Hello Friends! I’m very excited to announce my new Language of Light Activation Album!

Language of Light Activation Album Cover ArtI joyfully offer this new Light Language Activation Album from my heart to those who feel a deep connection with and desire to express light language.

Light language is your innate language within the Universe of God/Source/Creation. It is a vast and powerfully transformative sacred vibrational communication and expression of love, light and Source Creator’s cosmic energy essence that is understood at the level of soul, energy field and DNA/cellular matrix, even if not the mind.


About the Language of Light Activation Album

All is created in the Now and experienced here as unfolding in divine time. And so it is with this album’s creation and your potential for activation to light language by listening to it while present in your sacred heart, where we meet in the NOW with shared intent

I have assisted people, like Robin Sabine, activating to light language through private sessions. Play her video to listen and feel her beautiful light language!

But I was newly inspired to create a language of light activation album after someone requested a more affordable way to be activated to light language than a private session. Excited by the possibility of activation to light language by listening to a recorded album, I turned within and asked my inner guidance if that was possible. I was met with a strong, immediate enthusiastic YES! Once I knew Spirit would support that creation, I went into channel with that pure intent and it all flowed quite beautifully, resulting in the 3 tracks of this new album that I hope will bless many!

How This Album Can Help You Activate Light Language…

I can offer no guarantee that this album will help you begin expressing light language but all you have to do is simply relax and listen from your heart center to the intro and each of the 3 additional tracks, holding the intent and open to the possibility of activating to the language of light that is so natural to your being. I hope you will enjoy this opportunity for co-creation and I pray you will be blessed by the outcome you desire.

I invite you to share your experiences with me! I’m excited and curious to discover what happens for participants in this alchemical co-creative activation as more of the True Self is accessed and expressed! 

If you are able to activate light language after listening to this album, please know that you may not gain an understanding or translation of the meaning of your expressions. That’s percent too. For instance, I rarely have any mental understanding of what I am expressing, nor do I have a concern about that. And, please be patient and compassionate with yourself as more is emerging  in our capacities. I always desired to write light language glyphs but that form eluded me for 18 years! I am only now beginning to write it. So, try to be at peace with what is, trusting all you need will emerge in divine time, and know that if it isn’t here now, it is not needed now.

To listen to this 3-track light language activating album, you may wish to state or acknowledge your intent to activate to light language, and then let it go. Slow your breath and relax into your heart center releasing all thoughts, agenda or concerns about life, goals, or the outcome you want to achieve by listening to this album. Instead, just be curious about what might occur in the infinite space of divine potential and the inner-alchemy of this moment of co-creation.

Listen as often as you feel called to enjoy it. Just stay present in your body’s heart center, noticing what you feel/sense while the mind simply witnesses in pure awareness without trying to assess what is or should be happening. In this way you bring your body, mind and spirit into full agreement with a joyful desire to remember and reactivate your innate and natural capacity for expressing the language of light.

Then receive these language of light activation codes and frequencies with openness and joy for the potential to now experience that aspect of your being that is eternally in totality with All That Is.

Feel yourself floating and dancing as one with, as, and in the perfection of Life/Universe, unified with All That You Are in unique expressions and All That Is.

Don’t try to make something happen. It is enough to be curious to discover something is newly available, accessible and present in your awareness that you didn’t sense before but now seems so natural that you can’t image how you didn’t sense it before! Then go forth joyfully expressing all that flows through as divine love expressing from your whole being in a multitude of ways!

Eternal Blessings Beloved, Laura


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