Source Heart Alchemy Sessions

Source Heart Alchemy sessions are like birthing chambers that invite & ignite more of the divine essence, truth, treasure, coding and core potential within that’s ready to be seen and emerge now!

I love to meet with others by divine appointment, when an inner knowing, excitement and readiness for expansion into more sparks your heart to engage a session from joy and excitement about new possibility in such a co-creation.

You and life are not problems to solve, even though it can feel that way. All you seek is within you, but it can help to have someone with the capacity hold open the door to multidimensional totality so you can more easily perceive, discover and embody that truth and knowingness that is ever present within you.

Inner alchemy experiences of higher understanding can rapidly shift your reality and open new energies & possibilities in the mystical heart. 

Source Heart Alchemy sessions are divinely guided co-creations that are unique to each person. We will meet in the Source Heart in Zero Point Presence with our cosmic eyes upon the heart of possibility, open to new understandings and the magic and miracles available in the totality and beauty of your True Beingness.

Scheduling Sessions: Contact Laura to arrange a time, preferred contact method and payment for your session. Then, trust something magical will occur as we meet in shared presence, inviting and igniting your heart’s highest potential!

PLEASE READ: Sessions are $150/hour or $180/90 min & include a recording. Please include a PHONE NUMBER (USA). Or, if outside the USA, a preferred method of contact: Zoom, Skype, Messenger, FaceTime or What’s App, plus app invitation if required, as well as your location or time zone. My time zone is Eastern USA.

Anita Owen's guide, King Solomon, can be clearly seen in our energy session at a Sedona, AZ vortex point.

Anita Owen’s guide, King Solomon, can be clearly seen in our energy session at a Sedona, Arizona energy vortex site.

“I am eternally grateful for your energy. The moments that I have experienced with you have been just huge. They are benchmark times for me where I can trace back something huge to the domino effect of you just tipping something that was already in my head and helping me shift.” ~ Melody Reece