Laura PierattHello Dear Friends! It’s Been A While! I’m Inspired to Share Light Language and a New Emergence – Enjoy!

If you are signed up to receive my emails, you know I haven’t posted or been engaging directly with you much since early 2016. Hopefully you realize that rather than neglectful, I’ve been on a guided and purposeful journey into the Great Void–and a few lovely places on Earth too! You can read about some of my experiences in the void on my About page if you wish, so I’ll skip over it here.

Spoiler alert! Scroll to the end for a light language gift! And remember, We are One, dearly Be-Loved!

With the 2018 Spring Equinox, I felt an emergence from the Void Space and desire to engage again with new perspectives and focus on what I’m calling the “Alchemy of Being,” perhaps better understood as Divine Presence and Awareness.

It has become clear to me that my primary role at this time is to create void spaces, essentially zero-point fields, something my specific galactic coding and presence do innately, which allows people to be go beyond belief, be present, access more, and know new things. Simultaneously, divine Love, Intelligence, and Grace work in transmutive and transformative alchemy through light language frequency transmissions, activations, and ligth-encodments to support the multiple seedings held in our DNA to be released as New Earth divine unity templates, essences and creations. This happens well beyond my mind, any modality, or even personal intention in a divine orchestration guided by each being’s Higher Self, desire, and divine timing.

So, while I may be able to hold space for the ignition and birthing of another’s soul knowing, coding, wisdom, and keys, YOU ARE THE ONES HOLDING THE KEYS! ARE YOU READY TO IGNITE MORE? You would not be reading this if you were not awake and ready to be an architect and pioneer of the New Earth. It’s time to DISCOVER SOMETHING NEW, GIVE IT BIRTH THROUGH YOUR CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, AND ALLOW IT TO BECOME VISIBLE, REAL AND TRUE, not in some future time, but right here, now, in the midst of the old matrix.

I asked my guidance to give me an image to better understand my role now. I was shown that I am like the Christmas tree that provides the form and structure (space) so the sparking lights (you) can be seen. The ornaments are your emerging knowings, visions, teachings, codings, modalities, messages, ideas, interactions, relationships and collaborations, systems, inventions, arts, and other beautiful light activities that bless all life.

It’s time to SHINE and fearlessly BE ALL THAT YOU ARE. Do you find that exciting or scary?

Many hold fear from past experiences but it is time to go beyond that now. You see…many of YOU ARE HOLDING THE KEYS for NEW EARTH that have yet to be revealed, created, understood, realized, experienced, known, recognized, or become visible.

My role is creating space and facilitating your access so more can be welcomed, embodied, take root, be expressed, and flourish to bless all life! For some, that may happen through exposure to the energies and ideas shared in my website archives and new posts shared through my email list. For others it may be through direct connection, activation, remembrance, exploration, and group exploration, discussions and shared awareness.

In our united presence (whether in person, online, or by connecting through the alchemical vibrational materials on my website) we will be beyond time, belief matrixes and identity, being fully PRESENT and AWARE, EXPLORING AND PLAYING in a sacred, safe, loving, effortless, joyful, open-hearted, welcoming space that is void of conditioning and accessed through ease and Grace.

Your experience may take the form of new insight, knowing or information, self-realization, DNA activation, healing, feeling lighter, a release of something limiting, and/or a vibrational frequency upgrade.

We may bring forth light language coding, toning, alignment and activations, or sit in silence and witness with awareness. We may discuss your current concepts, create space for new ones, allow multiple seedings from beings in the group, spirit, or maybe someone clear across the planet to take root in the New Earth matrix. Something completely unknown may emerge!

We will sit with in Zero-Point Presence as vessels for more of The Original Source-Essence-Light and New Possibilities to Emerge though our awareness into this plane of life simply asking…What is ready to be remembered, seen, birthed, or transformed or created now? What else is possible now?

We will stay in the moment and flow as we go because I am guided to demonstrate the potential available in embracing the unknown without agenda or attachment to outcome, allowing more to be revealed by staying in trust, open to what is here and available beyond what we think we know.

If you feel the resonance to connect and explore in a local group (Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio) or an online group setting from anywhere in the world, please let me know by commenting below (provide your contact, location & time zone) or sending an email.

Challenge anyone’s comfort zone not to know what they are signing up for?? (Cosmic Wink!). This is all in the spirit of curiosity, play and allowing! You cannot create something new by only accessing what you already know. New Earth is full of potential and we get to peer into the void and discover what is waiting for us there to bring forth now! How exciting!

Meanwhile, It’s nice to be back with you! I will share what I get from Spirit that I feel is inspiring or helpful on this website (and my upcoming redesign) in new posts for those signed up to my email list. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook. And please do visit and explore the website’s rich archives full of free light language and channeled messages.

As I emerge in this new space that is more about creating and holding a space for YOU to experience New Awareness and Creation in Zero-Point Presence than a focus specifically on healing and ascension (although that may be a result), I invite you to make a conscious choice to decide if you still resonate with what I am sharing.

This new way still incorporates much of what I was doing before intuitively, and with light language, but involves a shift in focus, practice, and perspective from what is wrong and fragmented to all is divinely perfect, whole, valid and in love’s embrace even as it transforms into more as we pierce the veil to bring forth New Earth potentials.

It is now about your direct participation and awareness, rather than you almost a bystander in a healing session as I “do” something for you because I have awareness/perception for a greater possibility to emerge.

I feel that you having a direct experience of your own True Light Essence, One with All, while sensing or seeing greater possibilities will provide more lasting and transformative realization for you through “The Alchemy of Being.”

And this way, you get to know yourself in Totality, as the doorway for more to emerge, and as a representative of humanity, Earth, and the Cosmos, bringing forth more of the Original Light Creation potential for all life here in this plane of existence. So, please choose to…

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Whatever you choose, I honor your light and cherish you as Love’s Presence.
Namaste, Laura

A Gift from My Heart to Yours

I was inspired to record a light language transmission this week! I’ve continued to speak, sing, and sign light language throughout this time in this Void but this is the first week I’ve been inspired to record and share it. I literally feel like I’m coming out of hibernation-very slowly it seems! Enjoy, download if you wish, and freely share ❤️

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