​Hello Dear Friends,

It has been quite awhile since I connected with you, so trust me when say that I  greet you heart-ily with big hugs, loads of love, and the joy of sharing a new energy transmission today, on this powerful 11:11 portal.

I hope this transmission leads you into your Oneness Heart Center where you can access and remember more of your True Self and integrate the new energies being seeded into the fabric of life, igniting more of the New Earth reality every day!

I haven’t been very active here for nearly three years, since I shifted into the void space. I operate more now as explorer, witness and space holder, peering beyond the veil into the cosmic space to see what appears to my inner vision. I’m blessed to have found some dear friends who I can play with as we share what we are seeing and experiencing from unique points of view. It’s fun and fascinating to peer into the unknown space, being a portal for more that is available now to emerge into the fabric of reality on the planet.

I’ve left this website up so people can continue accessing the material in it because my guidance assures me that the inspiring channeled messages and light language transmissions are timeless, and still very helpful for many awakening and ascending humans.

I’ve thought many times about launching a new website (it’s been in creation a year now!) but I still find it very difficult to manage any consistency regarding purpose, direction, application, identity, and new creations that require commitment, time, tech skills or focus. You may be feeling the same lack of traction into a set pattern and its all okay! Everything is in flux and multidimensionality takes a bit of getting used to as one’s attention moves rapidly and briefly exploring in many directions.

All will emerge in divine time. For many who are helping to prepare the planet for what comes next, this is a time to be still, turn inward, feel more than think, and BE present in the neutrality of your non-polarized heart space while you learn how to function as a multidimensional divine human, in flow with life and rapid change.

Its wise to make friends with your indwelling God/ Source. It is YOU, after all! So feel into your heart space often and especially when you have questions or concerns.

Manifestation is happening much faster now so it’s helpful to drop the need to know for the comfort of certainty of feeling in control and simply remain open, curious and wonder about what else is possible? If you can playfully let go of all you think you are, know and need, you can call more forth more from the unknown potential waiting to bless you beyond your imaginings!

If you must use intent and imagination to feel comfortable manifesting what you think you desire, craft a vision or even just a feeling state, knowing more is possible, of how you would like life to look like, feel, or be on this planet that blesses all beings. Then let it go and pay attention to what shows up in your reality. You are the creative force, alchemist and portal for new reality to emerge, so reach for the stars and be careful to only focus upon what you love!

It is a time of seeding many new possibilities, energies, templates, systems and solutions for the Love/Unity consciousness reality we are calling forth from our sacred hearts, inter-dimensional DNA and cosmic key-codes. The new 5D Earth reality is barely visible, if at all, to those who are very busy, outer focused, polarized, stressed or fearful of all the chaos and changes, and the intensity of it all.

But, for those with eyes turned inward to view through One Heart Awareness, a beautiful new reality is taking form and becoming visible in daily life. It can be seen as heightened experiences of synchronicity, trust, positive expectation, new opportunity, unexpected abundance and other surprises, instant knowing, new friendships, causeless joy, oneness consciousness that is inclusive, cooperative and tolerant with broader perspectives, sudden inspiration to action or creativity, more balanced responses, and best of all, ease, magic and miracles.

We really are living in multidimensionally now, in different dimensions on the same planet. It’s just a matter of where is your focus and what is your frequency at any moment as we ride the timelines and alternate realities up and down the dimensional frequency band having experiences in many different realities in a single day! And so it is, as we learn to master being multidimensional divine humans in an amazing planet in transition between realities.

Blessing of Peace and Wellbeing to All!

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