Meditation & Tapping into Higher Frequencies for Spiritual Guidance [Header Image]​Introduction

Waves of energy emissions that pour forth on the planet at unprecedented levels are making it easier to access higher frequencies for greater consciousness, intuitive awareness, and new possibilities.

Earth history has been characterized by dense energies and duality, making it very difficult to rise above entrenched limiting habitual patterns. But, times are changing rapidly and it is easier than ever before to ride such waves into the higher realms of conscious awareness, choice, and manifestation made available by this spiritual energy phenomenon.

How To Access Spiritual Vibrations and Frequencies

Access to higher frequency energy is a simple process–one that takes less training than allowing. It is best not to make it effortful or engage in a struggle with the mind.

  • Set aside 5 to 15 minutes every day to connect to the feeling-state of high, pure, absolute divine frequencies that have no opposite. These are whole-light, non-dual divine qualities natural to us in the higher realms (5D and beyond): love, peace, compassion, gratitude, prosperity and abundance, joy and natural creativity, appreciation, and divine truth.
  • If you prefer, you can think of a favorite ascended master and just BE present with them, ask for their help, and allowing them to fill your heart with Source love and light, and thus raise your vibration; Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, etc., or an Archangel; Michael, Uriel, Ariel, Gabrielle, and so forth.
  • Choose a time when you will not be disturbed and make sure you are comfortable.
  • Shift your focus to your surroundings. When outside, you may notice a gentle breeze, birds chirping or soft grass beneath your feet. If indoors, notice the chair supporting you. Feel the solid floor beneath you and the temperature of the room. Notice how peaceful it is to be quiet for a few minutes. Breathe naturally.
  • Allow yourself to drift inward, out of your mental patterns and into an awareness of your breath.  Consciously place your attention (and even your hand) on your physical heart space and breathe deeply, slowly, and intensionally for several breaths, expanding your belly on each breath. Release the day and detach from your normal thought patterns to focus fully on your breath.
  • Notice any tension you are holding in your body. Breathe into that tension without judgment. Engage awareness and willingness to simply notice it and let it shift into greater ease and comfort.

Do not force change, judge yourself, or need anything to be other than it is. Simply notice what comes up and be open to whatever you are experiencing. This lets your body know it has your loving attention and that you have received the message it’s sending. Say thanks, and then release your thoughts back to a neutral space of simply noticing what you notice, until you notice nothing in particular and are able to receive something unexpected and previously unknown as inspiration or wisdom. Don’t need such an insight, simply BE open to it if it arises.

Remain in this heightened sense of awareness and allow yourself to be drawn into a peaceful state of pleasant relaxation and appreciation for the quiet moment you are gifting yourself.  Breathe deeper and notice how time is irrelevant in the stillness of the moment. Simply Be Present.

Allow being for its own sake to replace doing and just BE, even if only for 5 minutes. In time it will become easier to sustain the experience as your sense of timelessness stretches from 5 to 10 to 15 minutes, and even longer. Eventually, you will notice you are able to drop outer world concerns and drift into no awareness, or new awareness and experience, with only three deep breaths.  Once you find the doorway by repeatedly becoming still and present it gets easier and you long for these moments with your natural self.

Breathe and BE, that is all.

If you find it too challenging to be completely still and quiet, play some quiet meditative music that your mind can float along with while your inner awareness learns to be still and present. This split mind experience might be easier until you train your mind to be still when you engage conscious breathing.

Westerners often think it is a challenge to still the mental chatter during meditation, yet you do this naturally when you are going about mundane tasks and activities without thinking about it. Many people drift into this natural doorway to higher wisdom and insight when driving, showering, gardening, or daydreaming. Time becomes irrelevant as you are immersed in an activity you love ,or do by rote.

Perhaps you have found yourself pondering a thought or problem with detached curiosity, or in more of a musing, lightly pondering, or wondering state than a mind desperately seeking a solution or wanting to control an outcome. In such an expansive open-minded state, you are receptive to inspired thought that can guide you to inspired action. This is the state that will lead you to a life in flow, experiencing synchronicity, perfectly timed action and mindful response, aligned with your intent.

Wonderful unexpected possibilities can emerge, through such synchronicity followed by inspired action, that you could never have anticipated, nor forced, by following a to-do-list. Many people are reluctant to surrender to this way of living and being because they are conditioned to believe it takes effort to get ahead, planning, striving, and control to succeed, and that hard work is rewarded while airy, floaty ways are for dreamers unable bring dreams into form.

New creation is all about change and change is in the air!

The intensity of change occurring now is due to the new energies on the planet, as the Divine Feminine comes into balance and anchors onto the Earth plane. We are individually and collectively moving into unity consciousness, for the two cannot be separated in actual fact. The intuitive feminine energy, often called the Holy Shekina, is back on the planet. This is the balanced, nurturing, loving creation energy that facilities co-creation, inspiration, synchronicity and cooperation instead of competition. This is new energy that favors a win/win outcome honoring authenticity, transparency, integrity, and the highest good for all over the old energy of winner takes all. No longer can decisions be made in favor of one being, or group, at the expense of many others. Creations made in the old masculine energy of power without the feminine wisdom to balance them will not be sustainable.

We already see evidence of the dismantling of the old energy systems in life and relationships in general, and more specifically in systems of government, economics, education, entertainment, foreign relations, and business. Those systems built on the old model of might, domination, and competition perpetuate separation. They will not last in a world moving at the speed of light into the energy of unity, cooperation, justice, equality, and abundance for all. And all includes the Earth and her nature kingdoms.

Learning to integrate both sides of the brain to engage balanced male and female energies is necessary to create new solutions, abundance, and sustainable systems that support and empower the natural gifts and skills of those involved. Only that which is co-created synchronistically and intuitively with an awareness of the good of all will last, expand and evolve. All else will drop away as the distortion it is based upon is revealed as a construct of self-interest, and the negative pole of fear and lack that has accompanied the duality experieice.

4 Steps To Connect To Higher Frequencies

So now that you know WHY it is important to master the ability to meditate to connect to the higher frequencies available to everyone now, let’s review the process.

  1. Get into a meditative state of open receptivity and gratitude. As you are able, expand this feeling into a strong feeling-state, or emotion of unconditional love. It may help to think of a person, pet, or beautiful place that inspires such feelings. Many achieve this by focusing on God, a religious Master Teacher they love, the angels or another divine being, or concept, such as heaven or nirvana.
  2. Set an intent. Or just sit quietly, receptive to receive love, light, healing, rejuvenation, rest, inspiration, or wisdom. Its best not to try or be concerned about the outcome as much as the self-love you are providing yourself by taking time and care of yourself. It’s a great way of telling yourself you are worth making time for–that you matter.
  3. Witness, and then release whatever comes up in your mind and emotions without attachment or identifying with it. Don’t look for understanding or resolution. Don’t even  try to solve or fix anything in this moment. Just sit in silence, knowing you are of the Source and are supported by and partnering with an intelligent, abundant, knowing, fully conscious God/Universe that Loves and knows you as its own beloved self and creation. Allow yourself to KNOW you are love incarnate and you are loved.
  4. Notice your inner promptings and be willing to take inspired action when you feel it, acting from and aligned with your own divine nature–that higher more evolved part of you known as your soul/higher self.

Magic happens as you begin to consistently create from your higher self, resulting in more joy, ease and grace.  Life becomes a walking meditation and you discover your meditation practice of 5 minutes has evolved into a joyous way of life.

This process is usually very subtle in the beginning and you need to be very present, receptive and alert. Take notice of how you feel in the moment and maintain enough clarity to take action when you are finished. It’s easy to forget the wisdom you tapped into because it can be just like waking from a dream and forgetting the details quickly. It’s ideal to keep a journal nearby to write your awarenesses or voice record them immediately afterward.

Many who are referred as “intuitive” or “geniuses” know instinctively how to access inspiration and the high coherent divine energy and frequencies of the Source of all, but anyone can learn.

This is a skill well worth developing at this time on Earth because manifestation of your intent is much easier and faster than ever before. You are always manifesting your reality either consciously or unconsciously. You will be much happier and more empowered when you become aware of your thoughts and create your experiences consciously.

Guidance is not likely to appear as detailed instructions at first, although many have reached a place of receptivity where they get very clear and specific intuitive information. Your awareness of the greater aspects of your being, as spirit, is more likely to show up first in the form of a knowing or feeling, an idea such as a sudden desire to go somewhere on an impulse, or some other intuitive prompting that will guide you toward a next step or synchronicity. An example of following your intuition would be finding yourself in the right place at the right time, meeting a person who helps you, or unexpectedly hearing, learning, or seeing something that is exactly what you need to achieve a goal or desire you’ve had on your heart. It always feels synchronous, in flow, and easy when this is working. If you’ve lost the magic, and entered struggle and stress, then you’ve left your timeless sacred heart center and are back analyzing with the mind and reacting with patterned habitual beliefs and emotions.

It’s no big deal if you fall back into old habits. It’s going to happen over and over, so don’t sweat it!

Simply go back into mediation to get reconnected to your higher self. You’re building a well-worn path to this place of peace and awareness each visit! If you want to learn to sustain the experience of being in the flow for longer and longer periods, it’s useful to notice what snaps you out of that space. You can become neutral to those triggers by noticing your patterns of engagement, emotion, and overreaction. With practice it will get easier to sustain for longer periods until life is a living meditation because you are so adept at noticing when you step out of your heart center that you quickly correct your alignment and step back into that sustainable place of peace–your Source-Core, or True Self.

Allow the Universe to bring you something even better that you imagine is possible.

If things do not go your way, stop and pay attention to what you were thinking and feeling once you clearly stated your intent and released it to the Universe. Did you feel excited about your intended creation and begin to imagine how wonderful it will feel when it is all in place? Did you see yourself successful and happy? Did you release attachment to the outcome and allow for divine revelation and timing? Were all your thoughts supportive and expectant, fully aligned with your intent, or did you have worrisome thoughts that it might not work out, or might take a lot of work? Did you think about all the things that could go wrong? Did you question your own ability or deservedness? Did you question if the people you need to help you would be available and willing to help?

Such thoughts will quickly undermine the high vibe purity and joy of the original intent and bring you exactly the experience those emotional doubting thoughts reflect. Your goal will then likely take time and hard work because you’ll have to do it the old way of duality conditioning and limited consciousness. The people you want to support you may feel your incongruence and may be reluctant or unavailable. Or you might sabotage the event completely since you don’t think you deserve it anyway! Are you putting time and space between you and your desired experience because you can’t imagine it happening now? You see how very important it is to be clear, balanced, at least neutral or better yet excited and joyful as you sit in manifestation mode knowing whatever you desire is already possible, or you would not be able to even imagine it! Do you see how important it is to be aware of your thoughts and disconnect from powerful negative emotions or people while fully energizing what you desire to create with clear intent?

There are many great ideas. Listen to your heart. Ask if it’s yours! Check on your true motivation? Is it something you’re passionate about and daydreaming about often? Your spirit will help you to manifest whatever is truly yours to have, do, or be–what you really resonate with and came here to experience, learn or contribute to the Earth plane. But if instead of following your heart, you get off-track chasing something you think you “should” do, or are doing it to impress others, or to validate yourself as important, valuable, and successful, you’re in for some lessons to get you back into your heart’s truth and knowing. If you are ambivalent or negative, it will most likely be a struggle instead of a joy to birth it into being. So it is important to feel into your energy and let strong positive emotions of excitement, joy, and peace–where you just feel in your core, “this is it!”

Let your meditation practice be a gift of you getting to know yourself better!

It is well worth your time to practice getting into that receptive, fully present state of allowing as a daily practice so it will be second nature when you really need it! To learn to align your personal will with higher will and access the higher frequencies of the Universe is a process. You must first get to know your true self, your energy and how you are wired. What are you so fully aligned with, committed to, or so strongly know reflects who you are that you can’t help but succeed expressing it because it’s pure joy and a natural part of your essence.

It’s good to remember the adage, “Be careful what you ask for, you may get it! Our gift and greatest opportunity is often the thing so easy for us that we overlook it while comparing ourselves to others who have gifts we don’t. We often spend many years striving to be like someone else we admire or to do something else we think is of higher value, completely overlooking the value of our own natural gifts and abilities because they are so effortless.

Do you know what makes you joyful? 

Many people have become numb to what matters most in their heart of heart, building a life on the programming of their culture, family, or job, service, or career identity. If you assume the identity fostered by those around you as the recipe for success, it is easy to forget who you are. But few of those who attain great power or money feel like a success if they are not in their authenticity. Inwardly they feel like a fraud and are unfulfilled at the core. A mid-life crisis is a classic example of the pain of discovering you’ve spent your entire life doing everything you were told would make you happy and successful. In the end you don’t feel either, and actually feel cheated by life because you feel like you followed all the rules at the expense of yourself and your happiness. That is often when true seeking begins and your interests turn from mastering the outer world to exploring and mastering the inner.

By removing the mask and peeling away false layers you begin to reveal the inner truth of your being and discover what really brings you joy. By this point you’re really ready to claim yourself and so are less concerned about what other think. At this point, you’re not being rebellious. You’re not even in your ego. You wish all beings had the state of inner peace and benevolence you feel and you wish all well. You are now living from your inner wisdom and it feels congruent as authenticity and truth. Living from your core, at peace with life and who you are, you become unconcerned about outer reactions. At that point, you are living from the heart, authentically, and in integrity with all beings. So if someone has a problem with you, you know it’s really not about you. You simply bless them and wish them well. No harm taken.

Maybe no one told you that you are enough, or gave you permission to be who you are. But you’re no longer seeking that externally. Now you can do that for yourself! You’ve turned inward and discovered you are enough and you have everything you need within you.

People say “follow your heart and, do what makes you happy,” but it seems like no one really means it – right? That’s a greeting card sentiment and a romantic notion–surely not a working recipe for life. And yet it is! That is what people discover when they hit rock bottom, lose a job or lose someone important to them, face a life threatening illness, or enter a period known as the dark night of the soul. If they’re lucky, they discover the depth within themselves and the light that will lead them home to their own authenticity–a remembrance of who they really are.

The quintessential questions throughout history have been, “Who am I? “Why am I here.” Ultimately that is what you were born to discover, or remember.  It is only then you can fully bring forth your true essence to life. It is who you are, and being who you are is why you incarnated.

Blessings on your journey to higher consciousness and inspired creation.

We are all creators, and create either consciously or unconsciously. It is time to take responsibility for what we are emitting in our thoughts and feelings so we are creating intentionally from unity consciousness and the balanced masculine and feminine energies. With every thought and action we create the world we will live in, individually and collectively, for years to come.

Learning to connect through meditation to higher frequencies will bring you into greater possibilities for manifesting your greatest potential while opening your heart to experience unconditional love for yourself and others.

Developing a relationship with your authentic self and your Higher Self/soul will help you discover who you are. Carefully considering what you create and engaging the energies of joy and grace will lead to living much of your daily life as a beautifully sustained conscious meditation of presence and awareness. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. There are many books, workshops and CDs to help you get started. Why not start today!

Author’s note: As a spiritual channel who writes effortlessly (more like taking dictation) when in channel with little editing if any required, I am struck with the irony that as I wrote this article I struggled to choose the words to put my message into context.

What would normally take me an hour at most in my usual state of flow took most of the day. I was tasking from my to do list, responding to a request for an article on this subject for publication. I finally had time but not the inspired guidance to write an article on this particular subject, although several other articles are pressing on my consciousness wanting to come forth. I meditated three times trying to get a flow going, but I was blocked, probably because a few days ago I made myself a promise to experiment with only taking action when I received intuitive guidance.

I have been absolutely stunned by a recent flow of synchronicity and grace that opened new relationships, empowerment, and greater abundance in my work and personal life. I wanted to align even more, surrendering my mental processes and plans to allowing my highest good to continue unfolding delightful surprises before me. I wanted to explore living in total surrender to the moment, only doing what I felt was heart-aligned and divinely guided.

So here I am today writing an article about inner prompting and flow from an outer world motivation, finding myself in struggle instead of flow – Ha! No surprise!  It had been one of those mornings when my communication skills were so low that my husband kept filling in sentences for me while we were chatting with a neighbor.

I’ve learned that when I get in this preoccupied state of mind that I am downloading some of the higher frequencies I have been discussing in this article, integrating at super-conscious levels (involving the right brain) the light and information they contain for propelling us into new levels of awareness, frequency, and function. I usually simply surrender to that background process, because its like the way your computer slows down while downloading a large file. Today, however, I worked on writing with the part of my left brain still available to me. We always have a choice of struggle or flow! Today I chose to be stubborn and power through.

So, I close laughing at the cosmic joke and irony of not following the very advice I am writing about and the struggle that resulted in birthing this article about creating in the flow.  I just love a good cosmic joke–even if it’s on me! I am completely in joy in this moment of self-inflicted struggle because I can see my own humanness at work, and I love it all!

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