New Earth Quantum Creation Playgroups

Welcome to a Collective Space for Unlocking the Deep Core Connection to Source Within & Your True Heart’s Wisdom through Divine Alchemy, Zero-Point Presence, Source Energy, Light Language and Quantum Activations

Laura PierattJoin in Cosmic Heart Creation Play Beyond Time, Mind & Matrix.


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We will invite the creative alchemy that naturally occurs while present in the Source Heart, weaving new worlds into being as we ignite more real-I-zation and potential-I-zation by sharing our collective energy, experiences and awarenesses in quantum beingness. As we do, we claim, acknowledge and demonstrate that we are each sacred gateways for the unknown vastness and mystery of All That Is to be actual-I-zed.

Laura will lead the group into the Source Heart/zero point presence and invite participants to notice and share what arises in their awareness. While in the field’s multidimensional totality, participants can access, know, feel, sense, allow, explore, embrace, embody, co-create and make visible by sharing, more of their Source core energy essence, divine knowing, truth and wisdom. As we sit in the space between realities, we collapse the distance to realization, unraveling and revealing new keys, codes, blueprints and New Earth potentials within and ready to be ignited now through our embodied presence in the broader quantum view.

“If you are enjoying yourself, and it is a Cosmic exploration, then your exploration IS the creation in the collective field for many! ~ The Masters through Rebecca Dawson

While these groups meet weekly, they are designed as stand-alone experiences. Join whenever you can make it to explore who you really are beyond personal identity, story, processes, fixed perceptions of truth, dualistic mind-based beliefs and survival patterning. Each meeting is an opportunity to invite something new to emerge through you from Comic Mind and the field of possibility.

These are small intimate unscripted groups where you can experience the Alchemy of Being in Source Heart presence and expanded awareness. It’s time to trust that what comes into awareness is to be honored as a perfect and valid realization and expression within the totality of All That Is.

You and life are not problems to solve. So, instead of processing what we might think is wrong or needed we will be present in divine neutrality, acknowledging what is in our current experience, yet knowing more is possible. In this space of openness, trust, curiosity and celebration of each one’s divine perfection, we invite a wider view of what is unfolding than we may see from our own view. And, in collectively witnessing other aspects of the One Source in expression, we acknowledge new realities unfolding from the Collective Heart.

In such a safe space for exploration and expression, we can open and allow what is beyond current understanding, limited beliefs, identity, fear, doubt and known reality. And, so, we can PLAY, inviting, igniting, releasing, sharing and expanding collectively on what arises in our unique experiences, views, truth and knowing as we perceive from the perspective of the Infinite Self in the Now.