In The Harmony of Holy Light Language Album by Laura Pieratt

In the Harmony of Holy Light Language Album



In The Harmony of Holy, Track 1 – Intro to this divinely guided project

We are in a time of great polarization, when many feel a need for harmony with life and those still perceived and experienced through the filter of duality consciousness as separate or “other.” Spirit gave this album title to Laura some years ago, but it wasn’t until June 2020 that she felt the intuitive prompt to record it. May it lead you into the peace and holy harmony of your True Self, that is eternally one with all.

When we stop denying God within and acknowledge its Spirit and Presence in All, we call forth the Holy Spirit and Creative Force which always creates in harmony with the totality of life throughout the Cosmos.

As we acknowledge our divinity and oneness with All That Is, more rises into our awareness, illuminating and opening unto us new perspectives, capacities and possibilities that spontaneously ignite new perspectives and experiences through our expanded (quantum/divine) awareness. All this flows forth from the One Cosmic Heart that creates the Universe in the Harmony of Holy.

Listening Notes

Listening to these frequencies is like setting an intension, or coming into agreement to call forth and activate within your own being, the remembrance of the Holiness of Being, one with and in harmony with the Holy Presence that indwells all life.

Simply relax deeply and listen without trying to understand, as you feel and experience these whole-light Source-essence frequencies with an open receptive heart. I invite you to listen frequently throughout the day, in meditation, or as you fall sleep. Pay attention to what you notice, or what feels different within you and your life in the days and weeks ahead!

The Language of Light

The Language of Light is a divine communication. Powerful sacred words and tones bypass the mind, speaking directly to the heart, providing whole-light energy frequencies, Light Codes and DNA activations for awakening and accelerated consciousness evolution. These recordings are love and light blessings in holographic time-release capsules that can awaken you to your Soul-Source awareness, true capacities and natural spiritual gifts, divine qualities and unique essence blueprint and purpose.

NOTE: Light Language audios are not for entertainment – they are sound alchemy recordings for vibrational quantum activations and entrainment to Source energies. While not studio quality, your experience is not compromised by the recording quality, as evidenced by the many testimonials from people sharing profound transformation experienced using these materials.


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