Golden stars box-discovering more!
Dear Friends, Extraordinary New Year Blessings!

I’m so pleased to welcome you to something NEW! Announcing my New Website, New Light Language Album and New Earth Quantum Creation Playgroups (beginning in January!)

After 2020, we are all ready to embrace the new creative potentials of 2021! And, in the spirit of living in the moment, I’m just getting guidance for January 2021 as 2020 is coming to a close.

My guidance is to begin hosting New Earth Quantum Creation Playgroups via Zoom in January. Click HERE to REGISTER for one or more of these groups!

A few years ago, I was guided to begin creating a new website. It’s been a journey because there was very little clarity about what my next role would be when/if I moved out of nearly 4 years focused in totality/beingness in the zero point field of the Great Womb, also known as the Void, or field of infinite potential.

Now that I am getting more clarity, I understand the value of such a long immersion in that experience. I realize I can hold that space open, serving as a portal to it so others can more easily view beyond this plane to access awareness of the golden stars (light) and seeds (dormant potential) they hold within their sacred hearts. And, the more we access and play in this space together, the more at ease you will become accessing and playing in it on your own!

Some believe the December 21. 2020 Solstice and Great Conjunction signal the beginning of the Aquarian Age. I certainly am feeling a massive shift! In any case, I do feel that 2021 is the threshold for new creations after so many years of clearing the old have left spaces in the dimensional fabric for new seedings to take root! I am now emerging with a new energy and excitement to meet and play and create again with other consciousness enthusiasts. Perhaps you are experiencing that too!

So, I’m very happy to announce that, with a great deal of loving support from several dear friends with tech and design skills, my new website is up! It’s called, Source Heart Alchemy, Inviting and Igniting the Divine Human and New Earth Reality, which reflects my new focus for co-creating with others as we move even more deeply into the New Earth and Divine Human experience. 

The new site is a portal for connecting with Source within the heart core, accessing our divinity at the level of the infinite self within multidimensional totality and co-creating from the One Heart as we inviting multiple seedings of many points of light into the New Earth fabric.

I am shown the gist of this new playgroup in a vision quite like the image above – opening a closed box and seeing beautiful golden stars float out. Each star represents some wisdom, possibility, or new cosmic understanding that was previously invisible coming into awareness, thus made visible and entering out reality by our witnessing, sensing and acknowledging that it exists–indeed, so much more exists!


As we joyfully explore more that exists beyond this plane of reality, witness its unveiling into our awareness and sharing what we view/see, hear, know, and sense, even if we don’t fully understand what it means or represents, it is perceived as existing and thus brought into the fabric of reality here in the Earth as a possibility. That’s how powerful the human’s perceptual field is to the reality creation process here!

Please take a moment to VISIT MY WEBSITE to explore what is new there.

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WHAT: Zoom groups for Quantum Exploration and New Earth Co-creation.
Free in January
Jan 7, 14, 21 and 28
8-9:30pm EST

I’d love to hear from you by email, have you pop in to the site to enjoy a post, or connect and play online in my new Quantum Exploration & New Earth Creation Zoom groups.

Whether you feel like exploring with me in 2021 or not, I wish you and yours great blessings of love, joy, peace, prosperity, abundance, health and wellbeing. May this year truly show us the blossoming new human and New Earth reality birthing in the gaps between the old.

Beloved divine human, friend and co-creator, may you deepen your connection to the Source within you, and to peace, love, joy and freedom, as you shine your light brightly in the fullness of your being!

With Love and Bright Blessings, Laura

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