Source Heart Alchemy Sessions

Source Heart Alchemy sessions are like birthing chambers that invite & ignite more of the divine essence, truth, treasure, coding and core potential within that’s ready to be seen and emerge now!

I love to meet with others by divine appointment, when an inner knowing, excitement and readiness for expansion into more sparks your heart to engage a session from joy and excitement about new possibility in such a co-creation.

Sessions with Laura can rapidly shift your reality by opening and igniting new energies, integrations and possibilities in the Mystical Heart to emerge. Laura’s innate energy allows more of the galactic coding within to become visible as more of your True Divine Self is brought forth from behind the veils, matrix coding and beliefs keeping you in limitation.

You and life are not problems to solve, even though it can feel that way. All you seek is within you, but it can help to have someone with the capacity hold open the door to multidimensional totality so you can more easily access, perceive, discover, integrate and embody the truth, capacity and knowingness present within.

Source Heart Alchemy sessions are divinely guided co-creations that are unique to each person. We will go into the Source Heart’s Zero Point Presence, with our cosmic eyes upon the heart of possibility, open to new understandings and the magic and miracles available in the totality and beauty of your True Beingness.

Scheduling Sessions: Contact Laura to arrange your session. Then, trust something magical will occur as we meet in shared presence, inviting and igniting your heart’s highest potential!

PLEASE READ: Sessions are $150/hour or $180/90 min & include a recording. Please include a PHONE NUMBER (USA). Or, if outside the USA, a preferred method of contact: Zoom, Skype, Messenger, FaceTime or What’s App, plus app invitation if required, as well as your location or time zone. My time zone is Eastern USA.

Anita Owen's guide, King Solomon, can be clearly seen in our energy session at a Sedona, AZ vortex point.

Anita Owen’s guide, King Solomon, can be clearly seen in our energy session at a Sedona, Arizona energy vortex site.

“I am eternally grateful for your energy. The moments that I have experienced with you have been just huge. They are benchmark times for me where I can trace back something huge to the domino effect of you just tipping something that was already in my head and helping me shift.” ~ Melody Reece

“Since the day I met you miracles and magic have been occurring like never before!” ~ Jenna Mahan

“A visit to a site of Laura Pieratt and a first sampling of Light Language unexpectedly shot a doorway wide open for me. These new sounds sent Energy Vibrations surging through me with a very strong cellular response, tears and release.” ~ Diana Alexander

“Hey Laura, I’m so excited! The pain in my legs has really dropped off. After we talked yesterday my right leg was almost normal. The pain was gone. My left leg has been pretty good too. I went almost all day with no pain meds. I cannot thank you enough for the new lease on life I have received from you. The breath of truth and love. 

Not only me but the energy is spreading out. Today I was able to share with 2 of my friends words they needed. My mind just opened up and healing words poured out. I was contacted by an old friend I haven’t talked to in a few years. When I woke up I thought of her and she called me. I was able to give her words of affirmation and validation she needed. The same kind of words I got from you. Thank you again for sharing yourself with me. You have given me so much. I was so alone in the dark. Your light was the star I followed. Thank you for “scouting” out the future. Showing me that I was not alone just behind some clouds.” ♥️ ~Natalie McKerrell

“Dear Laura, I am truly in awe of your healing work. Your sessions are so deep yet gentle and embracing. You have beautiful empowering wisdom flowing in the sessions. I am so grateful to have connected with you and to have received such powerful loving healing through you. I feel like so much has dropped and shed in last 3 sessions. I feel much open and lighter. The healing is still in the process of integrating and deepening and I trust it will in its own time in its beautiful ways.

Thank you so much for your beautiful presence and connection that has warmed my heart. I feel touched. ~ Anjali