Daily Dose of Love Light Language Album by Laura Pieratt

A Daily Dose of Love (192-Track Light Language Series)



A Daily Dose of Love

Because The New Earth Divine-Human Is Emerging Now


Track 1 of the Daily Dose of Love Series

Track 5: Laura’s guides explain the purpose of this divinely guided project.

It’s time to recalibrate back to wholeness through whole-light Source energy frequencies that assist you in raising your vibration and embodying more of your True Light Source-Soul-Self with its New Earth, Divine Human blueprint and potential.

Humanity is experiencing a spiritual expansion and evolution back to multidimensional awareness and totality as Source-essence beings. It doesn’t get much better or easier than this life-changing, effortless and enjoyable audio series! Simply immerse in a daily sound bath of divine light energies, sacred light codes, spiritual activations, attunements and alignments to transform your consciousness.

Listening Notes

This series was originally designed to be listened to one-track-a-day for 6 1/2 months of gradual integration of each energy transmission, in sequence. While many people will receive the greatest benefit from listening to these sound-alchemy transmissions in sequence, you are encouraged to follow your own inner wisdom and proceed at your own pace, returning to previous tracks as you wish or skipping randomly through them as guided by your intuition, just like you might use divination cards. This last suggestion can be a wonderful way for everyone to continue enjoying the series after you’ve completed it! Consider Making a playlist on your mp3 player for easy access to immerse in a dose of love each day! Playlists also make it easy to mark your favorites.

Download E-book Companion Guide & 192-Track List

Download Notes

Be prepared for a 2.11 GB download in 5 separate .ZIP files. In the fifth .zip file you will find the E-book Companion Guide, which will help you work the DDOL series. Tracks that contain messages in English are in bold so you can find them easily if you feel the need for that touchstone of understanding. You can also read insights from Laura on specific transmissions, comments from others who have shared their experiences, and a few transcriptions of English messages that a friend in our DDOL community has lovingly shared.

Note About The Extremely Low $84 Price

People often don’t value what is not expensive, thinking it must not be very good. But the price of this powerful transformative energy series is low because it is my gift to life. DDOL is near and dear to my heart because my guides asked me to create it and I know, from many testimonials shared, of its profound potential to assist people in healing (ultimately a return to wholeness) and raising their consciousness back to the whole-light of their Source essence by directly immersing daily in these divine love transformational sound frequencies. I kept the price low so everyone could afford it because Spirit asked me to share this project in a way that would have the most reach and impact. 

The Language Of Light

The Language of Light is a divine alchemical communication that is the natural language of your soul throughout creation. Powerful sacred words and tones bypass the mind, speaking directly to the heart. It provides healing, clearing and soul awakening, as well as Light codes and DNA activations for accelerated consciousness evolution. These recordings are Source-Light blessings in holographic time-release capsules that awaken you to more of your Soul-Source essence, awareness, gifts, qualities and unique blueprint expression.

Laura's Guides Explain DDOL When Asking Her To Co-create It

“We wish to offer rest, respite and ease. We want to offer something people can look forward to as a pleasure, a gift at the beginning or end of the day. To slip into these sound frequencies the way one might feel comforted by slipping into a warm bath with candles to have a brief personal moment of peace and respite.

We offer these as a gift to be received like a care package from Home, reminding you that your family in Spirit is thinking of you every day and sending you love. It is offered in the purity of such a loving gift, to be allowed to take root in the heart and blossom day by day.

And finally, we wish to pour into you the very love and joy, lightness of spirit, comfort and upliftment that you wish you could give those you love, but feel you have no energy left to do so. Would you not welcome a daily packet of that, and enjoy it as a daily dose of Love? We hope so. We offer it with joy as we welcome you to suckle at the breast of The Beloved Source of All."

What Should I Expect From My DDOL Journey?

The entire series lasts 192 days (6 months and 2 weeks). The initial two months is a daily frequency immersion in the Language of Light to attune you to the non-dual frequencies of Creator/Source Light. After that, uplifting messages in English alternate with sequenced waves of pure light language (sound/light/color/geometry/energy) with its DNA activating light codes, frequency alignments, clearing, healing alchemy, and other potentials.

For those who need some English for their mind to stay the journey, these messages in English can be accessed anytime by skipping ahead. #5, 27, 31, 43, 50, 54, 57, 59, 60, 61, 63, 67-72, 74, 77, 79, 80, 82-92, 94-97, 101-105, 110-113, 115, 117, 118…and many more, but that gives you a start.

Four months into the journey (about #125), things really intensify with Dolphin Activations, 8th chakra opening and Joy Blasts, as we stretch into the higher energies with higher pitches/frequencies of divine light. A month or so later, when you get to #160+, you will Journey to Paradise and Receive a White-Gold  Alchemical Elixir of the Holy Spirit/Shekinah! WOW! – for me it was an almost overwhelming ecstasy of the Divine Mother’s Love!

I have included a long list of testimonials from people who have taken this DDOL transformational journey and graciously shared their experiences. They express so well what I often find beyond words.

NOTE: Light Language audios are not for entertainment – they are sound alchemy and DNA activation recordings for vibrational activations and entrainment to Source energies. While not studio quality, your experience is not compromised by the recording quality, as evidenced by the many testimonials from people sharing profound transformation experienced using these materials.


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Listener’s Comments

“My gratitude is so strong – of all the healing and transformational modalities I have experienced, A Daily Dose of Love has been the most effective for me – gently unblocking, clearing, and loving me back into alignment with my true self. Sending you and your team so much love and gratitude, Laura. Thank you.”  ~ Michelle Higgins, France

Greetings Laura, I just started listening to the “Daily Dose of Love” for the second time. I feel as if I enter a new dimension of bliss and a different reality when I begin to listen to each track each day. This is amazing and I thank you for that. Much gratitude. ~  Halil

“I am in my 115th dosage of Love. My experiences of the I AM Presence has truly changed my life. I am at peace with myself, my heart, my fellow man and God. A loving heart is a blessing to all.” ~ Maite

“These are the purest form of messages I have received from anyone in my long history of seeking, and now I have stopped seeking and started being. I’m on Day 104 and it truly has been a transformational journey for me at exactly the perfect point in my life – many transitions on all levels of my being are taking place and your messages have helped me align myself in the most beautiful way. I’m just so grateful! Please keep up this sacred work.” With much love and thanks.” ~ Victoria, Simsbury CT

 “I just finished Daily Dose of Love #49. Wow, so powerful. I always love when you sing transmissions, as your voice and words always touch my heart. They are like songs of “remembering” for me. I really want to tell you how powerful these vibrational songs are. I feel them vibrating around my pineal gland. They feel like a tuning fork might feel when applied to a crystal, ready to awaken some deep inner power. I love your work and am so blessed to have found it. Thanks, so much.” ~ Love, Rene

“I always feel better, I feel myself changing, vibrating throughout the day in a much higher frequency. This is the coolest thing ever, and I listen to countless tele-conferences. I take advantage of any and all of the free stuff out there, but this has depth, has the lasting change one receives when the information skips the ego, or any thought process, and goes directly to my soul self that has to engage with daily life on a 3rd dimensional frequency. Your wonderful transmission is helping me keep my own high frequency, regardless of what is going on. And I am so very grateful. I will listen as long as “they/you” continue to talk to me/everybody. What an amazing gift! Love and Gratitude to you Laura Pieratt for bringing this through.”  ~ Susie Schaaf, Namaste

“Your series has become my daily healing spa retreat. I experience inner peace, life renewal and a place where I come for re-birthing in an energy space of gentleness.” ~ Caroline Oliveira


“Dear Laura, I am amazed at the seeming sense of peace, freedom to move, to engage with others, to see, to understand, to…that I have experienced. There have been times I almost wanted to cry, I felt so loved. There were moments that I sensed the most gentle loving lullaby that I could ever imagine, a sense of safety and love. How can I begin to thank you for these beautiful moments that you have so graciously provided? With abundant thanks.” ~ Sharon

“I just want to say a big thank you for the DDOL messages.  I have been listening for about two weeks now and I feel like I’m being kissed by an ocean of goodness each time I listen!  I feel blessed and re-energised! Love them so much.” ~ Blessings and love, Sally

“I absolutely love the language of light you speak. I listened to the sample and I swear I had a healing. I know, I know that language! I can’t describe the feelings I get when I hear it. I began to remember feelings I haven’t had since I was a child. Feelings of peace and security. Even now, just writing this, I am in tears. I feel like I’m in the process of shifting now, like I’m ready to start something bigger in my life even if I don’t know what exactly. Thank you!”  ~ Shaun Michael Miles 

“That was fabulous–unlike anything I have experienced before! Very sweet, a feeling of goodness, and much, much love…. The way I feel is almost beyond description, but I will try. At first it seemed like I was carrying on a one-sided conversation, not knowing, but feeling what was being said to me. Sometimes, I feel the speakers are addressing my own personal challenges, and they are encouraging me, sympathizing with me, totally understanding me, and loving me. I found myself talking in the Language, as it was being said to me. Wow!!!! I feel that I am learning another language, and this is just too cool–beyond words.”


“Following the hairline activation sessions [DDOL # 134, 136, 139] the bridge from third eye area to occipital area is now operational, especially noticeable during the silent section when I saw the pluming of the eighth chakra. In #139, I felt blocked energy strongly pushed out from my root and lower sacral chakra…and then I felt the energy flowing up around the new bridge.” ~ Laura, England 

“I have just listened to A Daily Dose of Love #82 – Silent Crystalline Frequency Session. I experienced tingling in various parts of my body, but mainly in my legs. I visioned lots of people cheering, laughing and clapping with joy and then I realized it was not people as such, but the cells of my body that were joyful and cheering and that made me smile. The full 20-min session only felt like it lasted a few minutes and the 8-min silent crystalline frequency part itself seemed to last no time at all. I continued to lay silently for about 10-mins after the session had completely finished and I could still feel sensations throughout my body. Once again Laura, deep gratitude to you and much love! ~ Jacqueline 


Comments from DDOL #1

“Just listened to No.1 and felt I was being soothed and caressed by the love of a mother. Love and blessings to you.” ~ Laura M.

“I just listened to DDOL #1 for the first time. It sounds so much like my prayers.” ~ Ricky

“Oh my, DDOL #1 was fabulous… like a strong reunion. I heard a wise woman’s welcome, then “anchoring”…so delightful, so meaningful…and just number 1!” ~ Cynthia  

 “I just finished Daily Dose of Love #39. Thank you for your comments afterwards as they encourage us to keep receiving and, by receiving, also releasing love to the world. I especially appreciated your comment about affecting the grids of the Earth as that is what I saw during the meditation–the sphere of the Earth surrounded by a spherical grid, and at every intersection point of the grid we were bringing in a glow of white light energy. Thank you so much for your work and your beautiful voice vibration.” ~ Rene 

“Just as you were talking about the mind’s interpretation, before the silence in DDOL #82, I was aware of what looked like a four-sided thin glass piece balanced on the middle of my body on one of its pointed ends and which kind of wavered left and right to balance itself. When the silence started, I saw a kind of hose with a cone end from which the energy came. I was aware of my whole body being cocooned in pulsating white-pink energy. Then I was aware of green-blue energy and cerise-blue energy and then it was bright vivid rainbow energy which swirled one way and then the other way. Also sensed that a Galactic being was observing. Many thanks for this experience.” ~ Laura Moutter

“I was aware of a special “deepening,” warmth of feeling and joy across my thorax, chest, shoulders and abdomen moving from right to left that was strengthening. The colors that came to mind were variations of blue and violet. Later in the afternoon, I had a moment of thinking negative “what if” thoughts that previously would have been accompanied by an actual feeling of physical discomfort and fear. But, I noticed that the thoughts were not accompanied by physical discomfort. They were just thoughts that passed. This was a very big change for me…anxiety or stress was nowhere to be found, only joy and peace, flowing easily. Yeaah!”

“Regarding the Language of Light, generally, friends have commented about how much calmer I am, and I’ve noticed a new ability to remain calm during stressful times, worry less, and feel more centered. So I’m so grateful for these daily transmissions and feel like I’m growing in ways I’ve never been able to before. Thank you! Oh, and also I did think of the key to a solution for an as-long-as-I-can-remember habit/problem and the solution is very simple. The clarity I felt allowed me to see the solution.” ~ Jane

“Just wanted to say the Language of Light works. It is gentle and subtle and works like an injection to my sore spots so that a few days afterwards I realized I no longer felt old wounds and blocks that had previously been part of my identity. Amazing relief and wonder.” ~ Judy Hudkins (DDOL #116) 

“This was a magnificent dose of love. I felt the dolphin’s presence (it felt feminine) and tears of joy flowed freely. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ~ Joyful Judy
 (DDOL #125 – Dolphin Merge!) 

“Hello Laura—this message, an energy going to heart chakra back up to 8th and resonating on the left side of temple, joining as a symmetrical balance and having a cleansing effect, harmonizing feelings-a clear message of one and unity. Thank you for your gift of love.” ~ J 



“Hello Laura, Thank you for Graduation Day. I felt so much love, and during that moment of silence, at a certain point when it was so quiet, I heard this song with these words. With all my love, support, Oneness and blessings, Your sister of light, Maite”


I will come to you in the Silence


I will lift you from all fear
You will hear My voice
I claim you as My choice
Be still, and know I am here.


I am hope for all who are hopeless
I am eyes for all who long to see.


In the shadows of the night,
I will be your Light
Come and rest in Me.


Do not be afraid, I am with you
I have called you each by name.
Come and follow Me
I will bring you home
I love you and you are mine.

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