New Earth Quantum Creation Playgroup (May 20th, 2021)


Time: 8-10pm EDT

A Collective Space for Unlocking the Deep Core Connection to Source Within & Your True Heart’s Wisdom through Divine Alchemy, Zero-Point Presence, Source Energy, Light Language and Quantum Activations.

During this collaborative Zoom call, Laura will lead the group into the Source Heart/Zero Point Presence and invite participants to notice and share, if they wish, whatever comes into their awareness as we open to know, feel, sense, allow, explore, embrace, co-create, embody, and make visible by sharing, more of our core essence, divine awareness, Source energy and intelligence, unique keys, codes, blueprints and New Earth potentials.

This group will provide an opportunity to go beyond personal identity, story, process, fixed perceptions of truth, duality and mind-based agenda to invite something new to emerge from Comic Mind and the field of possibility.

This will be a small, intimate and unscripted group experience into the alchemy of being in Source Heart presence and expanded awareness. In such a space what comes into awareness is honored as a perfect and valid expression within the Totality of All That Is.

Please note: You will have received a receipt by email from with a link to join the Zoom meeting. Please be sure to add this email to your contacts and check your spam folder if you don’t receive an email. If you don’t receive an email feel free to email Laura directly. The ADD TO CALENDAR button in your email receipt will add the Zoom link and other pertinent information to your calendar.

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