Gifts Of The Elohim Light Language Album by Laura Pieratt

Gifts of The Elohim Light Language Album



This is a 5-track series. The first of these tracks is an introduction from The Elohim in English. The Elohim channeled this album through Laura, offering divine-light frequency activations, light codes, clearing and other energetic assistance for accelerated soul awakening and evolution. All will be directed by your higher-self in the way most perfect for you. Entraining to these higher light frequencies can help you raise your frequency, hold more light and embody more of your True Light/Divine Love.

Track 1 – Channeled Intro to this album and its potential for assisting True Self embodiment.

Track 2 – All Is Forgiven


The Elohim

The Elohim are an angelic aspect of The Creator tasked with translating spiritual energy directives of the divine plan into form as manifest creation. As such,The Elohim is very involved in our evolution since we are divine energy beings in form. They explained the purpose of this gift of energy frequencies is to assist humanity to remove blocks and realign with our Soul-Source core vibration and perfect evolution. Where we have gotten off track, they are particularly adept at helping us get back on track in the clearest, most efficient way, guiding us back to our true selves and highest potential.

The Language of Light

The Language of Light is a divine energetic sound-light-frequency communication of Source Love and Light that all beings express in their true states beyond the veil of this physical dimension. It is the language of our soul and a direct connection to the heart and mind of Creator/God/Source/All, which we all understand deeply in our heart. It isn’t necessary for the mind to understand or translate it to be received and utilized by our whole being. Indeed, one of its benefits is that it bypasses the mind’s resistance to change, allowing your subconscious, superconscious and DNA (cellular consciousness), which fully understands the holographic transmissions you are receiving, to integrate them. Your higher-self will direct the integration of what you are ready to receive and the rest will remain available in time-release form that your energy field can draw upon later, like a savings account.

NOTE: Light Language audios are not for entertainment – they are sound alchemy and DNA activation recordings for vibrational activations and entrainment to Source energies. While not studio quality, your experience is not compromised by the recording quality, as evidenced by the many testimonials from people sharing profound transformation experienced using these materials.


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Listener’s Comments

“Indescribably perfectly beautiful. I listened to the album and it was truly perfection of the heart. It felt like a glove, wrapped around me and supporting me. It felt so perfectly attuned to me and what I was looking for that it seemed made to order for me personally. Please, please, pleeeease keep the album available. I have ordered a second one because I know that I’m supposed to give it to someone!”  
~ Deepest  Regards, Sally Dolbier 

I listened again to Gifts of the Elohim Blessings. It had been awhile. This was as profound as the first dozens of times I listened. What struck me most was in the introduction from the Elohim that I feel like you facilitated for me as a bridge in helping me to integrate my soul into my body. I HOPE you know how INCREDIBLY special you are and the GIFTS you contribute in your own unique way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lots of LOVE. ~ Kristine

“I just listened to the Release & Allow track – AMAZING. By the end, tears were pouring down my face. Thank you for sharing.” ~ Kay Brinkman 

“I found this to be an entirely different experience. I felt insights coming to me, a lot of lightness, a lot of expansion and I just felt like special things were being downloaded to me…special abilities. I felt more confident about certain things. It was really one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve had.

There were a couple of tracks where I actually started hearing voices…conversations. It happened both times I listened and I thought that was interesting. On another track, I just started having flashes of imagery.

While listening, I started feeling the most interesting vibrations in different parts of my body. I noticed different tracks were causing different things to happen. I was feeling vibrations literally jumping from one side of my body to the other. On another track, my ankles started throbbing. Some [tracks] were causing my temples to throb and then certain parts of my brain and it was just really interesting. I listened to it again a couple of days later and had exactly the same sensations in each part of my body with the same tracks every time I listened. Every single time!” ~ Michael Kamau


“I’m listening to the albums faithfully and they are wonderful. I can’t thank you enough, I really can’t.  I’ve just been in tears. So thanks again.” ~ Susan H.

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