Ehyah (I AM) Remembrance (Ehyah means I AM in Hebrew.) Best with headphones – 9:30 min)

Stay tuned! After a long sabbatical, I’m channeling and sharing new messages and light language posts here and on social media. They will also be archived on my Sound Alchemy Divination Page – a fun way for you to visit often and intuit the perfect energy transmission for you in the moment! And if you’re inclined, I’d love to hear about your experiences via email!

Hello Dear Light Family, Welcome to 2023!

I hope you are faring well in the new year! With the Wowza energies of January bringing old stuff back around to be seen and engaged in a higher choice point and clarity, I want to take a moment to honor, thank and send every one of you blessings and grace for doing your best to be the light and bring every experience in any time-space-dimensional lifetime or aspect back to love, peace, and gratitude!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve shared with you through this website! Time is so wonky and our creative focus in multidimensionality shifts quite rapidly these days! With that, I do feel new things coming this spring and summer as I remain committed to following my guidance moment to moment through any felt sense of inclination, intuition, and messages. I feel 2023 is a turning point for many of us in which much that we’ve been quietly womb-keeping, visioning, and gestating in deep cave timeless states is ready to come forth and actualize through us – I feel even more tangibly after the Spring Equinox.

And with that awareness, I’m suddenly feeling inspired to express outwardly again after almost six years of inner awarenesses and visioning captured only in my e-journal notes and audios. I have felt perfectly aligned with that during a long phase of deep space focus in the field. But now I seem to (in fits and starts typical of the cosmic pulse) have the energy, desire, and inclination to engage and express in the outer world again – not the limited matrix reality, not even as a bridge between worlds which I have been doing for 20 years, but just being the New Earth energy lived and expressed, here and now, from the totality of my being.

I no longer seem interested in trying to do anything from a cause-effect type goal or concern for a particular outcome as much as from pure curiosity about what might happen as we meet in the heart space, a unified field of resonance in which new things spontaneously occur. I believe consciously staying in timeless/zero point heart presence will organically create and catalyze whatever is perfect in divine time, and without fear or force.

I find I really just want to stay in a heightened state of being that which I am, experientially discovering expressing, and thus experiencing more of the totality of my being in whatever way feels most spontaneous, inspired, interesting, and natural. I can’t think of a better way to honor the God within each of us than giving its energy essence and unique view the fullest expression through us.

I share all this here because I imagine many of you have been feeling quite disillusioned with what’s available “out there,” what’s expected, and with adjusting yourself to be more acceptable or comfortable to others. The good news is that we can all master returning our focus to zero-point presence by staying conscious and practicing going into heart space again and again throughout each day until it becomes a natural state.

That cultivated state of 5D+ (multidimensional being) is how we sustain a peaceful state of grace and unity, no matter what is happening in the matrix reality around us. It places you in the New Earth frequency and vibration, which places you in the New Earth reality and way of being that magnetized more of that to you as lived experience. Your peaceful presence radiates outward into the space around you without you actually trying to do anything to control the outcome. It doesn’t deplete and you are not taking on other’s energies,

And the cool thing is that as you consciously create a unified field of resonance when you are with others, new and unexpected things being to happen. The fun part is that since you’re beyond intent for a specific outcome, quite often you’re just as surprised and delighted at the new ways things unfold as everyone else. It feels magical and magical experiences are always fun! Isn’t that a whole new playground of amazing – to explore what might happen next when delight and desire become one instead of trying to make something happen in an inverted cause/effect time-based mirrored reality that just endlessly repeats old patterns?!!

Dear friends, we are on the threshold of so much more! Let’s choose to let loose, be open-hearted, and play a bit more. Let’s remember to love more and enjoy the ride as much as possible! It’s why we came here and it’s happening now.

I hope you enjoy this new energy alchemy audio transmission.
Blessings Be, Laura

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