Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will

Imagine a world lived just on the other side of fear–fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of death even! Imagine how much more expansive, authentic, joyful, and confident we would be.

Entering the new year propelled me into a portal of inspiration that was just beyond my reach in previously. In actuality, I think I had been blocking the flow before because of a fear of being overwhelmed–thrown out of my comfort zone and balance. It was easier to play it slow and small than to let Spirit show me what I was capable of Being and doing by taking guided action to bring my gifts to the world and uplift others in a more profound way.

As I embrace this new open receptivity, a barrage of spiritually inspired ideas flow into each now moment that I focus my attention inward to my higher Source essence and True Divine Self, feeling gratitude for our union. The challenge is in choosing which ideas to take guided action on while trying to maintain balance and harmony in my life. Doubt often creeps in but I am learning to sit in that still quiet silence of the sacred heart where only love resides and fear is not present. I am learning to simply be present with what comes up instead of pushing it away or trying to push myself though it.

I’m learning to recognize fear resides in the mind and it is transcended in the quantum Source heart’s fullness and loving presence. So, when I realize I’m simply feeling fear – a thought and emotion, nothing more – its easy to let it go without even needing to process, understand or struggle with it. Oh, that’s my old friend fear, no problem. If there is no actual threat, I can say hello to my old friend and then consciously choose to focus my attention back onto the truth and let love flow back into the moment.

We live in a world of polarity. All feelings line up on a continuum, with the ultimate extremes being absolute states of love or fear at opposite ends of the spectrum. It can be confusing to identify what you are really feeling when trying to understand the feelings through a story, a distinct perceptive identified as truth, or while trying to disassociate from feelings you don’t want to own. This process causes us to turn away, deny what is there, or project the feelings we don’t want to feel outward onto others instead of taking responsibility for it as our own creation–which is actually quite empowering.

I have discovered it is easiest to recognize every feeling as either love or fear. It is much less challenging to simply recognize the fear behind feelings labeled as something else than trying to distance yourself from what you don’t want to feel. It is much clearer to enter a state of divine detachment, such as one does in meditation, and simply observe and feel the feeling for what it really is–love or fear–than to put a story, excuse, assessment or projection on it where it then must be experienced or reflected through the mirror of another’s perception and distortions.

I know that as long as I exist in 3D, I will experience duality at some level. But empowerment lies in recognizing we can embrace all life, exactly as it is, with love. The key is not judging or needing to change it.

While in the observer role, you can notice, accept and fully feel the emotion that is coming from the base energy of fear, while allowing the Light of Love and Truth into the moment until you literally transmute the fearful feeling into the higher Truth and vibration of love, self-love and self-acceptance. Love engages divine alchemy that transforms all into its greater potential of wholeness.

Over time, through this practice of awareness, introspection, and acceptance, rejecting nothing and projecting nothing, the Light of Truth begins to overwrite old fear-based patterns and you begin to experience life from greater Truth, from the non-dual energy of Love.

Loving Blessings as you continue your journey of Truth, Laura

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