In The Harmony of Holy Light Language Album by Laura Pieratt

Language of Light Activation Album



Language of Light Activation Album - Track 1, Introduction

All created in the NOW is experienced here as unfolding in divine time. And so it is with this album's creation and your potential for activation to light language by listening to it while present in your sacred heart, where we meet in the NOW with shared intent and joy about activating this innate potential. 

About This Language of Light Activation Album

I felt called to create this language of light activation album after someone requested a more affordable way to be activated to light language than a private session. Inspired by the request and excited by the possibility of activation to light language by listening to a recorded album, I turned within and asked my Higher Self if that was possible. I was met with a strong, immediate enthusiastic YES! Once I knew Spirit would support that creation, I went into channel with that intent and it all flowed quite beautifully, resulting in this new album that I hope will bless many!

How This Album Can Help You Activate the Language of Light...

I can offer no guarantee that this album will help you begin expressing light language but all you have to do is simply relax and listen from your heart center to the intro and each of the 3 additional tracks, while holding the intent and open to the possibility of activating to the language of light that is so natural to our true multidimensional expressions and beingness.

I hope you will enjoy this album and I pray you will be blessed by the outcome you desire. Please let me know your experience!! I’m excited and curious to discover what happens for participants in this alchemical co-creative activation and unfolding as more of the True Self is called forth to express here.

If you activate light language after listening to this album, you may not understand the meaning of your expressions. That is perfect and does not limit the perfection or impact of your expressions. I rarely have any mental understanding of what I am expressing, nor do I have a concern about that. I feel it is so pure and multidimensional that much of it is beyond understanding and need not be translated. It still is felt deeply by the soul energy and pattering, physical, mental and emotional fields, and the cellular matrix, gifting a glimpse and remembrance of the beautiful song and vibration of the Cosmic streams and that which you really are in Truth and Totality.

So, listen to this album as often as you feel called with excitement and curiosity about what remembrance might come forth and express through you in one of the forms we call light language. And do be patient and compassionate with yourself, trusting all comes in divine time. For example, I desired to write light language glyphs for all the many years I spoke, sang, signed and toned it, but those forms of expression eluded me for 18 years! I am just now beginning to script it. It came through unexpectedly while doodling to try out a new set of pens after I had completely given up on ever writing light language. A reminder that all our heart desires does come in divine time. So, let's stay  in  the now  and choose to be at peace with what is, trusting all we need will emerge in divine time, knowing that if it isn’t here now, it is not needed now.

To listen to this 3-track light language activating album, you may wish to state or acknowledge your intent to activate to light language, and then let it go. Slow your breath and relax into your heart center releasing all thoughts, agenda or concerns about life, goals, or the outcome you want to achieve by listening to this album. Instead, just be curious about what might occur in the infinite space of divine potential and the inner-alchemy of this moment of co-creation.

Stay present in your heart center as you listen to this album, receiving these language of light activation codes and frequencies with openness and joy for the possibility of expressing light language  yourself. Notice whatever you feel, sense, see or suddenly know while the mind simply witnesses in pure awareness without trying to assess what is or should be happening. In this way you bring your whole self into full agreement with your clear intent in the neutral space of possibility.

Feel yourself floating and dancing as one with, as, and in the perfection of Life/Universe, unified with all that you are. Don't try to make something happen. It is enough to be curious to discover something is  newly available, accessible and present in your awareness now that you didn’t sense before, but now seems so natural that you can’t image how you didn’t sense it before! Then go forth joyfully expressing all that flows through you as divine love expressing from your whole being in a multitude of ways!

The Language of Light

The Language of Light is a divine communication. Powerful sacred words and tones bypass the mind, speaking directly to the heart, providing whole-light energy frequencies, Light Codes and DNA activations for awakening and accelerated consciousness evolution. These recordings are love and light blessings in holographic time-release capsules that can awaken you to your Soul-Source awareness, true capacities and natural spiritual gifts, divine qualities and unique essence blueprint and purpose.

NOTE: Light Language audios are not for entertainment – they are sound alchemy recordings for vibrational quantum activations and entrainment to Source energies. While not studio quality, your experience is not compromised by the recording quality, as evidenced by the many testimonials from people sharing profound transformation experienced using these materials.


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Listener’s Comments

Hi Laura,

I just finished listening [to the Language of Light Activation Album]. I have one of your albums already but this is also very powerful.

I saw in my mind’s eye, in the main activation [first track], a lady with golden blond hair holding in her hands and letting go of a white dove! I saw glimpses of this repeated. I also saw glimpses of electric ocean green colour and blue too! As I finished, I felt warmth in my solar plexus lower back and heart space. A sense of bliss!! Wow!! I will re-listen. I feel warmth is a healing sense of the Holy Spirit. Wow!

No doubt many will be blessed! I pray you get blessed as you bless us!

Much gratitude, Vass-Angel” ❤️🙏


Thank you soooo much for your beautiful Light Language Album. So calming and conducive to a much fuller spiritual experience. Also, I believe that I am hearing some newer phrases for the very first time.

After listening to it several times, I am still experiencing an increased feeling of expanded energy and peace, when you begin to recite the same phrases that affected me so powerfully during our Playgroup meditations.

I find myself drifting into a deeper level of Being, and I anticipatingly look forward to regularly revisiting that “Happy Place.”

Thank You for everything! Delores😇

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