Source Heart Alchemy

With Laura Pieratt

Igniting New Human Seed Potentials & New Earth Reality Creations via Quantum Sound-Light Code Activations


“Since the day I met you, magic & miracles have been occurring like never before!”  ~ Jenna Mahan

Source Heart Alchemy

Supporting The New Divine-Human & New Earth Reality Emergence

Hello, my name is Laura Pieratt. I’m glad you are here by “Divine Appointment,” for nothing happens by accident! I believe this is an extraordinary time to be alive, awake, and aware on planet Earth, and YOU are an integral part of The Great Shift in consciousness.

It’s my joy and delight to take others beyond time, mind, and matrix into the magical creational core where we can access our True-Self and Source connection to call forth more of love’s highest evolutionary possibility in the moment through the power of sound-light resonance!

In such moments of open one-heart awareness, we can expand and explore more that’s available in the beyond the beyond, attuning, activating, recognizing, embodying, and integrating ever more of the innate divinity that may just need a little vibrational key to unlock and allow more of your innate gifts and capacities to emerge into your conscious daily experience and bless all life more fully!

I’ve been a practicing energy healer, Source consciousness connector, True Self embodiment and multidimensionality coach, Light Language quantum soound-light-energy activator, and Zero Point exploration and creation facilitator for over 20 years. I’m passionate about exploring, way-showing, igniting, and facilitating the Divine-Human experience and New Earth reality co-creation with others who feel called to consciously open to more, collaborate, and pioneer the Earth’s and humanity’s extraordinary return to True Light Creation.

I am extremely sonic in nature and function as a harmonic resonator, intuitively harmonizing, expressing, and resonating awake dormant seed potentials within the human quantum DNA. I intuitively speak, sing, and tone original Source energies, universal key codes, and light languages as our energies dance as one in Now Presence potentiality.

“Laura radiates a timeless, spaceless connection to The Source. To be in her focused presence and field is to feel that connection within yourself awakening more fully through deep core resonance.” ~ Laura Calderon

So much more is available now than ever before in Earth’s history for those who choose to focus through the heart and see multi-dimensionally through the God’s Eye where all is perceived as One Love, One Life! As we learn to consciously return to our sacred quantum heart (which I call Source Heart) invoking our vast Source energy to rejoin and inform our humanness, we begin to sustain experiences of love, peace, goodwill, harmony, abundance, benevolence, and alignment with inner truth and wellbeing. We also access deep core knowing, higher wisdom, and divine guidance through enhanced intuition. We even go beyond dependency on mind, memory, and external guidance to live in the moment with higher awareness providing all we need to take guided action. We gain a wider view of possibilities previously invisible when viewing through the polaristic lens of 3D-4D cause/effect, good/bad, and either/or limited-view that is characteristic of 3rd and 4th-dimensional survival/separation consciousness. And we move deeper into mastery.

In my view, mastery isn’t some perfected state as much as the ability to consciously return to heart-presence and inner peace again and again, moment to moment, evolving, renewing, recreating, and vibrationally reshaping our reality from Now Presence no matter what’s happening or how much our life, other’s, or the external reality may appear to be in turmoil.

Many call this ascension or enlightenment. I call it decension or embodiment because we are not elevating to escape the physical Earth reality but to bring our higher vibrational love-nature and wisdom fully into the physical experience, spiritualizing the world of matter back to its original state which many call The New Earth, Golden Age, Garden of Eden, or Paradise Reality.

With this shift into core alignment and trust of our inner presence and knowing, we call forth what our true God-Self original spark’s essence energy is pulsing for actualization through vibrational attunement and magnetic RESONANCE. This allows our True Self the freedom to create ever-new ways to express and fulfill itself, revealing more of who we are in fullness and truth.

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It’s always an honor, delight, and privilege to co-create with the beautiful souls who feel called to work with me. It’s important to me to acknowledge here that, you and I are sovereign whole-light creator beings differentiated through myriad form, experience, and unique potentials for expressing here in the Earth plane, and simultaneously in all dimensional planes where aspects of our energy is experiencing in other focuses. And this is a time of gathering, concentrating, returning, merging, and integrating all of our energies into our physical form to express the new Divine-Human potential.

With this understanding, I realize I can truly give you nothing that you don’t already have within. Nonetheless, I have found that when we feel drawn together by resonance we are recognizing something in another that offers us a reference point or key to recognize, release, heal, accept, inspire or activate something that is arising within to be realized. Sharing conversations and experiences can be profoundly helpful to ignite, prompt, align with, recognize, better understand, and actualize new perceptions, access vibrational keys, and call forth new possibilities. So while everything we need is ineed within, I find that we activate more in thorugh each other’s presence, conversations, and different codings than we do on our own. A shared journey is also much more fun and intersting! 

Ultimately, we’re all cosmic beings and multidimensional portals to, and one with, Source/All That Is connected through our body’s quantum
heart center and DNA. My energy presence is, however, a particularly efficient inter-dimensional universal portal with coder/decoder harmonic sound-light creation capacities operatng well beyond my conscious mind. Divine guidance beings and collectives tasked with assisting humanity’s ascension orchestrate my sessions. This embodied divine collaboration enables others to easily slip through limiting beliefs, memory/history, soul, and ancestral patterning to experience and activate more that is available beyond the veil. And it’s always perfect for you thanks to the Universal Law of Vibration – the right keys open the locks via vibrational match. In this way, I facilitate spaces for inner alchemy to occur in which you can experience self-healing, self-awareness, self-realization, self-ignition, fuller embodiment, and more. I share my perceptions, as well as honoring yours, as we explore the Source Field together.

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With that introduction, I heartily welcome you to my website, a portal to more, and a space for deeper awakening, awareness, alignment and ignition of your original DNA seed potentials through Source Heart Presence. Our true essence in totality is just waiting to be recognized and bless us, and all life, as we expand our awareness of who we truly are as multidimensional beings, igniting and actualizing ever more of our authentic true divine nature, spiritual gifts, greater wisdom, divine capacities, and New Earth mastery creation potentials as sovereign creator beings!

My spirit team inspired this website. It’s designed to encourage and support quamtum explorations, soul remembrance, healing, and integration of the many seemingly separate aspects of your One True Divine Self through a stronger Source connection and Oneness consciousness experience within the paradox of individuation and differentiation. All of my work supports the Divine Human experience and return to Love’s grounded mastery presence within the Earth experience.

I’m blessed to work with a vast beautiful multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional team of loving divine light beings and collective consciousnesses that guide, inspire, and support my journey and my work. Higher aspects of my True Self in totality within All That Is weave in and out as needed, beautifully orchestrating an evolutionary process of re-merging with divinity. These energies weave in and out so naturally now that they feel like dear friends and trusted family. Even with their varied energy signatures, they feel like my own mind and voice expressing new thoughts, answering my questions, and supporting me with ever-greater understandings that evolve my spiritual journey and keep me excited about what’s next! Those ever-new evolving fresh perspectives inspire my passion for exploring, expanding, activating, grounding, and actualizing the Divine-Human and New Earth experience more fully in myself and others.

I feel the two phrases, “When two or more are gathered” and “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts are both important keys for co-creating more together as unique Source Light beings and perspectives converge, weave, and ignite far more than can occur by an individual working alone.

That’s why I’m always excited to meet and explore the depths of the new Divine-Human potential and New Earth reality creation with other Cosmic Consciousness enthusiasts who wish to pioneer, co-create, and bring back to the Earth experience ever more of humanity’s true nature, quantum possibilities, and the unknowns that await discovery and remembrance as part of us and the greater Creation of which we are one.


Read Transcript

Greetings Beloveds, we are with you now, here, opening to more.

More of what? More of what you are. More of you in your totality, and new possibility. 

We are here in Joy! Will you meet us in Joy? 

We are here in Truth. We greet you and meet you in Truth. 

We are here in new possibility. Can you imagine and allow the unimaginable? 

Can you allow the unknown to be known? 

Can you allow the purity of that which you are to bring through something that will delight you beyond imagination? 

Is it possible?
Is it real?
Could it be? 

We invite you to discover and find out. Why not? What have you got to lose?

Wouldn’t it be fun to have new worlds open unto you this very day? This very moment! Would that be amazing? Would it be possible? Is that extraordinary? Or is that quite normal for a quantum human? 

What else is possible now? This is what we like to discover with you in the Now, for that is the only moment that exists.

We are here. Will you join and play? Because it’s best to discover in the spirit of play and wonderment, curiosity…

I wonder what else is possible! What if I didn’t have set parameters on what I think and believe is real, is possible, is available?

What if I could neutralize all those beliefs that hold me in limitation even for a moment…
What would happen?
What would I notice?
What would be different?
What would be possible? 

Perhaps it would just be fun to try, to explore…to see what happens without any concern for what has to happen in order to be significant, worth my time, meaningful or valuable. 

Ahhhhhh, don’t those thoughts carry weight, heaviness? Isn’t it time to let go of everything having to be important, meaningful, critical, purposeful, understood even? 

What would it be like to free yourself and soar upon the energies that are all around you without any concerns for [knowing] what they mean or how to interpret their meaning, their purpose, their value, and without having to do the work of discernment, processing, utilizing what is here? But to just let it be here.

And let you be here. And let the discovery be that more is here for you to experience, to realize, to recognize, to remember, to allow, to unfold, and to delight you. For, in truth, we tell you it is time for you to experience desire and delight as one.

Imagine if your heart’s desire was your heart’s delight and you denied yourself not that which you desire, and you questioned not whether it is appropriate or worthy, allowed or deserved. What would it be like to have the interest, curiosity, a spark of desire felt, and then you’re in it –in delight! You’re in the fulfillment of your desire which is your delight. Wouldn’t that be wondrous to experience now?

And so, we invite you to join us in magical explorations into new worlds of being that really are your true state, your true knowing, your true expression. And, the only miraculous part is that you have forgotten it and you have lived in a world of experiencing separation from the thing that can never be separate. The experience of dividing the indivisible!

Now that’s a miracle – that you could even have that experience at all! 

And so, everything should become easier, more grace-filled when you allow the return of your true state of being, your true state of knowing, and your true joy of being that which you are in the totality, one with all. 

That’s really here and it’s really available and we invite you to step into it any time, indeed every moment that you will turn your attention within to your beautiful heart center, your knowingness of that what you truly are, and let more unfold and be known and revealed to you. 

And so, we meet you in this space of exciting discovery and welcome you to come and play with us, for we are you. Life Is. You are life. The ISNESS is. 

And you’re ready or we would not be reaching your ears. Do you see, it’s always in divine timing. And so, if you are hearing this, you are desiring this, and you are ready for this experience, for more to open unto your awareness and delight.

We love you. We honor you. We uphold the living light within you. And we look forward to many adventures with you in the vastness of the great mystery of All That Is and all that is possible unfolding through your magnificence. For indeed, you are the magnificence of the Creator right here in this beautiful human form. And we love you. So what do you say? Let’s play!

We look forward to seeing you here often.

Blessings Be, Beloveds! 

You are magical creator beings, divine beautiful humans. And we look forward to helping you remember that and experience that as your natural state here on Earth.

It is our joy, delight, and privilege to meet you and facilitate with you and co-create with you and explore with you, for we are you. 

And so it is, Beloveds. And so it is, a celebration of life right here in the moment of now.

This Website & Archives

To get the most from this website please take a few moments to center in your heart before reading or listening to my channeled audios and videos. Each is a divine portal to Source/All That Is in the eternal Now which takes you beyond time, mind, and matrix to Source within where you can open and ignite new spaces of possibility and core remembrances.

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I hope you enjoy all this website offers; Sessions, Sound Alchemy Divination Library, Blog, Light Language Albums, and much more happening at subtle levels that your cellular sentience can feel and remember even if your mind can’t make sense of it. Your permission, allowing, and your heart’s desire determine the resonance-based keys that unlock what is perfect for you.

You will find divinely inspired messages and meditations including light language, quantum sound-light-geometry coded energy communications, and DNA/consciousness/vibrational energy activations that help you access more that’s pulsing within your core of being.

Tune inward and feel supported as you deepen into trusting your intuition, sensing-knowing, visioning, dreaming, and other forms of inner self-awareness as you access new energies and possibilities ready to express into realization through the sacred alchemical quantum gateway of your physical body and Source Heart connection to Source/All That Is.

I invite you to return often to explore and enjoy more because each conscious experience in the Source Heart with any of the cosmic portals on this website can ignite something new and extraordinary that’s calling your remembrance! As you discover and anchor higher frequencies and awarenesses that resonate as truth, you strengthen your soul-spirit-source oneness connection, building trust in what you see, sense, feel, hear, know, and intuit. Developing that inner trust, along with deepening self-love and self-acceptance, allows you to activate, unlock, and embody ever more of your True Self’s divine energy, wisdom, guidance, and capacities.

I’m very excited to see what unfolds for all of us as we enter 2024 because my guides have said, “We will be disseminating and activating 9 Mastery Codes for New Earth humans and opening 11 new pathways of expansion for the return to the organic human design with its original divine coding and mastery blueprints for the New Human experience.”

As we embody our mastery codes and capacities within new pathways of experience, we anchor all that into the Earth as the truth of humanity! Those called to ignite their 13-20D light body and mastery blueprints with me and my light team will do so through experiences of quantum resonance in a series of Mastery Blueprint Activation Sessions. I’m excited to see who will join me in this new adventure. 

Work With Laura

I love going deep into Source Heart connection to explore, recognize, and bring back to love, peace, unity/oneness any aspect of your quantum beingness that’s pulsing for recognition and remembrance. And it’s a pure delight to illuminate new possibilities that become viable through awareness and core resonance. You will find Light Language is a key element of my sessions, as well as energy activations, which are orchestrated by a vast team of divine light beings that work with your True Self’s guidance. We will clear, open, inspire, discuss, activate, integrate, ground, and support you and your energy with your highest possible reality. We may validate what you already know to bring it into coherence as truth felt. We may call forth new understandings, discover unrealized gifts, or bring distorted pattering into balance, peace, unity, and coherence. My true joy is that each session is unique, authentic, and unscripted so unexpected blessings always emerge when two or more hearts unite in sessions and group co-creations!

Most people who find their way to my website are already well into their ascension journey and want to ignite and explore more within, are seeking validation of their experiences, or need support consciously integrating, aligning to, and navigating big energy/cosmic consciousness shifts they are going through. But whatever brings people to me, I know it’s in resonance and readiness to meet in Source Heart Oneness Presence to ignite more wholeness as we access, heal, align, unify, and embody our original True Light essence into the human experience!

      • Some feel drawn here just to listen and be uplifted by immersing in loving sound alchemy in my Sound Alchemy Library or Blog.
      • Some seek clarity or validation for what they are perceiving and experiencing as they expand into realities for which they have no context. They feel overwhelmed, doubt themselves, can’t find direction, or want clearer understanding from one who has “been there” and can offer helpful perspectives and reassurance. Or they seek insight and guidance from higher realm beings.
      • Some need a sacred space holder and witness for something they are going through because they don’t have a community of like-hearted quantum shifters who understand them in their rapidly changing reality and unique journey.
      • Some want assistance igniting and integrating a quantum leap/cosmic travel to a whole new level of being and need help clearing the old patterns to align, embody, integrate, and ground their new space of being.
      • Some don’t know what they need or want. They feel lost or perplexed by the changes in who they are, or by sudden lack of interest, focus, memory, or passion and purpose as they enter zero-point void space experiences of vertical time and lose reference points for time reality.
      • Some feel ready for deeper understanding, or to navigate the space between the old/dual and new/non-dual love/unity/oneness realities, help with ancestral/generational healing, or assistance with alignment and manifestation of new possibilities they see and sense within but struggle to anchor in their physical reality.
      • And some, like me, find it a joy to endlessly explore the unknown space, rediscovering treasures we left for ourselves to remember, recover, and re-embody at a time when human consciousness was ready to access it from heart-light and use it with wisdom.

        Please visit my Sessions Page to explore more about my Source Heart Alchemy sessions, Star Core/God’s Eye Activations, and my newest offerings; Mastery Blueprint Activations and Axiatonal Integration.

        Regardless of format, my joy and focus in all my sessions, groups, audios, and videos is to celebrate the great majesty and diversity of creation and facilitate ever deeper Divine-Human embodiment, integration, and mastery. Sessions also help update and unify the physical body (hardware) with the ever-increasing influxes of higher consciousness (software) continuously flooding the planet now.

New in 2024 – Mastery Blueprint Activations!

In June 2023 my guides told me my Mastery Blueprint had been activated and we will now discover and integrate that more fully into the Earth reality as we ignite it in others.

The Guides: “We will be disseminating and activating 9 Mastery Codes for New Earth humans and opening 11 new pathways of expansion for the return to the organic human design with its original divine coding and mastery blueprints for the New Human experience.”

As we embody our mastery codes and innate capacities within new pathways of experience, we anchor all that into the Earth as the actualized truth of humanity! Those called to ignite and embody their 13-20D light body and mastery blueprints with me and my light team will do so through a series of 4 Mastery Blueprint Activation Sessions scheduled a week apart for integration. This can be done in private or group sessions. I’m excited to see who will join me in this new adventure!

Hello & Welcome! 

Divine-Human Embodiment Support • Sound-Light DNA & Mastery Activation Sessions • Light Language • Zero Point Creation

I’m delighted to greet you and support your journey of Divine-Human realization and mastery through experiences with light language sound alchemy, zero point presence, powerful activations, and loving messages from Spirit that ignite more wholeness, integrated and actualized in the cellular body and daily life.

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The space of possibility and new creation born of one’s true essence imprinting its unique vibration into the fabric of life is my favorite playground! 

Let’s Connect Deeply Into The Source Heart and Field of Possibility To Ignite More Seeds Of True Self’s Benevolent Love, Radiant Light, and Divine Wisdom.

I’ve learned it’s possible to transcend time, timeline, matrix conditioning, generational, and incarnational blueprints by sitting in zero-point presence and awareness, inviting all that arises to return to Love’s Core – the essence and origin of all creation. In this way, new things can be realized which allows new realities to emerge. Grace is on the planet now accelerating our ability to live from our embodied True-Self and mastery presence.

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I’m also on Social Media (Use LINKS to social media at the bottom of this website). You can read my “Heart Sparks” channeled messages on Instagram and experience light language and zero-point presence on my Sound Alchemy Divination Page, Blog, or YouTube Channel. And be sure to Friend Me to stay in touch through Facebook and Messenger! 

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I am an opti-mystic spiritual intuitive, channel and embodied alchemical Source creator, communicator, consciousness catalyst, and quantum-sound-light frequency activator. I’m a passionate way-shower and facilitator of the full human multidimensional potential in embodiment. I use my innate gifts of quantum holographic alchemy, sound activations, vibrational healing (return to wholeness), light language, and Zero Point/Now Presence to accelerate spiritual evolution, remembrance, embodiment, Source and True-Self core connection and cellular sentience, as well as quick releases from matrix conditioning. All this opens and stimulates emerging new potentialities for human and New Earth co-creations that rapidly shift consciousness, and thus reality, both individually and as a collective.

My cosmic energy creates holes in the matrix fabric of belief and conditioning which opens cosmic space and new doorways within so new things can be known, ignited, and seeded. These spaces are portals to the zero point where you can access the wholeness of your True Self Beingness from the neutrality and core awareness available through divine presence in the Unified Field of Potential.

I channel Source energy, ever-new higher dimensional vibrational frequencies, and a vast collective of light beings and collectives assisting humanity from beyond the beyond. My light team operates in harmony and resonance, weaving and orchestrating divine energies like conducting an orchestra. They are adept at opening dimensional space and cosmic portals so each person can experience whatever is perfect in the moment. For simplicity, I’ve chosen to call all of that, including my own inner voice’s heart knowings and wisdom, Source Heart Alchemy

In 2016, after 15 years with a passionate focus and practice of healing and ascension, I was guided to the zero point/void space where I experienced eternal beingness, Source Heart awareness, and what my guides called, “The Alchemy of Being.” In that space, my perspective began shifting from an external sense of soul/mission and doing/purpose to an internal focus on being one with Source and embodiment of my True-Self (Individuated God Self). I learned to witness all from the Infinite Self’s core peace, stability, and divine neutrality in the space of totality only found in Now presence. Perceiving the divine perfection of All That Is at the Core of Creation was profoundly life-changing. It’s now my natural state, capacity, and joy to share and ignite that experience with others and use it to access more in the Source Field.

I’ve been blessed, healed, enlightened, and amazed by what happens when I invite the inner alchemy of expanded Source consciousness and True Self (which many call Higher Self) to ignite ever greater levels of openness and trust in the unknown mysteries of the One Spirit that indwells all to guide, express, and ignite more in me and others through me. 

I know it will be even more extraordinary to ignite new worlds together as we meet in Awakened Heart Awareness and allow love’s highest potential for the original divine design of the Divine Human and New Earth potential to birth through us collectively.

It is a time for gathering! Let’s say YES! I look forward to beginning something new and extraordinary together with you!

What Clients Are Saying

“I have experienced what I call the “electric lightbulb” of my own higher self at times, but this was different. It was MORE intense and felt like I was inside an expanding bubble of maybe oneness or life. It’s as if your clarity and support created a space for me to move from the general spiritual truths to the specific truths of my soul’s unique journey. I’m SUPER excited! I am open to accepting the power, the beauty, and the grace of this lifetime and reconnecting with the dreams and desires and joy of my soul I must have shut off some time ago.

What a gift Laura! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your willingness to share so fluidly and freely serve as the BRILLIANT and GRACIOUS doorway/facilitator that is your authentic expression. I feel a deep stability and expansiveness in the core of my heart and vibrant joy.  Thank you!  ~ Kristine Comer


“I’m reaching out to extend a very heartfelt felt ‘Thank You!” So much of what you shared struck a chord with me. I literally woke the next day feeling like a whole new person. As if I had stepped into a new realm of being; a new version of me. And it’s absolutely fantastic!

I feel exceedingly refocused in regard to present-moment awareness. And I have an entirely new perspective of not needing to hold things in memory or the intellect, and rather allowing what is required to flow from Source in the moment of need.

None of what you said was new, nor unknown to me, which is the paradox, and yet somehow I heard it all in a way that seated it within my consciousness in a way that hadn’t happened until you spoke it.  All of which has left me feeling extremely liberated! I recognize being fully recalibrated, in a sense, to more closely align with our Divine Essence.” ~ Andena Sananda Kumara (aka Angela Anderson)

 “Excellent experience and facilitation by Laura Pieratt. I can say she’s got what it takes to go with you as deep as you can go and witness for you in the vastness of your possibility in All That Is. I sincerely appreciate her genuine beingness.”  ~ Rae DeMoisey


“A visit to a site of Laura Pieratt and a first sampling of Light Language unexpectedly shot a doorway wide open for me. These new sounds sent Energy Vibrations surging through me with a very strong cellular response, tears and release.” ~ Diana Alexander

“When Laura shouted, “HA!,” everything instantly stopped and I was in complete stillness in the black void. I was in the exact center of everything, a circle of blackness, and all around me I could perceive the unlimited potentiality of possibilities of everything that could ever be. As I was coming back from inside the blackness, I thought “Was this the “zero point” I keep hearing about?”  ~ Rene Maurer

“I’d like to introduce you to a truly amazing woman, one of the most energetic influences I have felt in a long time. Light bubbles forth from her lips.”  ~ Tzahik ShadowHawk Salewa

“Thank you for the healing love you shine into my eyes. Your gaze predates time. The majesty of the mystery flows through you. You are a portal into a vibration of peace and an expansion of consciousness with an amazing gift of light language.

Laura can actually linguistically become a bird, the wind, a crystal bowl. And, those sounds become a song that lulls one into a state of dream-like peace. Her unconditional love and acceptance is a transference that can shift personal judgments and negativity. Her workshops really are quite wondrous. This was an amazing experience! Thank you Laura, for manifesting such wisdom and glory.” ~ Nancy Simpson

WOW!!! That’s all I can articulate at the moment. What a DIVINE GIFT! THANK YOU for being an OPEN CHANNEL for the DIVINE FLOW bringing through such HIGH VIBRATIONAL GRACE. ~ K C

“With such purity of heart, you keep my MAGIC alive… Dear Alchemist of Light, I watch your hands sweeping the dust off all the hidden places. I hear the singing of the Cosmic Spheres in your sweet voice and I smile again and again. You gift me unexpected wonders and so I honor The RADIANCE of Life itself spiraling from your eyes into every corner of the Universe!”  (poem by Cezarina inspired by a session with Laura) ~ Cezarina Trone 

“I bought your series [A Daily Dose of Love]. Not even 5 minutes into listening, my soul could understand it and I started speaking it….even today too. Since we last spoke, the peace, the knowing and joy has not left me. I have also felt more sensitive or in tune than ever before.”  ~ Christine Regner

“I personally experienced a healing that dramatically and energetically changed me emotionally and physically. Within 48 hours, it became very apparent that a major reprint on my energetic field was taking place. What was once carried within my body as an emotional and energetic dead zone, from a traumatic incident in my teenage years, became awakened and alive with a burst of joyous and electric emotions and physical responses. 

I truly believe Laura is here to help us become as we are meant to be….awakened, alive with the God energy and connected to the light as one.” ~ Susan Z. Rich

“I feel like I could climb Mount Everest, run a marathon, compose a symphony and then learn how to play all the instruments right now. But all I want to actually do is sit here and bask in the joyfulness that is inside of me right now. And laugh and laugh at the beauty that is life.” ~ Jessica Willens, after a DNA actiavtion with Laura

“That last conversation with you shifted entire universes and I cannot even pinpoint the woman I used to be prior to it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did and do, who you are, what you give, and how kind and loving you are.” ~  Laura Selina

The Divine always works wonders when we allow it. I met Laura Pieratt in the most unexpected way and each time we’ve connected she has surprised me with her Divinity, her Wisdom, and her Light language gift. Not only has Laura assisted me in activating the God Eye, right to the Heart Chakra, but she has shared her gifts with a kind heart and her Divine guidance without reservation. Each of my journeys with Laura into the Great Silence to feel the Divine Loving Presence was one of a kind. As a Galactic Astrologer, I just find myself in awe of her wisdom. I am sure there is still much more to discover with her as we explore each new aspect of the Cosmos on the other side of the Veil. It is such a blessing for me to be connected with her and I highly recommend her services to anyone who enters her sphere of influence. ~ Akata Vesta, Galactic Astrologer & Holistic Healer.

A Daily Dose of Love Series

6 1/2 Months of Daily Quantum Energy Clearing, Attunements, Activations & Embodiment for Ascension

Listen daily to a new 5-30 minute audio to experience the life-changing soul alchemy of Light Language and loving messages channeled from Spirit in this 192-track accelerated consciousness awakening series with a 54-page e-book. 

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Light Language Sound Alchemy Albums

Experience Quantum Energy Activations For Accelerated Consciousness Evolution
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NOTE: Light Language audios are not for entertainment – they are sound alchemy and quantum activation audio recordings for vibrational entrainment to Source energies. While not studio quality, your experience is not compromised by the recording quality, as evidenced by the many testimonials from people sharing profound transformation experiences using these materials.