Hello Dear Friends,

I’m very happy to greet you again and share what’s new! So, let’s catch up…

In a Nutshell: I haven’t posted much on my blog this year but I hosted a wonderfully transformative weekly Quantum Creation Playgroup on Zoom the first 6 months of the year. If you’ve been missing my posts, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I have been quite active.

In the second half of the year, I was inspired to create a NEW! Light Language Activation Album to assist people in activating their innate capacity to express/channel light language.

I also took a month’s vacation in New Orleans that turned out unexpectedly to involve a lot of ley-line planetary grid work. I love how we are placed right where we are needed without even realizing it beforehand!

On my drive home, my guides introduced me to Star Core energy and asked me to begin offering Star Core Activations to others.

And, there’s another surprise coming to my website in January – A NEW Sound Alchemy Divination Page! So stay tuned and stop by to play because new things are happening at Source Heart Alchemy!

I’M ALSO AVAILABLE ONCE AGAIN FOR ONE-TO-ONE SOURCE HEART SESSIONS and STAR CORE ACTIVATIONS. I haven’t offered sessions for about 4 years while I’ve been on sabbatical, inwardly focused in the Zero-Point Void space. Now, I am bringing all that I gathered in the vastness of totality back with me in my activated and embodied Star Core! My spontaneous Star Core activation has been a game-changer for me and it would be my delight to assist you in activating and embodying your individuated God Self, too! So, that’s all available now!


The good news is that polarity has reached its peak separation. We can’t see it visibly yet in outer reality but many of us are beginning to feel lighter at inner levels. We actually have more cosmic (New Earth) quantum space to reside in so it’s easier to feel, BE, and express who we really are now that our embodied consciousness and vibration are less susceptible to discordant energies of the mass consciousness. It will take time for the masses to realize the tide has turned and to choose change but the old ways won’t be very effective or sustainable. Things will change in time.

Meanwhile, my dear friends, we know that we exist beyond time and we are feeling the energy of new possibility, perhaps not yet visible but pulsing powerfully within us at deep core levels of truth and knowing. Many of us are still called to focus inwardly, holding space for and embodying the new energies and potentials right now.

As we move toward Spring, and beyond, I feel some of us will feel ready to come out of our cave spaces to gather in love, joy, and resonance, not to solve problems but to celebrate and honor the magnificence and diversity of the God within ourselves and others. In such fields of quantum resonance, more will blossom forth and seed the new dimensional fabric as our unique keys and codes ignite and express through our SOURCE-STAR CORE energy.

With this possibility pulsing within, I’m interested in participating in gatherings focused on joy and potential. Please let me know if you’d like me to join a group you are hosting as a participant, co-creator, or presenter! I’m always in wonder about what will happen when two or more are gathered!


Now back to the magnetic God-Source Star Core energy. We all have a Star Core, an individualized God Self, that is our living light essence and divine spark that is always part of our original human design. The trick is that it can only be accessed in the Present Moment – the Timeless Now. So it’s dormant in 3D linear time reality focus where most people’s attention is fixed due to the demanding structured external reality’s pull on our time and attention. But our true power for creating consciously and efficiently, what many call magically, within a field of resonance is found in our Star Core’s magnetic fusion energy and its inherent capacity for bringing what appears to be separate or disparate things (frequencies) into harmony – a stare of resonance – in which all feels connected, in accordance, as one.

Once I realized that feeling was my star core energy, I realized I had spontaneously experienced it in many moments throughout my life. But by activating and embodying my Star Core consciously in my body and awareness as a repeatable state of being, it’s now available any time I think of it. When I realize I’m caught up in 3D duality patterns and the density of linear-time reality and discord, a simple awareness shift places me right into resonance with all life. That has changed everything!

I’m finding it remarkably easy to access (especially compared to first entering the void state!) and it’s totally transforming my external reality because when I engage outer reality from my inner Star Core, my outer experience comes into resonance matching my inner feeling state! That resonance between inner and outer realities is what was missing for me. It’s what made me want to pull away from the outer reality because I didn’t feel resonant with all the old energy and programs people were still running that left me feeling flat, uninspired, or depleted rather than energized and nourished as I feel in my inner reality.

To give you a glimpse of this amazing energy, I’ll share a spectacular recent vision I got of my Star Core! It was similar to the image above but felt way more potent, alive, and real than in the picture. I had been feeling it within me but could not visualize it until this week. In meditation, I became aware of a shockingly massive, powerful, and exquisitely beautiful bright white light with a nuclear (fusion!) core sending out flashes of opalescent rainbow rays. Its light radiated so thickly outward in all directions that it looked like a super-sun yet its mesmerizing luminance didn’t hurt my eyes when gazing upon it with my inner vision. It brought me to tears of awe and humility as I realized I am that in truth. I continued to observe it, integrating and embodying the energy even more fully in a huge light body upgrade. As this spontaneous gift of vision and embodiment ended, my inner voice told me that we were creating a new way of being, literally a new reality for me that they called CREATION CENTRAL. The idea was that the radiating Star Core was Creation Central and any relationships, projects, or activities I chose to engage in would be supported by this central hub point with rays carrying this Source energy out to and through all I’m involved with.

I feel so much more enjoyment, fascination, and potency in all interactions now because I can sense and acknowledge the love/essence/potential felt in my own experience, even if no one else is feeling it in their reality or reflecting it back to me in our shared experiences! Everything feels more interesting – and yes magical! – when viewed through that bliss-joy magnetic Star Core energy and resonance of the realized and embodied God Self. So, I’m very excited to explore this more with activation s sessions with those of you who are resonating with what I’m sharing!

And a very special bonus is that a God’s Eye Activation has been coming in as part of the Star  Core Activation Sessions.  The God’s Eye Activation allows us to see through God’s Eyes in which all is seen through the eyes of love, beauty, Grace, and divine perfection.



Laura Pieratt Sound Alchemy Divination Preview Page

Stop by to play! It’s FREE so visit often to immerse in higher love-light activating divine frequencies. Visitors will intuitively select channeled audios with light language and loving messages that take them into the infinite space of being in the zero point/Now to rest in Presence, awareness, visioning, and more, to experience something new gathering in the Field.

This new way of presenting sound alchemy audios was inspired by and functions like divination card decks – only it’s virtual. With no discernible information to guide them, visitors must use their intuition to pick a card.

Once a card is clicked on, it flips to reveal a MEDIA PLAYER or YOUTUBE VIDEO and a DONATION LINK to say thanks if you enjoyed and felt blessed by the audio(s) you selected. I have hosted audios by a few other channels in addition to my own.

I loved this idea when it flashed it into my mind because it allows us to play more with choosing beyond mind and non-sequentially (unlike sequenced timeline-based blog posts). It’s a playful way to practice trusting our intuition to know what we can’t know through our mental mind, so we must SENSE/FEEL into the deeper subtle energy awareness within us for guidance and information through resonance. That seemed like a great new way to share my alchemical audio creations with all of you!

I wish you the very best and brightest blessings as we head into the holiday season! As this year closes we sit on a very new creation threshold, having collectively cleared so much of the old-era creation paradigm, we are really ready to welcome and create the New Earth reality. I’m looking forward to co-creating an amazing reality with YOU!

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