Hello Friends!

I’m tickled pink to share my newest creation – a Sound Alchemy Light Language Divination Library and Play Space that has finally birthed into form after gestating in the inception stage for about two years! 

So please jump in and explore my new fun way of sharing even more light language and Source messages with you – as well as a few from guest sound creators! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed visioning it and bringing it to life – no small feat given my limited tech skills!

Yes, there is a story at the bottom of this celebratory invitation, sharing my experience which those who’ve struggled to bring clear visions of creative potentials to life and thought perhaps they’ve just died on the vine may find helpful. It’s possible the wine will just be decanted in a different year than the seeds were planted in the fertile soil of your being.

Here’s What’s New

A Sound Alchemy Divination Play Page is now available and easily accessible through the Menu bar of my website. Click to enter the page and you will be invited to…

“Deepen Your Core Connection To The Creative Source As You Meditate In The Field Of Potential Supported By Light Language Sound Alchemy and Source Messages.”

You’ll be instructed to simply…
1) Move into your Heart Core
2) Intuitively select a card
3) Click/Flip, Listen & Experience your Limitless Self present in the Field of Potential! 
4) Return often to be supported in deep core meditations in totality with Self as Source/All.

I hope to eventually find a way to shuffle the page each time it loads the way you would shuffle a divination card deck, so if you know how to code or add such a feature, please let me know! For now, I’m just very happy to get the flip card design working so we can begin sharing more Source energy sound alchemy in the form of light language, inspired messages, and also music by other sound alchemy creators. And, since all tracks are available to enjoy free of charge, I’ve added a donation button to each card so you can share your love and appreciation with the creator of the tracks you find most valuable. 

And, last but not least, I welcome you to share your experiences with me via email.

Here’s the rest of the story for those struggling with manifestation.

I know that, like me, many of you have had clear visions, excitement, dreams, and a deeply felt knowing or anticipation of something you are here to create and experience, only to have it fall away at every attempt. Outer reality does not seem to match or reflect your inner core awareness. That’s just because of the time lag and echo effect of the holographic reality replay of what has already been created in an instant of knowing. Be aware that both realities are occurring simultaneously and you are present in both focuses; the Now of your true being and the replay in timeline reality of what already exists. So, don’t discount what you know and feel because the outer reality is not showing it to you in the same moment because it will depend on your focus at the time you are viewing it. Keep trusting the inner is creating the outer and the space/time/distance we experience is collapsing into the now.

Keep the faith but be unattached to the outcome! If the passion is still there, it may come back full circle and become viable in the new energy. If not, something new will come into that open space that feels even more resonant and aligned with your beingness and deepest heart passion now. 

Be present, trust and follow your joy and inclination in the moment. If there is neither joy, passion nor inclination, don’t try to force, justify, analyze or make sense of what your consciousness is choosing. Be present, curious, and witness what may be coming into awareness from the unknown space, to be shifted through your powerful heart’s inner alchemy. It may fall away leaving you feeling empty and incomplete only to return in a new moment, form, frequency, or when you are more embodied, aligned, or in fuller integration and capacity to receive, create and fulfill it with greater ease and grace.

Manifestation in the outer world eluded many of us while we were focused in the great womb, letting go of the old and creating space for the new to come back in a whole new frequency, resonance, and perhaps even a new form. Stay flexible and open to something new, too, as much that we’ve already visioned, and thus created in the etheric field, has been brought to completion by our awareness and so no longer requires expression in form. It’s time to feel deeply, looking at both inner (unmanifest potential) and outer (expressed manifest form) levels as one essence, being, and creation.

Check inwardly often to see if a particular inner view or aspect still asks for expression, or has your inner awareness been its fulfillment? Does it feel like time for action (inclination) or time for witnessing the energy gathering in stillness as new possibility (pause in patience)? It is here in the open space that we trust our visions will come back around if the passion is still in our sacred heart. If it is meant to be it will birth in divine time and it will be a joy. If not, something else will be forthcoming that will delight us in new ways that we may not be aware we even have capacity for yet!

So, in telling you my personal experience with this celebration of the launch of this new page, I realize that to the casual visitor it will appear to be no big deal! But for me, it represents a manifestation and creative flow that took 2 years from seed/inception to birth. 

It all began a couple of years ago when I was pondering how I could archive many of the powerfully transformative audios that spirit keeps transmitting through me so they’d be available in a fun, easily accessible, and ever-changing/growing experiential form for people to pop in and enjoy.

I was bored and felt limited by sharing individual recordings via albums, blog posts, and youtube. But I was completely uninspired by the audio libraries I had seen on others’ websites and design templates for hosting multiple media players. It all felt static in nature with unattractive stacks of media players that lacked beauty and felt about as inviting as a file drawer. I wanted visitors to experience something new, dynamic, inviting, experiential, powerful and fun with each visit!

Well, ask and it shall be given! Spirit immediately showed me a vision of this online audio divination page based upon the popular divination card decks. The vision was exactly as this new page appears, with cards you can intuitively select (the fun part, a nod to the new way of living intuitively) which flip to reveal a media player (the experiential powerful part) with info about the title and channel/creator (yes, we honor the mind that still wants to play too), none of which can be ascertained until you intuitively choose a card (getting comfortable with the unknown). The only difference is that in my imagination the deck shuffled with each page load. I still haven’t figured that part out. 

The only problem (ahem…not really it turns out) was that two years ago, I was still immersed in the void space of potential, feeling of the perfection of All, as it is. My deep core knowing was that everyone is complete and has what they need within them so what could possibly need to be done? While my mind was still rattling around looking for purpose, my spirit felt peaceful just being, what my guides call A-Ra-Ta (the supreme joy of existence).

I could find no energy or inclination to take action or DO anything about the possibilities that flowed through my imagination. I could only witness the vastness of infinite potential in wonderment and awe of existence itself.

Once my mind had its answer to my pondering about a way to share my recordings, I just feeling overwhelmed, based on past experience (linear mind’s view) of the time and effort it would take to create such a page with my limited technical capacity. Mind was perfectly happy to see the possibility and drop the idea, returning to curiosity about what else exists beyond my current awareness. Then one day that overwhelming feeling dissolved into excitement for the creation of this idea in the physical reality and voile!

You see, this is a story of patiently holding a clear vision and neutral space for possibility until a new moment, energy alignment, and feeling of agreement, inclination and passion was felt, prompting joyful action. By that time, the resources were available to create with ease and joy something that I had seen in my heart and released over two years ago in order to stay in alignment and flow with what my consciousness was offering me in those profound rare glimpses of the totality of All That Is in the beyond the beyond that is always present and part of us here. And because I stayed in my center receiving the gift instead of rushing out to do something useful “out of time” I now live in flow and create from a whole new and more integrated self.

It’s good to remember that things are always changing. And, after my spontaneous Star Core (individuated God Self) activation in July, my focus suddenly expanded back to encompass this physical plane of reality while simultaneously remaining aware of my infinite Self in/as the field of potential, too. Life here, in the New Earth vibration, became as interesting to engage in and experience as everything beyond here. With that fuller embodiment of all that is right here, I finally had the energy, presence, and inclination for outer action with renewed excitement and focus for creating this divination library from joy rather than tasking.

This time, when I googled the tools I would need, I discovered software developers had recently added a flip-card plugin to the web theme I use (nothing remotely close came up in my searches two years earlier) and it was an easy fun design process that only took a couple of weeks to birth with none of the overwhelm, pain, limitation or struggle I had anticipated. It was actually fun! 

So, is that coincidence? Is it manifestation? Is it the law of attraction at work? Is it just divine timing? Is it magic? What makes a possibility land so easily in one moment that is such a struggle in another? Maybe it just all comes together in a moment of resonance and agreement, which we often call passion, or in which we know something simply is and meet it with a pure wholehearted YES!

Training and preparation can be part of what’s coming together. I had been on a 3-year slow but steady learning curve since beginning to design my website in 2017 with the help of two dear friends and tech angels. All that basic understanding superseded (super-seeded) my abilities and provided a level of confidence I could figure out how to create this unusual design I’d seen in my imagination but had never actually seen online before.

Until I felt this new alignment/agreement between my mind and my Source energy/potential for expressing outwardly again, even posting to my blog had felt like work. But in the new energy, regardless of the format, sharing more of my essence as energy, wisdom, presence, channeling, photography, travel, stories, relationships, new experiences, etc feels like just offering a gift into the river of life. That image was shown to me in a vision of releasing many lighted candles in lotus flower boats into a great river (something I witnessed at the Ganges in India) that carries more Source energy into the world. I don’t really need to concern myself with where it goes, who finds it or any outcome beyond being and expressing from my pure open heart. It feels like such freedom and a gift to just be me and express in any way I feel inclined, and to pass on anything I don’t feel inclined to engage without questioning that choice or needing to explain myself or make sense of it. Living intuitively suits me and allows me a whole new level of freedom and joy of being!

Along those lines, I’ve been looking for new languaging in general. I’ve recently decided to replace the words work, mission and purpose, which can all feel heavy with responsibility, with the words PASSION PLAY and PASSION PROJECT. I also find inspiration in an Albert Einstein quote you may enjoy too, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

YES!! I’m all in for more of that in the new year! Perhaps you will join me! You are definitely welcome.

Brightest Blessings, Laura Pieratt 💖🌟🙏

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