Divinely Guided Healing

My method of fully channeled healing evolved spontaneously while practicing Reiki, Healing Touch and Reconnective Healing.  I found it increasingly difficult to stay “in technique,” as I was guided to do things other than I was taught.  When I trusted the guidance, I noticed people received much faster, more profound and lasting healings.  All of the modalities I studied are excellent schools of healing that provide a valuable foundation and I recommend them to students who feel drawn to them.  However, as one fully dedicates themselves to the service of healing, they receive a team of nonphysical guides and angels from the Light realms to assist them in the best way for the individual.  It is okay to step out of the box and trust yourself, for your higher-self will guide you every step of the way if you will ask for its help to and allow it to direct you.

Channeling has become the best way I know to bring through the most powerful healing and clearest information from the divine realms of Love, Light and Grace.  It is much easier to transform third dimensional energy with the purer, non-dualistic energies of the fifth dimension and beyond.  Highly evolved loving beings join your higher-self and mine to direct healing from their greater perspective and consciousness, with remarkable alchemy that is always appropriate because your higher-self directs the process.

The Healing Journey

In truth, all healing is self-healing – and it is a journey.  Many of us begin our spiritual journey looking for a magic bullet for a health or emotional concern.  The solution often eludes us and disappointment with one path leads us down another.  In spite of frustration, we learn a great deal, grow in unexpected ways and meet people that inspire us.  If we stay the course, and manage to avoid blaming doctors and practitioners, God and the Universe, family members, bosses and others we feel failed us in some way, we gain greater empowerment and self-knowledge along the way and often discover our true calling, fueled by a passion discovered in our challenge.

When we are able to surrender control, open our hearts and just stay in the journey, step by step as it unfolds before us, we learn to trust the universe to guide us through flow and synchronicity and it becomes a treasure hunt.  In the beginning we think the treasure is the "cure" and in the end we discover it is much more than that.  The real treasure, which we might never have gone searching for without the challenge to be healed, is inner strength, courage, wisdom and faith, greater trust in and love for ourselves and more appreciation, respect and compassion for others.  Life takes on more vibrancy and radiance when contrasted to the way we dimly viewed it through filters of pain and emotional turmoil. 

Ultimately, the healing journey is a process of excavating the soul.  Techniques and modalities offer ways to assist in the healing journey, but healing is really a return to your soul’s true light, purpose and power.  When we stop feeling like victims and start partnering with our soul, even when we lack understanding, we stop resisting what is and expand our ability to love and acceptance all life, including our own.  The soul can then navigate us onto our true path, where our coherent energy and radiance beams forth as a blessing to all.

This has been my own personal experience.  While I am now symptom free, “healed” of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, the continued journey of excavating my soul has become my joy path.  It is my joy to assist you in your healing too.  I consider it  an honor to open a doorway to your soul, holding sacred space, while you peek through and remember who you are as love incarnate.

In Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Abundance and Healing, Laura Pieratt

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The Language of Light

              1. 1. Intro to Language of Light

              2. 2. Release & Allow

              3. 3. Self-love

              4. 4. Understanding Dual Nature

              5. 5. Acceptance (non-judgment)

              6. 6. Self-Realization

  1. Laura channels the Language of Light, a sacred tonal language
    of creation your soul and cells understand. Simply experience this CD with an open receptive heart and mind, to release blocks, accelerate healing, stimulate emotional and cellular re-patterning and enhance intuition.
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  13.     Language of Light and Gifts of The Elohim: Blessings CDs

  14.     Language of Light Podcasts: Release & Allow, Self-Love,

  15.     Self-RealizationAcceptance (non-judgment) and Understanding Dual Nature.

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Attune to your soul Vibration

Let True Light Process and the Language of Light

heal and align you with your True Self

We are moving into frequencies that no longer support duality in its extreme conditions of separation.  I channel True Light Process, Divine Light Blessings and Light Frequency Alignments that provide dynamic restructuring and realignment of your Light Being according to non-dualistic higher truth and programs of Divine Light, essentially attuning you to your own soul vibration.  There is glory and Light vibrating in every cell of your body just waiting to be invited to express its divinity in the Oneness, unifying you with your soul in full remembering.

This is an ideal, safe and effective accelerated path for the rapid transitions required at this time of global evolutionary spiritual shifts.  I serve as a catalyst, accelerating those potentials already within you that lay dormant, distorted, blocked or unrecognized.  These processes facilitate an expedient transition to more coherent frequencies of higher Light for your spiritual evolution, enabling you to elegantly shift with ease and grace. 

                                                    Blessings of Divine Light, Laura Pieratt

A message from my guides about this very special time of ascension...

“There is a song of Grace upon the waves of time.  We are progressing into an era of recovery, regeneration and joyful participation in life with enhanced understanding of conscious evolution. 

We are aligning with the perfection of the divine mother, the divine father, the divine whole.  Father, Son and Holy Ghost merge, combine and redefine their polaristic experience into a refined perfect balance of self-sustaining love and devotion.  Devotion to self, devotion to others, devotion to life, in all forms of creation.

We are translating eternity into waves of unfolding Light, into new structures of Living Light potential for future evolution.  We are One.  We are evolving into a unity of conscious creators, interpreting divine plan and perfection into new ways of creative expression.  The new is the open frontier, always present for reinterpretation.

I am, that I am, that I am, that I am, Complete Love”


Language of Light CDs ~ Humanity Rising Series

Gifts of The Elohim: Blessings

  1. 1. Introduction by The Elohim

  2. 2. All Is Forgiven

  3. 3. Align With Your Truth

  4. 4. Express Your Soul Light

  5. 5. We Are One

This CD is a Gift of The Elohim, offering frequencies, activations, and light codes for accelerated spiritual
evolution and ascension. It is also a great enhancement for those attending the Gifts of The Elohim: Light Frequency Alignment groups and those who cannot attend groups in person.
  1. The Light Languages carry a crystalline imprint that is able to absorb wave forms that enhance the sound recording.  Such enhancements allow the listener to draw the sound into their hearts in full acceptance.  The questioning mind does not interfere when sound is absorbed directly into the heart.  Programs of Light are embedded within the recorded sound fragments.  The sound is lifted into higher frequencies than can be recognized by the hearing or mind functions.  This works according to aligned intent.”   ~ Thoth

Accelerate Healing, Spiritual Evolution and Ascension

Sacred Sound Alchemy of  The Language of Light

Transformational Healing and Consciousness Expansion

Soul Alignments and Encoding of Divine Blueprints

Light Codes and DNA Activations for Ascension

Support for Personal and Mass Ascension

Laura is an intuitive healer and sacred sound alchemist, channel, writer and teacher, gifted with the unique ability of speaking the Language of Light. Powerfully transformative words and tones facilitate a return to your soul’s True Light with accelerated healing, removal of blocks, DNA recoding and emotional re-patterning, as well as Light codes, frequencies and activations for ascension.

Laura channels highly evolved loving beings, of the 5th to 11th dimensions for her healing system, True Light Process and Gifts of the Elohim.  She is passionate about helping you heal and transform your life so you can experience the unlimited spiritual potential of your soul’s True Light and joy. 

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