Language of Light Album by Laura Pieratt

The Language of Light Album



Language of Light Album, Track 1, Intro

Language of Light Album, Track 2, Release & Allow (sampling clip)

This is a six track series. Other than the first track, which is a channeled introduction in English, all other tracks are in The Language of Light, which is the language of Love/Creation. Simply relax deeply and listen without trying to understand, as you feel and experience these whole-light Source-essence frequencies with an open receptive heart. I invite you to listen frequently throughout the day, in meditation or as you fall sleep. Pay attention to what you notice, or what feels different within you and your life in the days and weeks ahead!

The Language of Light is a divine communication. Powerful sacred words and tones bypass the mind, speaking directly to the heart, providing whole-light energy frequencies, Light Codes and DNA activations for awakening and accelerated consciousness evolution. These recordings are love and light blessings in holographic time-release capsules that can awaken you to your Soul-Source awareness, true capacities and natural spiritual gifts, divine qualities and unique essence blueprint and purpose.

The Language of Light

You might be asking yourself, what is this unusual language and why would you want to experience it? The Language of Light is the language of your soul and opens you to your wholeness of being. It is a connection to and communication with Universal Mind (God) that speaks directly to your soul, DNA and body consciousness at vibratory levels beyond the mind’s ability for most people to understand or interpret. At greater levels of consciousness, which you access in your heart core, everyone is fluent in this frequency language for it is the primary form of communication throughout all creation.

The Language of Light is a divine energetic sound-light-frequency communication of Love and Light that all beings express and understand in their true being states beyond the veil of this physical dimension. It is the language of our soul and a direct connection to the heart and mind of Creator/God/Source/All, which we all understand deeply in our heart. It isn’t necessary for the mind to understand or translate it to be received and utilized by our whole being. Indeed, one of its benefits is that it bypasses the mind’s resistance to change, allowing your subconscious, superconscious and DNA (cellular consciousness), which fully understands the holographic transmissions you are receiving, to integrate them. Your higher self will direct the integration of what you are ready to receive and the rest will remain available in time-release form that your energy field can draw upon later, like a savings account.

You don't need to consciously understand these languages for them to be effective. This is a very pure form of divine communication since neither my mind and emotions, nor yours, filter the holographic energies, messages and light codes which always come through in the perfect form for each being. Thus, it is always safe, appropriate and perfect, activating dormant soul blueprints and essences qualities that are already present within you so your own unique spiritual blueprint and expression can come forth more fully in your daily life.

NOTE: Light Language audios are not for entertainment – they are sound alchemy and DNA activation recordings for vibrational activations and entrainment to Source energies. While not studio quality, your experience is not compromised by the recording quality, as evidenced by the many testimonials from people sharing profound transformation experienced using these materials.


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Listener’s Comments

“Laura’s Light Language albums are soothing and sublime, the perfect tools to transcend the judgmental mind and allow for positive change to occur with less resistance from one’s ego. I believe these albumss are powerful tools that will help you to heal your own specific challenges masterfully.” ~ Andrew, Reiki & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher 

“I just wanted to let you know it [Light Language album] was really amazing. I spent a couple of years in the Middle East and I understood part of what you were saying. Part of that sounded Arabic and some of it sounded like a combination of Arabic, Turkish, and eastern religious mantras. They were really relaxing. Right after I started listening, I started relaxing and meditating to it and…I haven’t slept like that in years. So I just thought I’d say thank you and it was really amazing!” ~ Jill

“I Listened to the [Language of Light] album and had an immediate release on an issue I have been dealing with for years. I felt forgiven and was able to forgive in a new way after reading some of your writings. Just want to let you know how powerful your work is and that I have been blessed. I have been trying to contact my guides and take a step forward, looking for knowledge and feel I have found the next key. ~ Blessings, Kathleen

“I felt peace emanating out from my whole body…waves of peace.” 

“I felt a lot of [light] rays working with me. Lots of greens telling me the fifth ray is coming in with healing and lots of blues, lots of violet…and definitely, as you switched and did different things, I was experiencing different rays. I was able to see the colors weaving in and out much more this time. It was a lot more complex for me this time. The gold was coming through so strongly. The second ray of illumination and also the sixth ray is ruby gold, so the second and the sixth have golds in them and I felt it kind of wash over me.” 

“It was so like I was lucid dreaming. It was so different than I had experienced meditating before. And it was fast, like see this, see this–like teeny little pieces of dreams and I kept thinking, ‘What are they showing me?'” Then I just said, ‘Ok, I’m just going to surrender.’ It was one of the strangest meditations I’ve ever had.” 

“I saw [clairvoyantly] colors, but the colors were really radiant. Rarely do I see such gold! It was a burst of energy that sort of flowed. I see colors and I’ve always been able to do that, but not to this magnitude.” 

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