Channeled Message during Pineal Toning – Maui 12:21:12

This head image was captured in a photo by Nancy Schwartz when 1000 people gathered in Maui 12/20/12 to sing paired Pineal Tones as one choir. Read the message from ‘The Watcher” in green below!

We are awakening humanity in a force of potent waves of new potential energies for the transmission of Love. This greater Love enhances greater potentials to unfold in new uncharted ways upon a planet buoyed by such Love, Benevolence, Compassion and Joy. We are One in the unfolding of such new potentials and we greet you warmly as partners in this new unfolding galactic family of Light.

Be sweet. Be well. Know you are loved, cherished and protected as you try on new expressions of living your true potentials. We are One family, Beloveds. Welcome home! We are your eternal way-showers. Enjoy the future you and we are co-creating together in love.

NOTE: This message was received 12/21/12 in the quiet moments after singing the reversed Pineal Tones in Maui, during the final Lemurian Reunion Choir with both groups toning together. For more information about the Pineal Tones introduced by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and promoted by Kryon, or to participate, please visit

More Personal Insights: I was shown that this way of unifying through a remarkably intimate, heightened, and super-charged state of universal love–a sort of human/spirit Mandala–will become a common way of co-creation. In some cases it will be a temporary project and participants will drift apart when the purpose is complete. In other cases it will be more sustainable as people unify energies to live in and create communities based on resonance, divine blueprints, and shared ideals. People will come together aware of themselves as whole, wishing to contribute that wholeness in support of a larger community or goal for the benefit of all. We will become more accustomed to living from this state of universal love, based on the deeply felt awareness/knowing that we are One. It will eventually supersede (super-seed) the old way, replacing the older illusion of lack and separate consciousness that has motivated people in the past to draw together to create something they perceive they “need” but are lacking within themselves. We will move in a much more fluid manner, in and out of groups and communities, as intuitively guided or “called,” collectively co-creating Heaven on Earth.

Message from The Watchers based on my connecting to the white head in the photo above…

Q: Regarding the white head (being or symbol) watching the toners in Maui 12/21/12…Who are you? What do you represent? What is your purpose? Do you have a message for us?

A: Yes, indeed! We are the “Watchers,” overseers of Universal processes. We are watching avidly as humans turn the corner of the ages, moving though new doorways that are open on this auspicious day. We hope to inspire you to new heights of divine love and purpose. You are our children of Light and we are your advocates, always leading you into more awareness of the divine nature and potentials you possess.

Q: Are you from the Seven Sisters? The Pleiades?

A: Yes, yet it is important to understand that we are more than one limited expression, so as you ask are we this or that, yes we are, and also more. We come to your dimension through doorways that access much more than you usually consider when you ask…”are you…”?  Do you see? We are that and more. So, yes to your questions in an expanded form. We join you to celebrate your initiation into the higher worlds of Light. We are your teachers and guides and directors of your many journeys. We watch and assist as we see the need, beaming our love to you always. We hold you in the utmost concern, ever watchful as overseers.

Q: What is the purpose of showing your self (invisibly except to a camera) in the white head image? 

A: Well, it is a fun way to join the party. We wanted to make an appearance and what better way than to be “watching” from above? It is symbolic of us, The Watchers.

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