in the greater Reality. Many say their session gave them a new sense of inner peace, possibility, expansiveness, magic, and miracles. Laura calls all of that Source Heart Alchemy. But words divide and hearts unite so it’s best to just agree to meet in the space of love’s highest potential and witness something extraordinary together!

It is truly my honor to facilitate and witness experiences of remembrance, unification, and newness with others! I always wonder what will happen as two or more meet in the Source Heart, since anything is possible there. Each session is a unique experience in the zero-point Now that is potentially life-changing and perfectly guided by your Higher Self. This is always a co-creation. I remain in awe and wonder what our experiences together will ignite and birth as a new creation!


My divine Light team asked me to offer Axiatonal Restoration & Integration Sessions saying this important work will help many people at this time. We will accomplish this work in a new and faster way than I experienced in my own “Reconnection” in 2003. My guides tell me they will channeling the Axiatonal Restoration and Integration through my use of sacred sound-light-energy in a single session. You can schedule your session in-person, or via Zoom, using the blue button in the bottom right corner of this page.

Axiatonal lines are part of a fifth-dimensional circulatory system that combines color and sound, drawing forth light energy for the renewal functions of the human body. The Axiatonal session brings dormant ley lines back on-line, allowing for the exchange of light and the information encoded in the light to communicate with the DNA, enhancing and igniting dormant/unrealized seed potentials within the human DNA to be sparked into expression.

The original human body’s meridian (accupuncture) system was connected to the axial universal and planetary grid with ley lines drawing energy to support the planet and our bodies. It was an inherent part of the suble/etheric/lightbody system design for living-light renewal and regeneration of the body but was diminished during humanity’s drop into 3rd and 4th-dimensional consciousness when they began perceiving themselves as separate beings cut off from God/Spirit/All That Is.

“The Axiotonal lines are part of your embodied Lightbody structure but they also connect you with other star systems and universes. These lines of Light lie along the physical acupuncture meridians and connect to your physical body through something called “spin points.” Your Lightbody structure is made up of many lines of Light, intersecting in beautiful geometries.” ~ Excerpt from What is Lightbody, by Archangel Ariel channeled thorugh Tachi-Ren

My personal experience with Axiatonal Integration was life-changing! And my light language spontaneously began shortly after I was certified in 2003 by Dr. Eric Pearl to provide Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection (Axiatonal Sessions) for others. I offered those modalities for several years until Dr. Pearl required recertification. At that point I stopped offering modalities taught by others to share my own unique intuitive energy work and the new frequencies, messages and activations my guides continually bring through.

Now, 20 years later, my higher light team is asking me to reinitiate this powerful work! I’m very excited to get it going and bring relief and enhanced wellbeing to whoever feels called to this experience! The message below from my guides discusses this work and how it affects our realtionship with time and the sense of too much pressure so many humans are feeling. I found that part very interstesting!

Message From My Guides About This Work

“We are holding you in our highest light and love as we invite you to consider offering this important work that will help many open back to their Oversoul connection with its ever-present coherence light flows thorugh divne axial lines that support the health, life, and evolution of the human. Remember, the human body was designed to be in a state of constant renewal. It is natural for incarnate beings to stay in harmony with planetary changes, and there will be many ongoing shifts in energy as part of the collective human and planetary ascension process.

We see great potential for this work helping to configure Light’s return to the body system by restoring connections that have been diminished, disrupted, or disconnected from the human’s natural rhythm and receipt of sustenance from life energy flowing forth supporting life renewal functions. This will enhance the connection into the body of the pulse of life energy, as you understand life at this juncture in time.

So we would say there is an opportunity for you to embark on this activity of light by offering Axiatonal Restoration sessions to those who feel called to experience them. These will be conducted as intutive sound-energy sessions. They offer the potential to accelerate the unfolding of a person’s natural connections to their life-light stream essence energy which will help prepare them to stay in the body, embody their higher energies more fully, and remain in tune with the planet’s increasing energy upgrades with greater ease. This supports them self-initiating and self-integrating future energy upgrades and DNA activations within one’s bio-system.

After an Axiatonal Restoration and Integration session, people will likely begin to experience greater harmony with themselves and life as it is. They will notice they have greater patience, peace, and presence due to a sense of expansiveness, and a corresponding calmness thanks to being more balanced regarding time. That change in their relationship with time helps decrease stress levels and release the feeling of overwhelm or pressure to accomplish everything “on time.” Their experience of time dilation will make it seem they have more time to do what needs to be done while silultaneouly slowing down to take notice and appreciate life more. Synchronicity will be enhanced, as well, such that suddenly things occur with ease and little effort or conscious attention on their part to direct, control, or make things fall into place as needed.

There are many more benefits to restoring the axial system functions but this time aspect is most important to discuss right now as we inspire you to offer these sessions because of the current sense people are having of built-up pressure that makes everything seem more difficult, if not impossible to catch up, much less get their feet under them to feel stable, grounded and supported.

We wish to offer people a new way of being carried along by the natural current of divine time, in harmony with what is occurring, in open-hearted curiosity, and alignment with opportunities and possibilities with the sense of pressure off! People’s mind-belief system will begin to remap to greater trust in life and spontaneous creation when they experience how well this new way of being works to support them. It’s a more efficient way of creating in partnership with life that allows one to lean back, witness more clearly, and recognize possibilities from a higher viewpoint with time to notice, consider how they feel, discern, and listen to inner knowing or guidance, instead of unconsicously repeating patterned reactions, or going to great lengths to control every outcome.

So to summarize, Axiatonal Restoration & Integration sessions will restore the flow of energy where there are disruptions in the human meridian system, returning the body to it’s natural capacity for instantaneous pulse communication, renewal and flow, in harmony with the greater cosmic One Life pulse that animates, energizes, and renews your biological system via universal axial lines. 

Excerpts from The Keys of Enoch

“1 Our galactic body of creation controls its renewing functions through meridian axiatonal lines, which are the equivalent of acupuncture lines that can connect with resonating star systems.”

“10 When man is directly programmed by an Overself, he is no longer kept in biochemical slavery within a three-dimensional consciousness by the “apparent realities” of the earth.”

“21 Man was cut off from the higher star points that are necessary to maintain a perfected form of the Adam Kadmon.” Adam Kadmon is the Divine-Human or Heavenly Human.

“25 …if man is to go on into further solve progression, he must connect his axonal lines to his Overself, which is also making an ascension into the next quantum level of the Adam Kadmon….”

“29 The axial lines are “part of a 5th-dimensional circulatory system combining color and sound, which are used to draw from the Overself body the basic energy used for the renewing functions of the human evolutionary body.”

“46 The fifth circulatory system is the model for the physical transmutation.”

“58 This key refers to the complete man on all seven levels being made and remade in the energy of Shekina.”

“59 Through the axiatonal arrangement, both acoustical vibrations of spiritual Light and sustaining Love are conveyed to the human system, bringing the joy and glory of the Living Light.”

“66 Once these axiatonal lines within the human body are fully stimulated by noise temperature calibrations, it is possible for the Brotherhood [Brotherhood of Light] to directly heal the body through the axiatonal lines-acupuncture fields.”

“96 let the new creation be conveyed through the acoustical vibrations of spiritual light, and let sustaining love, be conveyed always.”



This is for Old Souls, Starseeds, Spiritual Wayshowers, Pioneers, Gridworkers and others ready to Ignite and Live Mastery Presence Now.


Info From My Guidance Team


We will be bringing through new key codes for expansion of the light body templates, designs that allow for new reality possibilities to cohere, be felt as real and possible, and lift up and elevate us into our natural state and design as THE “NEW NORMAL” without the drag effect or consequence of lower density history or memory templates directing, distorting or determining our next possibility for experience. This is freedom!”

My guides described these Mastery Codes as the 9 JOYS!  They said we will activate and embody the 14th- 20th chakras, along with their dimensional waves of time, specifically calling them “PARADISE WAVES.” Evidently, they offer unique holographic focal-points of energy with very different configurations and sets of possibilities for experience that many humans are now ready to express.

I had the pleasure of seeing and feeling the full-flood of JOY as I embodied these codes in a new way and level that felt very much like an innate part of the multidimensional human design. It felt incredible joyful and embracing, like a homecoming. Since then, I feel more deeply integrated, attuned, and aligned in my 5-D+ multidimensional unified human mastery presence, with my Stellar and Source/cosmic consciousness no longer sensed as a future potential but as that which I am here and now.

These 9 Divine Light Codes come in energetically as an ACTIVATION, allowing a FEELING-RECOGNITION and JOYFUL VIBRATIONAL REMEMBRANCE of your TRUE ESSENCE and CORE WISDOM. This is is not specifc wisom, as in a set of spiritual teachings or any kind of mental understanding of knowledge or information, but an activation of your inherent inner essence connecting you to innate wisdom and understanding of who you really are that is ever-present, quantumly embedded in the human DNA. It has been dormant for hundreds of thousands of years but is ready to be realized now as part of the Great Shift and seeding of the New Human.

A year after I was given the New Mastery code message above, I discovered Lee Carroll channeling information from KRYON explaining that this is the time for Old Souls to activate the invisible 24th pair of chromosomes which hold the spiritual wisdom and knowledge of your Soul and Star origins as part off your vibrational Essence. The following excerpt is from Part Two of Kryon’s messages on the attributes of mastery. “Can a Human Being really achieve mastery? Yes, but it hasn’t always been this way. This second attribute of mastery is this: Mastery does not react it observes. Something is happening that makes mastery for humanity possible. The reason is because of the new prophecy for graduate Old Souls who move from an old energy Akashic system to a new energy of a coherence with the Soul through the 24th chromosome pair. This becomes the new template of mastery and it comes from the stars. It is being activated for those who graduate from the school of the Akash.”  ~ Lee Carroll channeling Kryon

These energetic sound-light-energy packets anchor light information and new human design templates that enable direct access to knowingnesses via RESONANCE with the information needed! In this way innate higher wisdom can be called forth when needed instead of it being held and remembered with a mind-memory system. I love how it is easy, efficient, and empowering this way is compared to the cumbersome, laborious, and often expensive process of studying information to become an expert holding important knowledge and data in memory for later recall.

It is indeed a joy to experience the return of these higher vibrational energies and templates for life which are already ours, as they are our birthright and connection to All That Is reactivating and restoring the DIVINE-HUMAN with its original design and capacities. Our divinity was never lost. It just went dormant and was unaccessible in the limited perceptual range of our 3rd and 4th dimensional focus.

I find all this very exciting and can see how this is a perfect continuation of the waves of awakening and ascension blueprints with their now complete actualization of seed potentials for that state of our journey back to the stars! Now it’s time for a wave of humans to carry the journey into the next blueprints to actualize the mastery seed potentials held within our quantum DNA!


A one-to-one session (in-person or via Zoom) lasting 1 hour
~ includes a recording of your session that
will be emailed to you within 24 hours ~

A one-to-one session (in-person or via Zoom) lasting 1 hour
~ no recording is provided because this is not a conversational session ~

3 private 1-hour sessions (in-person or via Zoom) scheduled a week apart to allow for energy integration.
~ no recording is provided because this is not a conversational session ~

3 one-to-one 90-minute sessions (in-person or via Zoom) scheduled a week apart to allow for energy integration.
This Zoom Group Alternative allows for a collective energy experience with a reduced cost per person.
These group sessions last 90-minutes to allow time for introductions, questions and sharing among participants in addition to the energy activations. A Zoom recording will emailed to participants within 24 hours.
Please email me your interest and you’ll be notified of a start date once 4 people have registered.



Video Testimonial by Melony Reece after her Star Core & God’s Eye Activation Session.

“I had the priviledge to work with Laura and she helped to activate the remembering and reactivation of Light Language within me.”

Video Testimonial by Robin Sabine after Activating to speak Light Language.

“Dearest Laura, Thank you for this unfathomable experience. I have never felt so loved and supported, so seen and appreciated for me. I could feel your heart inside my heart – your soul entwined with my soul, guiding me gently into a space that I had only glimpsed from above. I didn’t truly believe I could embrace my totality, but here I am. I am more human than ever, but in the spaces where fear used to hide there is only love. Everything feels possible. I am one with the flow of life. It is all perfection. I am perfection. This is the space I’ve been seeking, and now I can finally rest… I can finally enjoy life in all of its madness and all of its beauty.” ~ JCW

The Divine always works wonders when we allow it. I met Laura Pieratt in the most unexpected way and each time we’ve connected she has surprised me with her Divinity, her Wisdom, and her Light language gift. Not only has Laura assisted me in activating the God Eye, right to the Heart Chakra, but she has shared her gifts with a kind heart and her Divine guidance without reservation. Each of my journeys with Laura into the Great Silence to feel the Divine Loving Presence was one of a kind. As a Galactic Astrologer, I just find myself in awe of her wisdom. I am sure there is still much more to discover with her as we explore each new aspect of the Cosmos on the other side of the Veil. It is such a blessing for me to be connected with her and I highly recommend her services to anyone who enters her sphere of influence. ~ Akata Vesta, Galactic Astrologer & Holistic Healer.

“I cannot believe someone can actually have so much knowledge, integrity, clarity, love and ability to express so clearly, tap into my energy system, hold space and transmute energies, all whilst holding space in the vastness of the higher dimensions where it’s clear that no healing is needed. That is what fascinates me–that she is playing in the higher dimensional fields and can meet me exactly where I am, which is constantly fluctuating between dimensions, mindsets, and aspects.

I cannot recommend Laura enough. She is the only person I call on when I need a new perspective. I feel amazed every single time at how gifted she is. Laura is my true support, someone who actually takes interest in my well-being. I am so happy for anyone as lucky as I am to work with Laura and see her magic. It’s breathtaking. Thank you, dear Soul sister.”  ~ Laura Calderon

“You are a magician!!! Its pure magic to see you bring all the energy through light language! Your light language was like a story that opend a portal in my heart and took me “home” in an instant! I was in a place of being, so profound and so beautiful I could have stayed there forever! Thank you! Every time is such magic, and so much love comes through. I have so much clarity and so much love in my heart. I feel like I could fly!”  ~ Cristina Spinner 

“I am eternally grateful for your energy. The moments that I have experienced with you have been just huge. They are benchmark times for me where I can trace back something huge to the domino effect of you just tipping something that was already in my head and helping me shift.” ~ Melody Reece

I felt a release in my heart, an excitement for releasing the old and the urgent feeling that renewal has begun. I believe it is true. I feel Joy!! I know I am. I feel Peace. As you talked, I closed my eyes and saw a heart in your silhouette. As you sang a joyous expression of what you felt, I felt such a beautiful Divine Pure Love within me. Strangely, I feel like I knew all this information deep inside and I said, “Thank you!” It was such a gift to feel the old was released and I am grateful and look forward to renewal. I Love you! Thank you, Laura.” ~ Libby Wadum

“I’m so excited! After we talked yesterday my right leg was almost normal. The pain was gone. I cannot thank you enough for the new lease on life I have received from you. The breath of truth and love. And, not only me but the energy is spreading out. Today I was able to share with 2 of my friends the words they needed. My mind just opened up and healing words poured out. The same kind of words I got from you. Thank you again for sharing yourself with me. You have given me so much. I was so alone in the dark. Your light was the star I followed. Thank you for “scouting” out the future. Showing me that I was not alone just behind some clouds.” ~ Natalie Mckerrell

“Dear Laura, I am truly in awe of your healing work. Your sessions are so deep yet gentle and embracing. You have beautiful empowering wisdom flowing in the sessions. I am so grateful to have connected with you and to have received such powerful loving healing through you. I feel like so much has dropped and shed in the last 3 sessions. I feel much more open and lighter. The healing is still in the process of integrating and deepening and I trust it will in its own time in its beautiful ways. Thank you so much for your beautiful presence and connection that has warmed my heart. I feel touched.” ~ Anjali

That last session with you shifted entire universes and I cannot even pinpoint the woman I used to be prior to it! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did and do, and who you are, and what you give, and how kind and loving you are.” ~ Laura Selina