Hi Friends,

If you missed my online interview, which included light language and quantum alchemy healings and conversations with callers this week (8/9/23) on Bonnie Albers’ BlogTalk Radio Show, you can CLICK HERE to catch the replay on your browser or listen here using the audio player below.

The Magical Manifestation Story Behind This Radio Appearance
I was a repeat guest on Bonnie’s show with light language healing many years ago. Then I fell into the void space in 2016 and dropped out of the public eye for a while. But in June this year, my guides announced we’re going to unfold a Mastery Blueprint so I’m back!

And right on cue – the magical synchronicity of people following intuition – Bonnie called last week after we hadn’t been in touch for nine years! She asked what I was up to now and invited me back on her show. I love how our spirit teams work together when they have a plan!

So thank you each for being here, bringing your love, curiosity, heart-light, and unique spiritual gifts to this moment in time of change, open to the immensity of possibility!

We are creating the New Earth reality together! It’s still a mystery but my guides tell me we are going to unfold it together. That’s co-creation! And if you are resonating, you’re part of it!

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