The Language of Light

The Language of Light is the language of your Soul

At unconscious levels and in the heart and cells, everyone is fluent in this language, as it is the primary form of communication throughout all of God’s creation.  You need not, and probably will not consciously understand this divine language for it to be effective.  This is a very pure form of channeling, since neither my mind and emotions, nor yours, filter the messages and codes coming through for your healing.  It is always appropriate and perfect for you.

  1. BulletReleases Blocks to Healing while activating the remembering of your true origins and soul nature as a divine spiritual being of Love and Light.  As sound and tones release old blocks and open your body to its natural flow, Higher Light programs are able to easily flow in and fill the void created by such releases. 

  1. BulletAccelerates Healing. These multidimensional energy codes, transmissions and geometries accelerate your personal journey of soul evolution by helping raise your vibration to carry higher light frequencies and opening you to greater possibilities and expanded intuitive awareness.

  1. BulletCellular Re-patterning & Enhanced Psychic Awareness. It is pure energy, pure sound and pure communication.  It offers divinely encoded messages of Love and Light for healing and transformation at the deepest levels of cellular re-patterning and consciousness evolution. 

The Language of Light

              1. 1. Intro to Language of Light

              2. 2. Release & Allow

              3. 3. Self-love

              4. 4. Understanding Dual Nature

              5. 5. Acceptance (non-judgment)

              6. 6. Self-Realization

  1. Laura channels the Language of Light, a sacred tonal language
    of creation your soul and cells understand. Simply experience this CD with an open receptive heart and mind, to release blocks, accelerate healing, stimulate emotional and cellular re-patterning and enhance intuition.

Language of Light CDs ~ Humanity Rising Series

Gifts of The Elohim: Blessings

  1. 1. Introduction by The Elohim

  2. 2.All Is Forgiven

  3. 3. Align With Your Truth

  4. 4. Express Your Soul Light

  5. 5. We Are One

This CD is a Gift of The Elohim, offering frequencies, activations, and light codes for accelerated spiritual
evolution and ascension. It is also a great enhancement for those attending the Gifts of The Elohim: Light Frequency Alignment groups and those who cannot attend groups in person.
  1. The Light Languages carry a crystalline imprint that is able to absorb wave forms that enhance the sound recording.  Such enhancements allow the listener to draw the sound into their hearts in full acceptance.  The questioning mind does not interfere when sound is absorbed directly into the heart.  Programs of Light are embedded within the recorded sound fragments.  The sound is lifted into higher frequencies than can be recognized by the hearing or mind functions.  This works according to aligned intent.”   ~ Thoth

  1. Why should I have a healing with The Light Language?

These languages, songs and tones catalyze and move energy, provide healing and offer multidimensional energy activations.  This helps you align with your highest divine purpose.  It also enhances psychic awareness and raises your frequency to carry more Light and Love. 

These languages offer energetic codes in the form of holographic light packets of information that remain in your energy field like time release capsules.  You will utilize and integrate what you are able.  What you are not ready for now will remain available to you to draw upon when your are ready, like a savings account.  These codes and frequencies remain available in your energy field for others to draw upon.  You become a beacon of Light, emitting high frequency Light programs, for the benefit of others as you simply go about your day!

People often wonder why healing takes time for some and is instant for others.  Since energy will not flow where there is resistance, it is my perspective that resistance at unconscious levels (due to fear of change, un-forgiveness, feelings of unworthiness, limiting beliefs, patterns and traumas, etc) unintentionally blocks the potential for instant healing.  Light Language can literally dissolve that resistance, accelerating a return to healthy function and vital form.  Once blocks are removed, higher Light programs create new possibilities for wellness, rejuvenation, expanded awareness, consciousness evolution and more.

According to my guides, “greater worlds unfold in cosmic relationship to time and dimensions.  Inter-dimensional time lines unfold with creative potential to become something else, merge, redefine, change and expand.”  I work with unfolding patterns into new Light Programs.  “All is open for renewal, regeneration and redefinition,” they explain, saying “it is an exciting time to map such changing topographies of human consciousness.”

Whether offered as a general blessing, a blessing for a specific intent or used during an individual or group healing, Light Languages implant healing codes to help evolve and raise the frequency of those listening according to their specific need in the moment.  I find they spontaneously “pop up” throughout my day and immediately following any heart centered intent, such as blessing my food or saying a prayer for another, as if to affirm and bless the intent into manifestation.

When I asked my guides what to call the Light Language work I am doing, I was given the name “True Light Process.”  If it makes you more comfortable to have a name, feel free to connect to that vibration.  For the moment, I prefer to just let the experience speak for itself, since as soon as you name a thing, people begin comparing it to other labeled things which limits it in association with that reference point.

It is not important or necessary to understand what the Light Languages mean in translation, and in fact they do not translate directly.  Some people get a telepathic “gist” about the purpose or message present but most people will not understand the meaning most of the time. It matters not, the energy frequencies are able to do their work at deep levels of knowing without conscious understanding, guided by our combined expanded consciousness and Higher-Selves.

Light Languages often sound like ancient earth languages with overtones of Aramaic, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Hebrew, Tibetan, Native American, Polynesian and others.  Usually I find it sounds like listening to a foreigner speak lovingly but normally.  At times however,  it is spoken very fast, almost at the limit of the tongue to keep up.  At other times it is more tonal, like dolphin or whale sounds.  It is a sacred language of creation and far more than it appears or can be interpreted in our linear understanding, as it is multi-dimensional, literally expanding outward vibrationally into form.

Many people spontaneously begin speaking Light Languages, but stop or resist them since they lack understanding.  I have run into people who tell me they thought something was wrong with them when they began spontaneously speaking ancient languages.  Sadly they have held this heavy secret for years, afraid their family members would think they were weird or worse yet “put them away” for “hearing voices in their head.”  I do not personally think this is the same as “speaking in tongues.”  These are very intensional energy activations, healings and clearings. Please do not fear this beautiful gift if you have been blessed to have such an experience.  I invite you to simply let go of analyzing and trying to peg an earth language to it. Just welcome and enjoy the experience as it heals and blesses you!

By bringing my work with Light Languages to the public, I hope to not only heal, activate and accelerate others, but also to encourage people who have these spontaneous languages come through to allow it to continue.  It will bring you the very codes you personally need for your own healing and soul evolution, so enjoy the blessing and gift you are receiving with gratitude.