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Source Heart Alchemy


Transcript of Channeled Intro

Since I was inspired to create this new website, I channeled this message from my Source Heart so we could hear the intent and feel the vibration of the loving guidance behind it.

Hello and welcome. My name is Laura Pieratt, and I invite you to join me and experience the Now of your Being in Totality, one with All That Is, and the presence of all that you are and possibilities available beyond the veil.

You will experience light language here, as well. Do not concern yourself with understanding light language. It is about opening space and resonation so more of you can be allowed to cone forth from behind the veils. Just give the mind a rest as you relax, listen and feel how it moves your soul. 

…light language excerpt…

Greetings Beloveds, we are with you, now, here, opening to more. More of what? More of what you are. More of you and your totality, and new possibility. 

We are here in Joy! Will you meet us in Joy? 

We are here in Truth. We greet you and meet you in Truth. 

We are here in new possibility. Can you imagine, and allow the unimaginable? 

Can you allow the unknown to be known? 

Can you allow the purity of that which you are to bring through something that will delight you beyond imagination? 

Is it possible?
Is it real?
Could it be? 

We invite you to discover and find out. Why not? What have you got to lose?

Wouldn’t it be fun to have new worlds open unto to you this very day? This very moment! Would that be amazing? Would it be possible? Is that extraordinary? Or is that quite normal for a quantum human? 

What else is possible now? This is what we like to discover with you in the Now, for that is the only moment that exists.

We are here. Will you join and play? Because it’s best to discover in the spirit of play and wonderment, curiosity…I wonder what else is possible! What if I didn’t have set parameters on what I think and believe is real, is possible, is available?

What if I could neutralize all those beliefs that hold me in limitation even for a moment…
What would  happen?
What would I notice?
What would be different?
What would be possible? 

Perhaps it would just be fun to try, to explore…to see what happens without any concern for what has to happen in order to be significant, worth my time, meaningful or valuable? 

Ahhhhhh, don’t those thoughts carry weight, heaviness. Isn’t it time to let go of everything having to be important, meaningful, critical, purposeful, understood even. 

What would it be like to free yourself and soar upon the energies that are all around you without any concerns for [knowing] what do they mean? How to interpret their meaning, their purpose, their value, and without having to do the work of discernment, processing, utilizing what is here. But to let it be here.

And, let you be here. And, let the discovery be that more is here for you to experience, to realize, to recognize, to remember, to allow, to unfold, and to delight you, for in truth we tell you it is time for you to experience desire and delight as one.

Imagine if your heart’s desire was your heart’s delight, and you denied yourself not that what you desire, and you questioned not whether it is appropriate or worthy, allowed or deserved. What would it be like to have the interest, curiosity, a spark of desire felt and then you’re in it –in delight! You’re in the fulfillment of your desire which is your delight. Wouldn’t that be wondrous to experience now?

And so, we invite you to join us in magical explorations into new worlds of being that really are your true state, your true knowing, your true expression. And, the only miraculous part is that you have forgotten it and you have lived in a world of experiencing separation from the thing that can never be separate. The experience of dividing the indivisible!

Now that’s a miracle–that you could even have that experience at all! 

And so, everything should become easier, more grace filled, when you allow the return of your true state of being, your true state knowing, and your true joy of being that which you are in the totality, one with all. 

That’s really here and it’s really available and we invite you to step into it any time, every moment that you will turn your attention within to your beautiful heart center, your knowingness of that what you truly are, and let more unfold and be known and revealed to you. 

And so, we meet you in this space of exciting discovery and welcome you to come and play with us, for we are you. Life Is. You are life. The ISNESS is. 

And you’re ready or we would not be reaching your ears. Do you see, it’s always in divine timing. And so, if you are hearing this you, you are desiring this, and you are ready for this experience, for more to open unto your awareness and delight.

We love you. We honor you. We uphold the living light within you. And we look forward to many adventures with you in the vastness of the great mystery of All That Is and all that is possible unfolding through your magnificence. For indeed, you are the magnificence of the Creator right here in this beautiful human form. 

And we love you. So, why do you say? Let’s play!

We look forward to seeing you here often.

Blessings Be, Beloveds! 

You are magical creator beings, divine beautiful humans, and we look forward to helping you remember that and experience that as your natural state here on Earth.

It is our joy, delight and privilege to meet you and facilitate with you and co-create with you and explore with you, for we are you. 

And so it is, Beloveds. And so it is, a celebration of life, right here in the moment of now.

Hello, I’m Laura Pieratt and I’m a passionate explorer of Source consciousness, embodiment of the new Divine Human, co-creation of The New Earth reality, and the amazing new potentials igniting in our awareness and experience now. Since you found your way here, I’ll bet you are too!

Welcome to a place to celebrate, ignite and share more of the beauty, perfection and potential that unfolding as Source energy flows through our sacred hearts into new consciousness creations, timelines and realities. I live in the new energy and I’m excited to meet you in it to discover, share and birth more together through joy, zero point/Now presence and the resonance created through our Star Cores, individuated God Selves.

Laura radiates a timeless, spaceless connection to The Source. To be in her focused presence and field is to feel that connection within yourself awakening more fully through deep core resonance.

It can be life-changing to peer beyond the veil and have direct experiences with the Cosmic Self, the truth of which, once  glimpsed, cannot be forgotten. We are remembering that we are indeed stars, sparks of the One Light we call God/Source. And, when we consciously focus in Now Presence, with curiosity, joy and wonderment, open, trusting and inviting Life to radiate unobstructed through our core as a felt knowing, awareness or resonance, the greater energies, views and possibilities we experience in that expansive space of awareness become known as part of us, and thus part of our actualized reality.

Join me beyond time, mind and matrix to unlock more of the True Self through Source and Star Core energies, light language, divine alchemy, zero point presence, awakened heart awareness, and DNA activations. Let’s magnify the magic and miracles we know are possible when we sit in our Source Heart focused in love, joy, trust and excitement about new possibilities.

“A portal leading to all realms opened up to me and I met new energy streams of light that are amazing. I want to know them better!” ~ Vickie Fairchild’s experience during a 5-minute light language transmission in a Zoom group.

While everyone can access Source and the inner realms through the sacred heart, many experience completely new levels of connection to Self and Cosmos when I usher them into the quantum field with light language, hold their space in the vastness, and energetically facilitate as they access, perceive, integrate and embody more of True Self’s wholeness, capacity and knowing.

It’s my privilege and joy to witness and midwife ever greater levels of True Self embodiment and New Earth co-creation with other consciousness explorers and energy enthusiasts through Source energies, zero point presence, light language, divine alchemy.

Planetary consciousness is shifting rapidly. It’s time to live consciously in connection, flow and oneness with all expressions of Life here, and beyond. How do we do that? By accessing the New Earth Love/Oneness frequency of truth that calls us back together, to live in unity from our awakened heart and radiant star core as multidimensional embodied divine humans. “When two or more are gathered…” That’s about igniting potential that already resides within ready to be activated by vibrational resonance! That’s alchemy! And something we must do together because we each carry unique aspects of the totality.


Changing perceptions create changing realities. My cosmic energy and light language create holes in the fabric of belief and matrix conditioning that allow fixed limited beliefs to be released. Those now clear open spaces allow more to come through into realization from the cosmic field. In this way, old paradigm beliefs and their consequent realities can be easily uncreated and superseded (super-seeded) by something new and more resonate with your True Self. This is the power of creation held in the zero point, the space of all and nothing in totality, an experience my guides led me into in 2016 which they described as, “The Alchemy of Being.” It’s now my joy to help others access and experience this greater alchemy and truth of being, too!

Welcome Home Beloved Human!
You are Source Love Embodied, The Heart-Light of Creation Incarnate
It’s Time to Know & Trust Your Divine Essence at the Core of Your Eternal Self

This website is a cosmic portal. Every interaction here, even just reading the blog posts or listening to light language, is an opportunity to be present in the zero point and creative heart of un-manifest potential. In such a space, beyond personal identity and matrix conditioning, you can become aware of more of you, access higher-light dimensions, aspects, keys, codes and frequencies that help you activate, integrate and embody original blueprints for deeper love, oneness and the truth of being.

I support direct quantum experiences beyond the known limited reality state through my blog, light language albums, private sessions, and occasional group events that are announced through social media and via email to my subscribers

As we peer into the heart of possibility, engaging, exploring, realizing, discussing and celebrating more that is accessible now as humans awaken to their divine nature and true origin, more of the unknown becomes known and the invisible becomes visible. I find that very exciting! Perhaps you feel the same – or perhaps you are just exploring new experiences. Either way, welcome and thank you for being here. It’s a joy and an honor to be co-creating the New Earth reality with you!


Humanity is in the midst of a quantum rebirth that is changing everything on the planet. Increasing energy infusions of cosmic light are activating humanity, as a whole, to ever greater levels of their innate capacity as divine quantum beings. At such a dynamic time of chaos, intensity, polarization and rapid paradigm shifts, the only constant and point of stability is yourself and your connection to The Source/All within the very core of your sacred being, what I call The Source Heart.

It can certainly be challenging to have your paradigm turned upside down but it can also be an exciting adventure when you realize you are returning to your original human design and natural state of being. As we meet in the Source Heart of our being to explore our innate multidimensional capacity for knowingness, we learn to trust our awakened heart to guide us, accessing unrealized realities and unknown possibilities for enhanced love-created experiences here on Earth.

When we sit in Zero Point Presence in the Now, beyond time, mind and matrix, we can access the deep core truth, knowing and real-I-zation of the one great Spirit indwelling all. It is in that inner connection to Source/All that we find the inner peace, stability, trust, clarity and guidance to ride the waves of cosmic light that is rapidly catalyzing inner transformations and quantum shifts, and returning us to our innate capacities as Source essence embodied multidimensional divine humans.

Once you’ve experienced your true nature and felt the divine perfection and oneness of all, small concerns and fears give way to gratitude for being here, presence within life experiences and trust in the bigger picture unfolding throughout all Creation that can’t be seen, imagined or understood from limited human mind perspectives.

Open to the Universe and the Universe Opens to You

It’s an exciting time to be alive, awake and aware on planet Earth if you have a cosmic view! Many are focused upon ascending, which is quite a wondrous journey as one discovers many aspects of themselves and higher beings in the many dimensional levels and forms throughout Creation. However, many humans are ready now to go beyond the transformational stage of bridging realities to experience totality at the origin and source of all creations, beyond separation through time-space dimensions. It’s time to restore awareness of our True Self and original divine design and capacity as Source essence in human embodiment. Humans are key to the new reality emergence because human consciousness is the creative perceptual interface with the field of potential from which new realities birth in form.

I find it a joy to explore the unfolding divine potential with others who want to discover what else is ready to ignite through awakened heart awareness. It’s a dance with the unknown infinite mystery that can only take place through the true heart connection to Source/All/Love within and the deep core knowing, acknowledgment and trust in the divine intelligence, perfection and potential of the One Creative Source at the core of everyone and everything.

Calling The Divine Human and New Earth Potentials into Experience in the World of Form

The Awakened Heart is a quantum gateway that is now activated for all humanity. It is available to all who choose to open to their deep inner core of Source consciousness to access divine intelligence as knowingness, guidance, truth of being and infinite potentials for New Earth realities ready to be realized and seeded in the new multidimensional fabric. The challenge is that the mind can’t take you there, but sacred heart and sacred mind in union can! Light language assists by suspending and unraveling the limited belief matrix that holds the mind in separation and disbelief while you peer into the field of potential. And, while in that state of zero point/Now presence, cosmic light floods in, illuminating and igniting seeds, keys, codes, divine blueprints and more that already exists within you now, just beyond your view.

As you Perceive, Believe and Conceive Something New, It Becomes Your Reality

It’s important to realize your reality is not limited. It is your perception that has been limited by the duality belief matrix in a closed reality dimensional system. A profound aspect of Source Heart Alchemy is how quantum shifts in perception ignite new awareness and that new awareness allows new creations to unfold through you. As you perceive, believe and conceive something new it becomes resonate in your perceptual field as known, as truth. That new truth vibrationally magnetizes a new reality in accordance with your new understanding that it exists. What was unknown or not believed to be possible is now seen, felt and known to exist in truth as real and possible.

So, awakened heart awarenesses that take place in the non-dual zero point/creative core are creative experiences that rapidly rearrange reality in Aha! moments of new understanding. As new expanded cosmic perceptions resonate throughout your entire beingness as truth remembered, they supersede (super-seed) previous limited beliefs, grounding the newer understanding into your reality as a core truth and possibility. And, by your very existence here, they enter the planetary belief grids making your new realization accessible to all on the planet, as well. Since everyone and everything is interconnected, we literally change collective reality by being alive, awake and aware on planet Earth!

We are Treasure Revealers, Dreamers, and Midwifes of new worlds. We are remembering what we created before time and hid from ourselves in order to explore an otherwise impossible experience of Love-not through duality, limitation and separate-self perception. As we experience new truths and embody more of our wholeness, deeper core knowingness resonates through our cellular matrix creating alchemical shifts that reverberate here and throughout the entire Cosmos.

If you’re still with me, you may be wondering who I am. Like you I have many roles and capacities, some known and understood and some still being discovered. We are each more than our chosen identifiers but it can be helpful to use some descriptors. At levels that operate from my totality of being, often beyond my conscious understanding, I am a spiritual intuitive and portal to Source/All and the field of potential. As such, I am a universal key, channel of cosmic consciousness and catalyst for accelerated ignition and embodiment of Source consciousness in humanity and Earth.

A vast collective of light beings from beyond the beyond work through Laura weaving energies and harmonies, like conducting a symphony. They open dimensional space and operate cosmic portals in a way that allows people to directly access, experience, attune, ignite, release or harmonize whatever is perfect in the moment to return to their true quantum Self in totality as embodiment of Source consciousness.

My new role is described to me as a “Non-Doing Doer.” My job (Joy of Being!) is to be present in my Source Heart, holding space for new creation, while my cosmic energy creates holes in the limited dimensional fabric/matrix so more Source consciousness can flood into the planet and return our awareness  to  truth. This helps the planet release the old paradigm so the New Earth can emerge. The holes I speak of are inter-dimensional portals that provide access to the zero point field/totality that allow people to glimpse beyond the veil and perceive more that exists beyond this reality. While present in that space, Source frequencies can transmit, clear, conduct, transmute, resonate (re-sound) and harmonize energy patterns back to their original vibrational state and potential in accordance with the divine plan and guided by your True Self.

Spiritual gifts I’ve developed and use more consciously include Now/zero point presence and awareness, light language, intuitive/divine quantum holographic alchemy, healing (a return to wholeness) and quantum energy activations. Source Heart Alchemy is a term I’ve chosen to describe all of these. And, while I enjoy sharing my experiences, wisdom from my heart, and light language transmissions, my greater role and capacity at this time is less in sharing what I know as creating spaces for others to know and view more from their True Self. This multiple seeding from the individuated Star Core essence, or indwelling spark called the God Self, weaves diverse seeds into the new dimensional fabric, co-creating a new human reality of love and unity in diversity to form as our shared reality.

I’ve found that sharing and expanding upon what arises within unique points of view is expansive creative fun. My intent here is not to create spiritual busyness, solve or process problems, try to do or be more, or even to come to consensus. You are already whole and perfect and your views and experiences are valid! There is, however, always more to unfold as we explore, remember, perceive, experience, ignite, embody, create and co-create from the vastness of the Mystical Heart. I’m always curious to see what will happen when multiple aspects of The One Source converge in the Cosmic Heart and create something new and unexpected.

If you are still resonating with me, I believe you may be here by divine appointment with beautiful key-codes and unrealized potential in your sacred heart, cosmic mind and inter-dimensional DNA that are ready to awaken, ignite, seed and birth in the fabric of the New Earth. If you feel the same, let’s connect, play and just see what happens!

Source-Heart Alchemy is really a matter of presence in the divine neutrality of the human alchemical heart where we access, realize and anchor greater possibilities within the field of potential into physical life in this material plane. With that in mind, I invite you to use the materials in this site to go beyond manifestation of personal goals and desires based on what you already know or think you need. There is nothing wrong with any of that, but why not allow yourself the opportunity to experience something new, unknown, unplanned and unexpected birthing from the Core of Creation at your center of your being? That’s the space of discovery! That’s being the doorway for the mystery of who we really are to emerge through your experience of expanded awareness!

The Language of Light is Your Innate Language Within the Universe of God/Source/Creation.

You’ll discover that light language is a key element of my energy expressions that leads you into zero point presence and more. You don’t need to understand light language to experience its alchemical capacity for deep core connection and transformation.

What is Light Language, Light Language Benefits, Light Language FAQsPlease explore this website with an open, playful, child-like curious heart, unattached to agenda, need, outcome or comparison. That’s when the magic happens! I will share posts and energy transmissions as spontaneous creations flow from my Source Heart. Such expressions are literally energy portals to multidimensional totality that allow you to glimpse, remember and realize something perfect for you that already exists within your indwelling Presence, offering you the totality of Source/Love/All That Is.

I share via this website and social media because I enjoy connecting, discovering, co-creating and sharing the magnificence of the Creator awakening in humans now. And I share to way-show, demonstrating what is becoming quite normal daily experiences of Source within and high-vibe non-physical beings and collectives within the vastness of the Cosmos. I also share because many people are awakening suddenly now, fearing, doubting or questioning spontaneous visions, feelings, unexplained knowingness and other natural capacities of multidimensional humans. Indeed, in the course of an ordinary day, many people are having bizarre quantum experiences which will become the new normal but for now may seem extraordinary, miraculous, beyond belief, or perhaps even scary. Yet it is all part of who you really are and emerging for each of us in divine time as the new human experience!

I hope that by coming together to explore and share more openly, we will come to trust ourselves and the amazing experiences opening to us from Love’s core now that the 5D New Earth consciousness and multidimensional fabric has opened quantum experience to all humans willing to go beyond the old earth energy constructs and conditioning.

Hopefully you’re feeling love and excitement as you read this. But, if some of this feels overwhelming, just know that while this website supports accelerated awakening and actualizing of your True Self embodiment, all is guided by your Higher Self. You’ll only experience what is perfect for you in the moment. All else will be ignored or stored in your field for when you’re ready, like a time-release capsule or bank account awaiting withdrawal. That’s how Love’s intelligence, compassion and divine timing works!

Always love, trust and honor yourself first and foremost. Accept only what resonates, inspires and blesses you with feelings of expanded love, truth and realization of your True Self. I hope materials and interactions here will help you open to new possibilities and the fulfillment of that which you are in truth, eternally and ever present within you.

Here, as in life, if you access all from your Source Heart’s non-dual core, you’ll know, feel, and sense what is perfect for you, and without any judgment, resistance or opposition leave what doesn’t feel like your truth in the moment. Brightest Blessings, Laura


Hello & Welcome! 

Source Core & Star Core Connection • Divine Alchemy • Light Language • Zero-Point Awareness • DNA Activations

Hello and Welcome! I’m Laura Pieratt, and I’m excited about humanity’s return to its true nature, original multidimensional design, totality and Source consciousness in action. This new consciousness is already creating a new paradigm, birthing what many call the New Earth reality! Challenging? Yes! But, so very exciting, too! 

You may know me from the past 20 years when my passion was on healing and ascension. Well, like many of you, that transformational journey has led me to a more cosmic focus on the wholeness of being that can now be experienced through the activated quantum human heart’s inter-dimensional portal to Source/All.

In 2016, I was led into the zero point void, a space of being where I began experiencing Source Heart awareness and what my guides called, “the alchemy of being.” My perspective shifted from an external sense of soul/mission/doing/purpose to an internal focus on the Source within and wholeness of being. I learned to witness all from the Infinite Self’s core, peace, stability, divine neutrality and totality in the Now. Perceiving the divine perfection of All That Is at the core of Creation was life-changing.

Now my joy is to host spaces of realization, celebration, play, and exploration of humanity and Gaia’s return to a unity field reality of love, peace, truth and oneness many call Heaven on Earth. As I engage others again after a 4-year hiatus, I do so in the spirit of awe and wonderment as we collectively and collaboratively co-create the New Earth from the vastness of the unknown and unmanifest potential of the Source field through each of our very sacred hearts.

If you’re resonating with me, I invite you to join me in explorations as a fellow pioneer, witness, midwife, conscious creator, non-doing doer and active participant in the Divine Human and New Earth emergence.

I am a spiritual intuitive, channel, consciousness catalyst and quantum activator way-showing and facilitating the Divine Human, or full human multidimensional potential in embodiment. I use my innate and intuitive gifts of quantum holographic alchemy, energy healing (return to wholeness), light language and zero point presence to accelerate spiritual awakening, Source core connection, release from matrix conditioning, and in quantum energy activations that stimulate new potentials for human embodiment and New Earth co-creations that can rapidly shift consciousness, and thus reality. 

My cosmic energy creates holes in the matrix fabric. These holes are portals that allow glimpses into the zero point to access totality, experience divine neutrality, presence and awareness in the quantum field of potential. I channel Source energy, high vibrational frequencies, beings and collectives from the great beyond, as well as my own heart knowing/wisdom. For simplicity, I call all that Source Heart Alchemy

I’ve been blessed, healed, enlightened and amazed by what happens when I invite the inner-alchemy of expanded consciousness to ignite new and greater levels of openness and trust in the One Spirit that indwells all to guide, express and ignite me and others through me. I know it will be even more extraordinary to ignite new worlds together as we meet in awakened heart awareness and allow the highest love potential of the Divine Human and New Earth reality to birth through us collectively. 


Personal Experiences Lovingly Shared

“I have experienced what I call the “electric lightbulb” of my own higher self at times, but this was different. It was MORE intense and felt like I was inside an expanding bubble of maybe oneness or life. It’s as if your clarity and support created a space for me to move from the general spiritual truths to the specific truths of my soul’s unique journey. I’m SUPER excited! I am open to accepting the power, the beauty, and the grace of this lifetime and reconnecting with the dreams and desires and joy of my soul I must have shut off some time ago.

What a gift Laura! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your willingness to share so fluidly and freely serve as the BRILLIANT and GRACIOUS doorway/facilitator that is your authentic expression. I feel a deep stability and expansiveness in the core of my heart and vibrant joy.  Thank you!  ~ Kristine Comer


 “Excellent experience and facilitation by Laura Pieratt. I can say she’s got what it takes to go with you as deep as you can go and witness for you in the vastness of your possibility in All That Is. I sincerely appreciate her genuine beingness.”  ~ Rae DeMoisey


“A visit to a site of Laura Pieratt and a first sampling of Light Language unexpectedly shot a doorway wide open for me. These new sounds sent Energy Vibrations surging through me with a very strong cellular response, tears and release.” ~ Diana Alexander

“When Laura shouted, “HA!,” everything instantly stopped and I was in complete stillness in the black void. I was in the exact center of everything, a circle of blackness, and all around me I could perceive the unlimited potentiality of possibilities of everything that could ever be. As I was coming back from inside the blackness, I thought “Was this the “zero point” I keep hearing about?”  ~ Rene Maurer

“I’d like to introduce you to a truly amazing woman, one of the most energetic influences I have felt in a long time. Light bubbles forth from her lips.”  ~ Tzahik ShadowHawk Salewa

“Thank you for the healing love you shine into my eyes. Your gaze predates time. The majesty of the mystery flows through you. You are a portal into a vibration of peace and an expansion of consciousness with an amazing gift of light language.

Laura can actually linguistically become a bird, the wind, a crystal bowl. And, those sounds become a song that lulls one into a state of dream-like peace. Her unconditional love and acceptance is a transference that can shift personal judgments and negativity. Her workshops really are quite wondrous. This was an amazing experience! Thank you Laura, for manifesting such wisdom and glory.” ~ Nancy Simpson

WOW!!! That’s all I can articulate at the moment. What a DIVINE GIFT! THANK YOU for being an OPEN CHANNEL for the DIVINE FLOW bringing through such HIGH VIBRATIONAL GRACE. ~ K C

“With such purity of heart, you keep my MAGIC alive… Dear Alchemist of Light, I watch your hands sweeping the dust off all the hidden places. I hear the singing of the Cosmic Spheres in your sweet voice and I smile again and again. You gift me unexpected wonders and so I honor The RADIANCE of Life itself spiraling from your eyes into every corner of the Universe!”  (poem by Cezarina inspired by a session with Laura) ~ Cezarina Trone 

“I bought your series [A Daily Dose of Love]. Not even 5 minutes into listening, my soul could understand it and I started speaking it….even today too. Since we last spoke, the peace, the knowing and joy has not left me. I have also felt more sensitive or in tune than ever before.”  ~ Christine Regner




“A visit to a site of Laura Pieratt and a first sampling of Light Language unexpectedly shot a doorway wide open for me. These new sounds sent Energy Vibrations surging through me with a very strong cellular response, tears and release.” ~ Diana Alexander




“I personally experienced a healing that dramatically and energetically changed me emotionally and physically. Within 48 hours, it became very apparent that a major reprint on my energetic field was taking place. What was once carried within my body as an emotional and energetic dead zone, from a traumatic incident in my teenage years, became awakened and alive with a burst of joyous and electric emotions and physical responses. 

I truly believe Laura is here to help us become as we are meant to be….awakened, alive with the God energy and connected to the light as one.” ~ Susan Z. Rich

“I feel like I could climb Mount Everest, run a marathon, compose a symphony and then learn how to play all the instruments right now. But all I want to actually do is sit here and bask in the joyfulness that is inside of me right now. And laugh and laugh at the beauty that is life.” ~ Jessica Willens, after a DNA actiavtion with Laura

Light Language Sound Alchemy Albums

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NOTE: Light Language audios are not for entertainment – they are sound alchemy and quantum activation audio recordings for vibrational entrainment to Source energies. While not studio quality, your experience is not compromised by the recording quality, as evidenced by the many testimonials from people sharing profound transformation experiences using these materials.