New Earth Quantum Playgroup 1/28/2021

Hello Friends!

Are you ready for something NEW to happen?

Then why not JOIN US and BE the center-point of CONSCIOUSLY CREATING A NEW REALITY as you view beyond time, mind and matrix into the field of possibility!

We are unlocking more heart wisdom each week and building community at the same time!

And, I’ve just created a NEW Facebook Group Page for Zoom participant’s to use for sharing and discussions between meetings.

You can still REGISTER for the LAST FREE Zoom Quantum Playgroup, Thursday, Jan 28!

And, I’ve just added FEBRUARY REGISTRATION links so I hope to see you soon on Zoom!

Please take a few minutes to visit my new website, Source Heart Alchemy, Inviting and Igniting The Divine Human and New Earth Reality, and check out my newest offering, New Earth Quantum Creation Zoom Playgroups. If you do not want to be notified about these Zoom events then you need take NO action. You will continue getting all  my regular posts.

IMPORTANT: If you DO wish to receive updates and notices about these Zoom groups, you’ll need to opt-in by taking the following steps to update your subscriber preferences.

  1. Click the CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS link at the bottom of this email.
  2. Click the (EDIT CONTACT INFORMATION) link in the gray box under your name.
  3. Type YES in the box beside “Notify Me About Zoom Quantum Playgroups.”
  4. Click the Blue SUBMIT button.

Thank you for taking the time to update your email preferences because the Playgroups option was not available when you originally subscribed. Now a little fun thought from my heart to yours! 

Have a blessed week!

Namaste, Laura

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