On this page, you will learn about light language, including what is light language, light language benefits, and more in light language FAQs. In this section, we’ll discuss the first of these questions in detail. We hope you enjoy! You can listen and feel the energy expressed through light language by clicking on the audio player above, on this site’s Sound Alchemy Divination Library and Blog pages, or by downloading my Light Language Albums.

“If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”  ~ Nikola Tesla 

Light language is your innate language within the Universe of God/Source/Creation. It is a vast and powerfully felt transformative sacred vibrational communication and expression of love in forms and weaves of light, sound, color, and dynamic geometric patterns, or templates of Source Creator’s cosmic energy essence that is understood at the level of soul, energy field, and DNA/cellular matrix, even if not by the mind.

What is Light Language, Light Language Benefits, Light Language FAQsAs divine beings in human form, we all know this language, having used it in other times, places, and expressions of our vast eternal beingness. At subconscious and superconscious levels deep in the heart’s knowing, DNA, and cellular matrix, everyone is fluent in this frequency language because it is the primary form of vibrational communication throughout Creation. This is why it feels familiar and activates deep levels of remembrance, and why some forms and expressions may feel more resonant than others.

The language of light is a connection to and communication from Universal Mind (God/Creator/Source) that speaks directly to the soul, DNA, and body consciousness at vibrational levels that are not typically understood by the mind by most people at the current level of consciousness. If you understand these languages you are interpreting them intuitively or telepathically, not through the analytical mind. Although it is beyond mental comprehension, many people experience a familiarity, intuitive understanding, feeling of home, chills, or tearing up as their heart is deeply touched and flooded with resonance and remembrance. A benefit of light language is that it bypasses the ego’s mental interference which is often our biggest block to change.

My Guides: “The Language of Light is also called the Language of Creation/Source/God/Love/Soul/Angels. It goes by many descriptions however it is always a divine quantum communication of love, light, healing, and codes for re-patterning all back to original Source light. It is pure information from Creation’s Love core at the highest levels. It is literally Source-Light; encoded whole-light love, truth, and divine energy coding and information communicated via sound frequency/light/color/geometry, as sound precedes form.

The language of light is still relatively unknown on the earth plane but more people are spontaneously being activated to speak, sing, tone, sign, script, or draw light language and codes artistically as part of their soul-awakening’s core expression, higher-self integration, fuller essence embodiment and desire to share this beautiful energy widely. Many people are being activated to light language by intent, desire, exposure, or repeated immersion in it by listening to it or viewing written codes.

In all of its quantum forms; spoken, toned, sung, written, drawn, signed with the hands, quietly beamed from the heart, or emitted as invisible flashes of light in geometric patterns, codes, and colors, the Language of Light always carries a divine blessing that is perfect for each receiving it in the moment. These energies transcend time and space operating from Oneness and allowing Love’s perfection to recognize and support the unique design, essence, potential, and need of each being. 

My Guides: “The language of Light is like a divine computer code that can re-code our very nature to restore our divine blueprint. Its key-code geometries and vibrational frequencies in sound, light, and color attune us to Source, unlocking hidden and latent pre-programmed blueprints for higher light functions, awareness, consciousness, and ancient memories of our divine nature and heritage. These key codes open locks enabling us access to Akashic records and ancient lineage held in our DNA.”

When I spontaneously began toning sounds and speaking, singing, and signing light language in 2003 it came forth periodically throughout the day but always expressed during healings, blessings, and other heart-centered moments. Interestingly, it always comes forth when I am with animals and in nature. Initially, I had no idea what it was, what it meant, or what it was doing but I intuitively recognized its beauty and grace so allowed it to flow whenever I felt it arising.

Light language was so unusual at that time that four years passed before I met someone who recognized it and could tell me what it was. Once I had a name to Google I only found three listings globally! Now there are thousands of people sharing it publicly online and many more using it personally or exploring and sharing it in private online groups where they feel safely supported without having to describe what it is, feel judged, or explain their inability to describe its meaning or translate it. 

The person who initially told me what light language is described it by saying, “That language from before time was time is an engine of the concept of Grace. It has the ability to restructure reality itself, to create a new reality, and even to rewrite reality. There is the capacity for complete transcendence.”

He continued saying, “The languages you use speak to human biology at the basic cellular level, and also speak to the inter-dimensional strands of DNA, and also speak to the matrix of space-time itself, and the dynamics of what could be called the Void. It is more than language, more than words, more than vocalizations. It’s also a set and series in a higher geometric configuration of symbols, meaning it’s more than just 3-dimensional.”

This transcendent, holographic, multidimensional divine language can only be accessed and expressed through the quantum heart’s (what I call The Source Heart) Love vibration. Thus, it is very pure, from the Source core of the being transmitting it, and not impacted by the mental mind’s beliefs, emotional patterns, or other filters. Everything needed is present in the moment it is received. You will integrate what you are ready for, leaving the rest available in your light field like a savings account to draw from when you are ready. And because your higher self guides the work according to your needs, divine timing and resonance, it is always beneficial, appropriate, and perfect for you.

“Some forms of light language appear to create the state of resonance for the whole human body to be in a state of genesis that brings in pure potential or plasma. Laura and I have seen this in energy sessions for over a year now.” ~ Olive Coursolle

You need not understand or feel anything when experiencing light language for it to be effective. As mentioned previously, most people, myself included with occasional exceptions, do not mentally understand it. Nonetheless, it is received by the higher mind, cosmic heart, and cellular consciousness where its divine information and coding are utilized by your spirit. Listening to the language of light helps raise your vibrational frequency, stimulates greater intuition, and opens you to more of your truth and totality–your wholeness of being. When you feel and trust that you are one with Source/All That Is, you stop separating and limiting due to fear, lack, judgment, defensiveness, or projections. When you feel whole, you are not threatened by circumstances or patterned by others. You no longer need to compare yourself, defend your “truth,” or identify with or project old beliefs and stories. You become conscious of all arising from a space of balanced neutrality, love, inner peace, and non-judgment, able to discern what’s right for you while acknowledging that may be different for someone else.

My Guides describe light language as, “Energy transmissions that provide dynamic restructuring and realignment of your light body according to non-dualistic higher truth and divine light programs.”  I call it pure Grace!

Remember, the Universe is inside you! We are One with All That Is! Nothing can ever be lost, imposed, or given to you that you do not already have within as potential awaiting remembrance, activation, and actualization. So, the language of light acts as a catalyst igniting, restoring, and reconnecting that which has felt lost, forgotten, blocked, altered, limited, veiled, or dormant. The Golden Age is upon us and we are ready to remember who we really are and be activated, reintegrated, rebirthed, and restored to awareness of our full, functional original divine nature and True Self’s multidimensional totality.I believe that more humans will begin to use the light language again consciously once they raise their vibration high enough to access and sustain frequencies of purity; Love, Unity (often called Christ Consciousness), Oneness, Benevolence, Compassion, Forgiveness, Freedom, and Harmlessness. From there we create only from Source Heart consciousness and energies that support all life as one in harmony throughout Creation’s vast and diverse multi-verse.

Gratitude to ©Guilherme Alhumbhra for the use of his wonderful copyrighted image of light language in the header of this page.

Language of Light Benefits

As mentioned above, light language is an innate language that connects you with love, light, and God/Source within. There are a variety of light language benefits that listeners and viewers enjoy. These include:

Picture that represents light language for Laura Pieratt

• Source-Light Codes & DNA Activations

• Enhance Soul-Source Essence Connection

• Recalibrate, Rejuvenate, Regenerate

• Awaken Into New Creation Possibilities

• Integrate Sacred Geometries & Divine Energies

• Activate Innate Capacities/Knowing/Wisdom

• Core Frequency Alignments & Attunements

• Energetic Healing and Rapid Transformation

• Connect to Higher Self, I AM Presence, Oneness

• DNA Activations to Restore Divine Blueprint

• Clear Limiting Emotional Patterns & Blocks

• Sustain Love/Unity Consciousness

• Enhance Intuition & Accelerate Spiritual Awakening

• Remember Spiritual Gifts

• Expand Awareness of Multidimensional Self

• These are just some of the many light language benefits!



Understanding Light Language

“Language of Light is like a divine computer code that can re-code our very nature to restore our divine blueprint. Its key-code geometries and vibrational frequencies in sound, light and color attune us to Source, unlocking hidden and latent pre-programmed blueprints for higher light functions, awareness, consciousness and ancient memories of our divine nature and heritage. These key-codes open locks enabling us access to akashic records and ancient lineage held in our DNA.

There are many benefits of light language. In fact, it can be life changing because it can help us gain insight to previous incarnations, our soul gifts and divine purpose, as well as attributes, qualities and memories of our totality. As these sound light key-codes open locks within us, we are re-calibrated to once again hold the higher consciousness energy patterns of Divine/Source Love and Oneness. Latent soul blueprints and enhanced capabilities are activated as we attune to our Soul Essence and Divine Source within and without. ~ Message from Laura’s guides

“The Light Languages carry a crystalline imprint that is able to absorb wave forms that enhance the sound recording. Such enhancements allow the listener to draw the sound into their hearts in full acceptance.  The questioning mind does not interfere when sound is absorbed directly into the heart. Programs of Light are embedded within the recorded sound fragments. The sound is lifted into higher frequencies than can be recognized by the hearing or mind functions. This works according to aligned intent.”

It can be life changing to gain insight to previous incarnations, our soul gifts and divine purpose, as well as attributes, qualities and memories of our totality.  As these sound light key-codes open locks within us, we are re-calibrated to once again hold the higher consciousness energy patterns of Divine/Source Love and Oneness. Latent soul blueprints and enhanced capabilities are activated as we attune to our Soul Essence and Divine Source within and without.” ~ Message from Laura’s guides

“In all of its quantum forms–spoken, toned, sung, written, signed with the hands, quietly beamed from the heart or emitted as invisible flashes of light in geometric patterns, codes and colors–the language of light always carries a divine blessing that is perfect for each one receiving it in that moment. It transcends time and space, operating from The Oneness, allowing the perfection of Creator’s Love to recognize and support the unique design, purpose, and need of every being–in the Now.” ~ Message from Laura’s guides

“This language was the original sound of the Creator… These sacred languages that stem from the original language of light are “guarded” in as much as there are extraordinary beings associated with these languages who guard them against misuse…. Only those who have achieved the level of required consciousness may successfully use it…. In order to properly utilize the language, you must pass through a gateway to fully understand the principle and practice. One begins the journey through that gateway by learning to love and project that love onto the sound…. At times this new language can interface and affect reality and the creation of the physical, which was also true of your more ancient sacred languages. You might have healings and regenerations, for it resonates downward to the cellular level. It can create change and frequency shifts of unimaginable proportions.” ~ From Jonathan Goldman’s book, Shifting Frequencies: Sounds for Vibratory Activation

The light language you bring through is affecting the endocrine system–the bridge between the etheric body and the physical body. So a lot of this is the pineal gland and pituitary that you’re opening up – the space in between. The light language is in the in-between space between where the glands enervate with the nervous system which is hard-wired into the incarnation, but there is this direct-like antenna…and the endocrine system is important in being able to decipher it, bringing it into the realm where people can understand what you’re saying. 

They might not be able to verbalize it but things will begin transforming and shifting in their world and the endocrine system is where it’s being processed on the physical level. It’s the endocrine [system] and the craniosacral fluid that gives you that sense of timelessness, ethereal-ness, but it’s hard to stay in that world and budget your checkbook so…there must be help with transitioning and settling it into the incarnation piece. That’s where the new world order is coming into play and each person is going to have a role in that shift. ~ Channeled by Vickie Fairchild; Channel & author of The Divine Trilogy, mystic, yogi, healer, and more

“Light can be carried into the DNA in various ways, including sound. Sound creates light and is the pollinator of our DNA, it activates it, and DNA responds to it. Sound enlivens your DNA….”  Deborah DeLisi

“Light language is a demonstration of a remembrance of the human capacity to express Truth and Knowledge that bypasses belief. When a bell is sounded and it is heard across mountains and it is heard throughout your environment, it is carried by the wind and it is heard by every culture and every belief regardless of any kind of language or linguistic barrier. Its existence is undeniable. And so with light language, we would say it is a way of communicating a Knowing that cannot be denied, and yet it bypasses belief.

And that is why so many of you who have experienced this light language…feel no desire to interpret it. Because if it is interpreted it is being introduced to a system of belief. This is a communication of Truth that bypasses belief, therefore, maintains in its integrity the essence of the I Am.” ~ Rebecca Dawson channeling The Masters

Light language is about the resonance of sound…about communicating through sound because when the language itself does entertain particular constructs of recognizable thought the language is more felt than interpreted with the mind. So you’re getting a true depiction of it because you are experiencing it through the resonance rather than the conceptualization. Remember, conceptualization can be very misleading in your inverted reality.” ~ Rebecca Dawson channeling The Masters

“So that language, [from] before time was time, is an engine of the concept of Grace. It has the ability to restructure reality itself, to create a new reality, and even to rewrite reality. There is the capacity for complete transcendence.

The languages you use speak to human biology at the basic cellular level, and also speak to the inter-dimensional strands of DNA, and also speak to the matrix of space-time itself, and the dynamics of what could be called the Void. It is more than language, more than words, more than vocalizations. It’s also a set and series in higher geometric configuration of symbols. And, by that, it’s more than just 3-dimensional.” ~ Dr. Todd Ovokaitys 


Light Language FAQs

What Are The Benefits of Listening to The Language of Light?

There are so many light language benefits. See the “Light Language Benefits” section above this FAQ section to read more about what people may experience listening to light language. I also invite you to have your own experience listening to light language in my Blog posts. I suggest you visit often to immerse yourself in these powerfully alchemical recorded frequencies. Neutrally notice and be present, without attachment to outcome, judgment about any thoughts, sensations or new awarenesses that arise as you listen, or afterward.

In all its quantum forms–spoken, toned, sung, written, drawn as art, signed with the hands, quietly beamed from the heart or emitted as invisible flashes of light in geometric patterns, codes and colors–the language of light always carries a divine gift that is perfect for each one receiving it in that moment. It transcends time and space, allowing the perfection of Creator’s Love to recognize and support the unique design, purpose and need of every being in the now. Holographic and timeless, it matters not that a transmission was recorded years ago or today. In quantum reality there is only Love Here Now, in its fullness.

Due to its holographic nature, different people listening to the same transmission will experience it uniquely. I’ve heard people in a group argue about what language they thought the transmission sounded like. I had to point out that they were all right! From each person’s point of need and resonance, they will hear and experience the language that is most familiar and resonant to them, literally hearing, feeling and interpreting it uniquely! How cool is that? That is how multidimensional holographic quantum energy works! 

What Do People Experience While Listening to Light Language?

• Most people experience the gentle purity of divine love imbedded in the vibrations, sounds and energies, even though it can sound very intense and shamanistic when breaking up and clearing old blocked energy and patterns.

• Many people see rich colors, light patterns, shimmering light or symbols through their 3rd eye. Some feel waves of energy, tingles, warmth or coolness in their body. You may also notice intense emotions which you may judge as good feeling or bad feeling, but it’s best to just notice what you notice without judgment, analysis or expectation. Simply be present in the direct experience without force or resistance.

• There is often a feeling of expansion and heart opening.

• Many listeners feel deeply touched and at times emotional, describing their experience as healing and transcendent, yet difficult to describe.

• A frequent comment is, “Wow! I suddenly feel so much lighter (unburdened, released, neutral, free) about ______ (insert emotion or pattern). How could something that has plagued me for so many years clear that fast and effortlessly?”

• Another frequent response is “Oh my God! My pain is gone!” or “That’s amazing!,” or simply “Wow!”

• A few people say they didn’t notice anything, but that is perfect, too, and in no way limits the value or transformational potential/benefits they have received. Remember, this 

• Some people describe being transported into their own world of sensation, messages, memories and greater understanding in which the sound drops into the background supporting a very personal experience, vision, message, reunion, remebrance or awakening.

How should I choose which light language recording to listen to?

In the case of the A Daily Dose of Love series, you can simply listen to one each day. In fact, it was originally created and delivered one-a-day, via posts. Repeating is helpful, but stay with the same recording, listening to it as often as you wish the same day, and afterward, until you feel complete with it. Let it soak into your heart and cellular knowing. Drink lots of fresh water, for this is a transformational healing process that releases old cellular patterning from your system. Try to relax and enjoy the process and the gift that it is, feeling the loving support in the sounds, pacing and tonal variety.

It’s ideal to develop confidence in your inner knowing and guidance with things that are not critical. This site is a great place to practice feeing and tuning into what you feel called to explore more. Enjoy the Blog Posts as a place to dive in and explore while paying attention to what arises within your own awareness and experience while in the zero point and Source energies. 

Notice what you feel while listening. Does it feel familiar? Does your heart open more? Does time slow down or stop? Do new thoughts or inspired ideas pop into your head? Can you see a problem from a more neutral perspective and potential that allows more love, forgiveness, joy, understanding or inspiration into a previously closed space of emotional reactivity, rigid beliefs or judgement? What is being revealed to you in the Now of your multidimensional Self in these whole-light sound-frequency portals?

The sounds and energies come through me as a weave from my Source Core, a symphony conducted by my soul, higher self and Source-I AM Presence, with many divine light beings, etheric collectives, and even some energies that present as geometries and colors, existing beyond form in various dimensions. These audios are filled with the essence of the One Source of All, expressing love, light, higher truth, wisdom, and new potentials, as well as divine coding, New Earth templates, and information in the form of sound and light.

They need not be understood or translated so it’s best to just relax, allow and receive. I notice that as I speak, sing, and tone light language, I hear similar sounds and phrases that become comforting like welcome friends and I look forward to hearing the next transmission to see/feel who will show up! It is indeed many loving high spiritual friends joining us, whose names you will hear repeated throughout transmissions. 

What's the best way to listen to light language recordings?

In order to get the biggest benefit from light language, relax deeply with a few deep breaths and tune into heart center, letting go of all else for a few moments. Consider this time a gift to yourself. Listening to light language is a quantum experience. Each time you listen it is like shuffling a deck of cards so what was buried within before may now be available. And, each listening, even of the same track, is unique because you are in a different moment now, and also have been affected by the previous listening. If you feel complete, then so be it. Listen again because you enjoy it, or move on.

If you feel tension, emotional, or notice body sensations, I suggest listening to the recording repeatedly throughout the day, or two until you feel peaceful throughout, to fully absorb and integrate the energy and information imbedded/encoded. Each time you listen, and each new transmission you listen to, interacts with you at new levels which you may notice or may not even be aware of from the limited human perspective. You don’t really need to be concerned. Your soul/higher self will manage it all for you. I think of light language as a spiritual solvent–a gift of Grace. Remember to drink lots of pure fresh water when transmuting with any energy process.

Is there any chance that listening to the language of light will catalyze being able to speak or understand it in some listeners?

Yes! I have activated a number of people to speak Light Language–some immediately and others within a short while. It is not guaranteed or predictable and my understanding is that it comes in through a pure heart, open 8th chakra, and according to divine timing and a soul desire for that expression. I believe listening and desiring to speak it will help (intent is always key). Speaking it seems to activate most easily in those who really feel it within them as a strong resonance, or hear it in their heads but can’t get it out their mouths. It can also be signed with the hands, written, and drawn into art forms.

Is there any problem with listening to multiple recordings in one day?

Not as long as you feel enjoyment and ease as you move to the next one and are not engaging ego as a race to speed up your journey, or race past challenges and life lessons. To answer the question, it will not hurt you. If the energy is too much to integrate in the moment, they will be stored in your energy field for later use, like a savings account waiting for you to draw upon it when ready. And just like reading a book with too much information for your mind to process, you will start to feel either sleepy or restless, a good clue to stop and allow time/space for integration.

To get the greatest light language benefits, ask to be guided by your higher knowing. Then trust that guidance to the degree you are able. Let go of need, expectation and attachment to an outcome. Allow each experience to be a gift you receive with gratitude and an open heart. Think of this site like a butterfly field you can land in and suck the nectar of divine energy and Source-Love/Light.

Embrace the moment and truly immerse yourself in the moment to receive the gift that is available in each transmission before rushing to the next. But, if you feel complete with one or don’t really feel resonant and so move on to the next to seek the one you know is yours to experience, then truly allow yourself to receive it with a joyous heart. Feel the gift in each transmission, the big hug from Spirit–and by all means, hug back!

Is there any problem if we start listening to a recording and get interrupted, or need to stop listening and resume later?

It is ideal to make time for yourself to receive this sacred loving gift from Spirit in a quiet meditative state for the greatest benefit and receptivity, but it will not harm you if you begin and get interrupted. Remember, though, how you give to and invest in yourself is a statement of self-love and how you value yourself, your time, and your appropriate boundaries. So, if you are always multitasking, defining yourself and value through time and tasks, responding to everyone and every distraction, allowing constant interruptions without boundaries, you will need to examine issues of self-worth and self-love.

Having said that, Spirit is well aware that a busy working human is doing what they can to juggle many balls. Intent is key. If the best you can manage is to listen while cooking dinner, then, by all means, or listen to these transmissions in the background or from a playlist player with headphones at your desk at work. They will still work like a spiritual solvent, operating in the background of your mind/heart, unifying and upgrading you like a software upgrade. And perhaps you will soon find it compelling enough to make time to listen in a way you can pay be fully present later, as a gift to yourself. Again, for perspective sake, when one is offering you their sweet love and upliftment, do you make time and space to receive that or ask them to offer their hugs and sincere attentive heart to you while you do something else?
Can you understand the language of light? Do you know what the guides are saying when you channel it?

At times I understand the gist of a transmission but I prefer not to put too many descriptors on it as that limits people’s unique experiences and they will be inclined to go with my assessment, doubting their own. I can often intuit what is being addressed in the body and energy field by what my hands are doing while I’m expressing light language verbally. I’ve met a few people who understand the messages in some transmissions but that is rare at this time on Earth and usually more of a telepathic interpretation than a direct sentence- like translation.

Don’t get hung up in the need to understand these energy transmissions. The mind will limit what they offer because they are full of multidimensional information, non-dual divine energies, Light Codes, healing energy, and loads of divine Love–the core substance of Creation. It is also important to understand that the message in such a spiritual energy transmission may be quite different and unique for each person. The quantum nature of light language allows for many levels of understanding and receptivity to be experienced uniquely by every listener, just as you can image listening to a symphony would be a unique experience, provoking different memories or feelings in each person.

I honestly don’t try to understand this divine language because one of its gifts is that it bypasses the mind offering a fuller-all body feeling/knowing to unfold. I prefer to let my heart feel, interpret, and shift from a place of “KNOWING without knowing.” It is a next step for us humans to develop our intuition and learn to trust our innate multi-capacitous deerpr core knowing. That will be an important skill in the New Earth when our limited linear minds can’t give us the expanded understanding available through the multiple perspectives from simultaneous past, present, future seeming realities from various dimensional awarenesses in the Now.

It would be a limiting distraction to concern yourself with a literal message when there is so much more available in them than such meaning. It is like asking what is the message in an expression of love, art, or musical composition which can express and take us beyond what words can express. Do you ask someone who is demonstrating love to you in some form what their message for you is? Of course not, you just let it flow into your heart and fill you up! It is the same with this gift of Love from Spirit!

Would it be possible to provide a short description of the purpose, or meaning, of each light language recording?

If I get an energetic theme or message, I do share it. I certainly do use the language of light to bless, heal, align and manifest by setting intentions. However, Spirit asks me not to get too involved in defining each transmission because, as soon as you do, you limit people’s experience to that description. People like to feel safe, feel like they know the right answer, be told what to think and feel, but that does not empower or help us learn mastery or learn to validate or trust our inner knowing.

Light language is a quantum communication and thus can be experienced from many different levels and perspectives which will determine how it is received, understood in the soul body and utilized. Even if a gist or specific theme or energy is at its core, it will be experienced in deeply personal and unique ways by each listener.

You will find most of my posts, with the exception of the Daily Dose of Love series, do offer a reason or intent that was the basis of creating the post, but I do not give much description, even if I get some insight, because that pulls people out of their heart into their mind–and out of their own experience into comparing. I find that is not useful, so prefer to offer something here like a butterfly field of divine Love and Light for people to settle into and sip the nectar of Source, as they feel drawn to each flower (transmission). You don’t have to tell a butterfly which flower to land on or how to suck its nectar for nourishment. That is instinctual and we humans are learning to trust our instincts–our deep knowingness–too.

How often should I listen to your albums and other recordings?

It won’t hurt you to listen too much, if that is your concern. But, you may become spacey or tired if your body is overloaded by trying to process all the energy and information imbedded in transmissions. Just like when reading an information packed book, you will know when you need a break to integrate the information and rest before continuing. Each listening will be a unique experience relative to your state of mind, attention, receptivity, emotional sensitivity, life events, triggers, distractions, and other factors.

Part of my mission is to reconnect people with their own True Light and Source core within, to awaken, access and trust their own knowing in their own sacred heart. That begins empowering people to reach inward, develop intuition, and learn to trust their inner knowing. Fortunately, listening to the language of light bypasses the mind and also helps this type of inner knowing develop and strengthen. My advise is to follow your intuition, inner knowing/guidance and feelings about which transmission and how many times to listen to it before moving on to the next.

It can be helpful, as well as more convenient to download tracks you like to a playlist and mark them as favorites, listening throughout the day as you enjoy and feel drawn to their energies. When one no longer interests you, un-mark it as a favorite and replace it with others.

Can you combine the language of light with other modalities or energy work? Or will that slow, inhibit, or interfere with the energy?

Absolutely! If you asked all your questions replacing the word Language of Light with the word LOVE, would you still ask your question?

Language of Light is a tool that can be used with any modality, and the benefits of language can be enhanced if you do so. I use it in my daily life and energy practices. If you don’t speak it, you can play a recording in the background while using other modalities. Vibrational healing in all its forms–sound, light, color, geometries, crystal, frequencies, etc., creates a grand symphony when conducted by a compassionate heart-centered skilled healer. 

I you’ve asked for higher assistance and are allowing your higher self to guide you, your journey is being guided and directed by. All modalities you feel guided to receive or study and practice are being orchestrated by the totality of your True Self that is one and communicating within creation’s totality. It is a great symphony being conducted by YOU! 

It may seem like your higher self is a guide, or somehow separate, but it is YOU in your divine all-knowing state of totality! You are overseeing your own journey from a vantage point that is much broader and has never left the Totality of its Origin where you are part of the One Source/God. You might as well relax, trust your self and enjoy the ride!

This is why it is key to meditate, open and find some way to connect to the Source within and receive guidance from your Awakened Heart. That connection allows you to begin consciously accessing, activating and embodying your unique soul essence and blueprint that is stored in your DNA. What you need to know is not outside of you in some book, class, or seminar. Those resources–experts, healers, counselors, and others skilled in one path or another–can help you resonate with what is dormant within and accelerate the clearing of density, old matrix conditioning and blocks to make that personal connection to your totality. Then the journey becomes very exciting as you feel the creative force within you creating the outer from the inner in your own unique way! And living from the Joy of Being YOU becomes high velocity fun!