​There is so much happening on this magnificent planet at this time and I look forward to chronicling some of the challenges and exciting New Earth changes as they come forth. There is much to look forward to in the times ahead. Please do no let fear enter your thoughts, for it is a crippling energy of separation. You must have faith and trust, in yourself and others, that you know at deep levels how to traverse these unprecedented exciting, albeit challenging, times of birthing a new reality in the wake of the old.

You must focus your thoughts forward, for the past no longer determines the future. You are in new territory now and must feel your way intuitively and with trust in your deepest knowing. Gather with uplifting friends. Mute the voices of fear and despair. Get out in nature. Reach out where you can to uplift another. Be compassionate and kind. Step back and give yourself space to BE silent and recharge with self care. Sing you soul songs to yourself and one another. Look deeply into the eyes of others and see the divinity within all beings. You are so much more than you realize and it is such soul-spirit recognition that will help you awaken and realize that truth. We must see beyond the obvious, for all is not as it appears.

Much is changing, but the truth and depth of the Love and Light in your soul is the guiding force you can always trust. Listen deeply to your hearts, dear ones, for they hold the truth of your Being. Still yourself and listen to that inner voice. Be in peace, know your Love and live your Truth.

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