Hello Dear Friends! 

Happy 02/20/2020! Please join me, Laura Pieratt, and Olive Coursolle, for an emotional reunion and embodiment experience of Dragon Sophia’s Creation Energy as the Holy Divine Mother’s Balanced Cosmic Love. 

Welcome to a wonderful energy that birthed through my awareness on this day of 2s and 0s! I didn’t realize this was a powerful numerological day until I was prompted to record some light language that was beginning to flow this morning and looked at my watch to label the recording date. 

As light language flowed, I was also seeing energies unfold in a beautiful vision and emotional reunion with Dragon Sophia and her gift of Balanced Love, which turned out to be the culmination of some energies on the inner planes that I’ve been watching unfold all week.

I describe this heart-felt experience, through some tears, in the 30 minute attached audio recording of light language and images as it was coming through in real time.

And then, later this evening, I got the idea that this is just the beginning of a sort of Dragon Light Energy Series that our new friend, Sophia, is planning to bring through to us. Exciting times we live in! Stay tuned!

Please also enjoy a much longer in-depth energy session with Olive Coursolle in the video above. Together we look more deeply at integrating this dragon energy into the collective field.

NOTE: The video session lasts a little over an hour so please watch when you have time to stay in your heart center and really benefit by being present to the energies and gifts being imparted.

I invite you to share your experiences and any new aspects or awarenesses you saw, felt, heard, knew or called forth in the NOW of your own experience–and perhaps even embodiment of Dragon Sophia–in the comments section below or email me using the CONTACT PAGE.

Remember, we can all experience this together-contributing our own energy and perspectives for the multiple seeding of it-because we are all extensions of The One. Each of us represents the whole as we see, feel, know and experience more of the Cosmic Totality of All That Is. Thus, whatever we experience in what seems to be an individual awareness is actually a creative moment of REAL-I-zation of more of the totality that is available for all to access, enjoy, remember and embody, too. You can imagine how viewing and participating from your sacred heart and joy lights up other facets of the whole beautiful multidimensional diamond being revealed!

For this reason, I invite you to GO BEYOND watching and participate directly by engaging these recordings from your sacred heart core, using my experience to guide you to an energy and then also honoring your own impressions and perceptions to enhance the seeding and rooting of this beautiful energy returning to humanity. You will see in the video how Olive and I do this together, weaving both of our energies and perceptions into the fabric of reality in co-creation. 

NOTE: Olive Coursolle is a dear friend and frequent playmate for viewing the inner planes. (I introduce Olive in a 12:12 energy post if you wish to know more or contact her). Although I view into the unknown inner planes almost daily, and with Olive almost weekly, we don’t post most of our experiences. This experience was so Powerful, Loving, Joyful and Universal for collective humanity and Earth/Gaia/Sophia that I just had to share it with everyone!

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