Hi Everyone, Happy 12:12!

I hope you enjoy this 3 part series of 12:12 Gateway Energy explorations with Olive Coursolle and me! And, please do join in as a direct participant rather than just viewer, adding your own unique energy, awarenesses, understandings and perspectives to create an even greater multiple seeding in the fabric as you track these energies with us. “IF YOU ARE ENJOYING YOURSELF, AND IT IS A COMSIC EXPLORATION, THEN YOUR EXPLORATION IS THE CREATION IN THE COLLECTIVE FIELD FOR MANY! SO, THE MORE THAT YOU EXPLORE, BLESSED ONES, AND ASK OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS, THE MORE OTHERS [in the collective field] GET TO EXPERIENCE THAT, AS WELL.  ~ Message from The Masters channelled through Rebecca Dawson

Part 1 – 12:12 in the Philippines Heart’s Remembrance of Love’s Pure Abundance 

Part 2 – About 12 hours later it was 12:12 in the USA

Olive and I explore some little blue beings that showed up in my peripheral vision at bedtime the night before, right after our first 12:12 exploration. I was too tired to engage them and felt their exuberance and high energy too aggressive, as they wanted to come right onto my chest which felt suffocating to me at that moment. I asked them to step back until I could meet them with more presence when not so tired. In this video, I share my experience with Olive who helps me get more clarity about them, as we open up to their presence–and gifts for humans–in our more welcoming shared awareness.

Above – Part 3 – About 12 hours later it was 12:12 in the USA

Olive tapped into a cosmic elemental energy involved with helping form matrices for new form worlds.

If you have wondered what I’ve been doing for the past three years, it’s been a lot of what you see in these videos, tuning inward while peering beyond the known and being the doorway for more to emerge into this plane of life through neutral presence and pure awareness. Mostly I was doing that alone but have found it a joy to share the experience with a few dear friends who are also enthusiastic cosmic explorers. One of the most recent is Olive! So now I’m very happy to introduce you to her here. In addition to Olive’s beautiful high vibration pure energy, glowing-ness, healing ability, beauty and grace, she has a remarkable capacity to recognize, interpret, read, and articulate the vast spectrum of cosmic beings and energy. Since meeting last September, Olive and I have been having great fun playing-exploring whatever arises in our awareness together. We’ve discovered we have a wonderful synergy and energetic balance of complementary spiritual gifts and abilities that work in harmony as we access new beings and energies in our explorations of the beyond the beyond. I’m feeling that the next step will be to expand the joy of such shared explorations to include small groups of others, as we all get comfortable being in the unified state where we can flow with, track and be open to multiple people’s unique inner viewing/sensing, perspectives and reference points. So far we’re up to 3 people very effectively sharing and video-recording what we are viewing and sensing inwardly on Zoom and GoToMeeting. It’s all part of becoming comfortable being multi-capacitious within our own selves and then in our interactions with others, which is really just a matter of jumping in to explore and experience the innate multidimensional capacities of our True Soul/Source-Essence Selves! I’m told that my primary role now is to hold a space of multidimensional totality that allows others to go beyond matrix conditioning, belief and what is already known to access more that is Beyond the veil. In truth, we all have access to Source Totality/All That Is through our Source-Core, the Zero-Point Void and gateway within our own Sacred Heart. So, mainly I provide a bridge, or short cut, to the zero point neutral space gateway to All, that is actually present in all humans, and ever more available and accessible to all now that the 5D New Earth grid is anchored on the planet. Evidently, my inter-galactic coding is just such that I am naturally wired to hold the void and the vastness, while many others at this time still find it difficult to maintain an inner focus on the space of potential in the midst of so much heavy 3D/4D matrix imprinting, outer world distractions, and seemingly endless responsibilities, tasks and problems to solve. Stay tuned! I’m not interested in getting back to the busy-ness of a full-time energy practice again but my current guidance is that new opportunities for joyfully engaging others again will be opening for me next summer. That means it’s time to get the new website up and ready for whatever is coming into my view! I’m working on that now. Once launched, I’ll start posting some insights that have come through my awareness over the past few years of inner exploring and expanding my perspectives about the void/zero point, alchemy, New Earth and more. Perhaps I’ll post more videos like this one, too, to demonstrate what fun it can be to just open up the space for something new to be revealed. Love and Bright Blessings to you throughout the holidays, Laura

If you wish, you can connect directly with Olive as follows:

Email: ocoursolle@gmail.com WhatsApp/Viber: +639178612601 Olive’s Offerings:

  • Quantum activations (galactic or cosmic) to help catalyze personal expansion or to support current activation phases and integration of aspects of Infinite Self in embodiment
  • Multidimensional facilitation and quantum decoding
  • Cosmic coaching
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